Ever since the first affordable civilian air travel came about during the 1960s, millions of UK residents have visited Spain on their summer holidays time and time again. To some, the exact reason why we opt for this country remains a mystery, but I’ve been doing some research over the last few weeks, and now I think I have the answer (well, answers). You see, apart from being the hottest country in Europe, this place is also much larger than some other destinations, so the sheer amount of different opportunities available make it an ideal choice.

Personally, I’ve been to Spain around 4 times for a summer vacation, and although the English breakfasts and constant reruns of Only Fools And Horses can become a little tedious, for the money, you’d be hard pushed to find anywhere quite as perfect. It’s certainly true that the residents of certain towns in the North don’t really like the English, but so long as you keep to the main holiday resort areas, you should be fine.

The Weather

Firstly, I’ve been lead to the conclusion that the Spanish climate has a lot to do with its appeal. Some of the southern areas experience over 300 days of sunshine per year on average, and this means you’re almost guaranteed to get a good tan, regardless of when you decide to visit. Don’t get me wrong; when the rain comes it makes itself known, but as the temperature hardly ever drops, this is never a big problem – you’re going to get wet in the sea after all.

The Alcohol & Nightlife

Like most hot countries, Spain and her island territories have a long tradition of producing some of the most tasty and desirable alcoholic drinks in the world. Also, you’ll find vibrant clubs playing dance music into the early hours on almost any night of the week, meaning your holiday could be a rather hectic one if you enjoy this kind of experience.

The Price of Accommodation

The last time I visited this region, my travel companions insisted I check out some of the many villas to rent in Tenerife Spain. Surprisingly, I managed to find some amazing deals online, and achieved a 20% saving on the amount I was expecting to pay for a hotel. If you’re traveling alone this probably isn’t the best option, but if you’re flying over with a large group, it could be absolutely ideal. My only advice would be to stay as close to the main tourist locations as possible, because some villas are quite far out, meaning you’ll end up paying a significant amount in taxi fees to reach the clubs.

So, there you have it my holidaymaking friends. I sincerely hope I’ve managed to reduce any confusion and leave you with a clear picture of why this country is so fantastic and why us Brits return every single year. At the end of the day, where you decide to go will depend heavily on your personal preferences, but a trip to Spain is essential if you’re one of the few people who’s never been.

Have fun!