You’re planning to go on a much-needed respite from work and what better way to do that is to plan the perfect getaway. With some vacation time coming, you want to make absolutely sure that you enjoy every minute away from your nagging boss and get all the rest and relaxation you need before going back to the grind.

There’s only one problem: you have absolutely no idea where to go and absolutely no budget to spend for a trip. Travel always takes so much planning and preparation because more often than not the places you want to go to are where the rest of the world wants to go to as well. Why do you think travelling is so expensive anyway?

You’ve done all your research about the best places in the world to visit and along the way you also stumbled on how much it costs to visit the best places in the world and you just know that if you so much as consider it, you’ll be working overtime for the next 3 years to make up for the dent it caused. So much for rest and relaxation.

Many travelers know that part of what makes a trip so costly is the fact that you have to stay somewhere and often that “somewhere” turns out to be a five-star hotel that charges on a per-day, per-service rate and that doesn’t include the tips that you have to give the staff or the other expenses you incur along the way like transportation fees for example.

Unless you’re staying with the friend of a friend or doing the home exchange thing ala-Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in “The Holiday,” you’re in for a huge bill and no way to afford it without breaking your back when you get back to work to earn it all back and then some. Good thing that some very innovative and enterprising souls came up with the idea of serviced apartments – now planning your travel itinerary and being able to afford it is easy.

Among the many places people would like to visit or want to visit as often as they can is Sydney, Australia. Besides being one of the most livable cities around the world, Sydney offers its visitors many cost-friendly ways to have fun and enjoy themselves, and in addition also offers travel accommodations that help you see more of the city and less of your hotel rooms.

The ideal time to visit Sydney would be during the summer, which is its peak season, although because it mostly enjoys year-round sunshine, basically any time of the year will do. Most tourists often visit this vibrant city because it is a mecca of various cultures and is particularly known for its culinary diversity due to the fact that it is home to a lot of fresh seafood and a never-ending stream of seasonal produce.

Influenced mostly by Asian flavors, as evidenced by the great number of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants that dot the city district, you can easily dine in any of these establishments without having to worry about paying big city prices. The Sydney Fish Market in Darling Harbor sells more seafood varieties than any other fish market in the world, except in Japan. You’ll find lots of street-food as well as casual-dining restaurants serving food that are reasonably-priced.

As for where you can stay, there are various options you can choose from if you don’t want to stay in hotels, like Sydney serviced apartments which make you feel like you have a home away from home. These short and long-term apartment rentals boasts of every convenience and ease that modern apartment living has to offer like tasteful furnishing and state-of-the-art kitchens equipped with every conceivable gadget that can make your life easier.

You can usually come across these rentals via online booking sites but be careful because not all serviced apartments are alike and it is in your best interest to do advanced research on them before you go ahead and book. Check out the website thoroughly and read all the customer or client testimonials and reviews you see posted as this will give you an idea of the kind of service they offer.

These sites will also include actual pictures of the apartments, as well as how many rooms you can rent and will also list down important information such as transportation and what sites and places it is close to. To find the perfect serviced apartments, you must first decide what your travel plans are and of course, what your budget will be. Remember that while there are many accommodations that offer the same rate, there are certain differences that can result in a choice that gives you greater value for your money and one that is a complete waste of your time.

So if you prefer complete and utter privacy as well as space, serviced apartments are the way to go. Choose wisely and choose well but more importantly, enjoy your getaway without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.