If you’re looking to book a holiday, you might find yourself torn as to whether you should use a travel agents, or an online website. Both carry with them positives and negatives, and depending on your situation, one may be more preferable to you than the other. Though it is important to first get clear on the facts, as the last thing you want to do is book your holiday the wrong way.

Online Booking

Online booking carries with it many benefits, many of which you might not have thought about.

One of these is the fact that online booking can often be very quick, and saves you the hassle that might be associated with having to go on to a high street, in order to book a holiday.

In addition to this, by booking a holiday online, you’ll often be able to source yourself a great bargain, as you’ll be able to see the offerings being made by different companies, thanks to online comparison websites. In addition to this, online websites tend to be cheaper, simply because they have lower costs, when compared to a travel agents.

Online booking also carries with it the advantage of special deals, as some airlines might offer special flight deals only to  those who buy online. This is to entice people to buy online, since it’s cheaper for the airlines, but also to compete with all the other companies trying to sell you some flights online.

Travel Agents

The other option for booking your holiday, is the through the use travel agents. Used by many people over the years, travel agents have plenty of experience when it comes to helping people book their dream holidays.

When using a travel agents, you’ll be able to speak to someone in person. This can be preferable if you’re looking to get an instant answer to any questions you have. As well as this, it might be best if you’re not used to booking holidays, and so are likely to have questions pop up, that might need a bit of thorough explaining.

There’s also the added benefit of booking your holiday with someone more reputable when using a travel agents, since you are using an actual brick and mortar company, and so have a physical place to go to should you have complaints.

Time to Ditch the PC ?

Booking holidays can be done in a number of ways, whether it be through the use of the internet, or by using a travel agents. Each way carries its own benefits, and depending on your personality, one might appeal to you more than the other.

For example, if you prefer speaking to people when booking something as expensive as a holiday, then it might be best to use a travel agents. Though if you’re the type that loves doing things quickly, it might just be best if you book those tickets to Israel online.