When in Goa, do as Goans do – just chill!

Whether or not the Goans are great readers, I do not know; but the visitors from other lands are. Our evening exploration into the town streets revealed a library/bookstore stocked with tomes from authors all over the world, and an increasing number of Russian books had found their way on to the shelves; also books for children, board games and other novelties. A lot of them are ‘pre-used’ by previous holiday makers; use and sell/donate. We bought a Goa Today, styled along the lines of India Today, a popular national weekly. It was fun to read about the English Vs Portuguese Vs Goan points of view. This former Portuguese colony is making the most of its multi-culture.

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A little further on, was a ready- made garments shop which housed a diverse collection of Indian style clothes, also appropriate beach wear. The owner was a lady form the neighboring state of Karnataka ( where Kannada is the primary language), but she spoke fluent Russian…all the better to do business with the Russian tourists that descended each week in their chartered flights.

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This last bit of information was disseminated by the singer in a bar where we had some very innovative cocktails. In between breaks, he sauntered across to chat with the guests.  A magician performed a few tricks, his eyes all the while asking for a good tip – poverty coexists with regional pride. The singer expressed sorrow at the vanishing Goan life.

And indeed, on that November evening, the village of Colva was gearing up for a global fete and its tremendous earning opportunities. People from the extreme north of India – Kashmir, Punjab and Rajasthan were set up to sell the handicrafts of their state; bright and beautiful clothes and shoes and bags and artifacts.

Invading the smells of Goan fish and prawn fries are the aromas of the ubiquitous Chinese restaurants, South Indian dosa places, the usual Punjabi fare of paneer tikka and tandoori chicken. Authentic Goan cuisine struggled to find its place in the street cafes.

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Night falls gradually on the western coast and one can enjoy a quiet walk back to the hotel. However, a brightly lit sea-side café may beckon – some delicious pomfret in garlic sauce, washed down with beer, the strains of a live guitar and the evening is magical.

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