The tale of the city of dreams

The city of Mumbai, also known as the city of dreams and was previously known as Bombay. It is the capital of the state of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India. The name Mumbai is obtained from the name of the Koli Goddess named MumbaDevi. Historically, it was a landmass fragmented in seven islands. That was the Bombay Island, Mazagaon, Mahim, Colaba, Parel, Worli and the old woman’s island. In the later stages, the islands were reclaimed and then finally it got the shape in which we see it today. The city has an essence of its own, having something for everyone. It has every kind of people from every section of the society, every state, every language, every sect and every economic background. Mumbai is a very versatile, multi-cultured and multi-dimensional cosmopolitan city. Always on the run, never gets tired, stays awake round the clock. That’s why it is also called ‘The city that never sleeps’. You can say it is very hard to describe Mumbai in words. Based on the shores of the Arabian Sea, the city is filled with glamour, life, love and fun. The city has its own hardships too, but if you can keep up with the pace, this town has a lot to offer you. Like others I can give you a descriptive type of thing about the city, but where is the fun in that. It should be an experience, rather than a description. Mumbai is a lively, diverse metropolis with an elegance of all its own. The capitalist spirit and pulsating pace of life offer a sharp contrast to much of the rest of India.

Being a financial capital it is the hub of all the businesses and trade. Headquarters of many corporate offices and banks lies in this city. The country’s financial market goes up and down with Sensex of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) which are situated here. The city is divided into several segments namely south, south central, north central, western, and central and harbor. Mumbai is predominantly inhabited by the Marathi speaking people, but you can find people of other lingos as well in large number. The culture here can be said as a mixture of traditions. The city has a number of tourist attraction for its citizens as well as for the people visiting from outside. Primarily, you can start from the Gateway of India. This British era structure is quite an exquisite site to visit. Adjacent to it is the world renowned Taj Mahal hotel. Sadly, it was attacked by the terrorists back in 2008 and witnessed a huge loss of life and property. But it has bounced back from the ashes of destruction and back in business on a regular scale. For the hotel industry over here it is a kinda role model. Next, you can enjoy the marvelous stretch of the marine drive known as the Queen’s Necklace. The commercial hub of Nariman Point is also situated right next to it. If you have a car it has a lovely driveway for you where you can just tap on the accelerator of your car and zoom away.

This 4.3 km boulevard is also a major attraction among the people.  Walk and laze on the promenade, feel the breeze coming from the sea and occasional mist that flies in with the waves. The spot is very famous among the couples who come here to spend some time of bliss with each other. The rocks lying in front of the promenade make an ideal spot. There are spots such as a bandstand, linking road, Juhu beach and the Worli sea face where people can spend a quality time. Apart from the couples, the children, teens and older people; everyone can have a great outing time over here. If you are religious in nature, then there are a couple of places for you to bow down before the divine one. Siddhivinayak Temple, Mount Mary church, Kalbadevi Mandir and Haji Ali Dargah based in the middle of the sea. Plus there are variety and number of places in Mumbai where you can go and have a leisurely time. In the recent times, Malls have mushroomed all across the city. With cozy atmosphere, class ambience, branded stores and food courts, it really makes a place to stop by if you are in mood of going nowhere else.  If you yearn for shopping then there are multiple options for you. One of them is the malls which I have discussed. For cheaper options there are Colaba causeway, Fashion Street, Hill road, Bhuleshwar market and the Linking road. You can get a good bargain also on the things you want to buy which won’t even hurt your pocket much.

To move around these places you definitely need something. You get into the Mumbai local which is also called the lifeline of the city. See a time when you can board the train easily because it is a sight to see during the rush hour. Jam packed, stuffed, that’s the only way I can describe it. In other words, it is more of a crush hour. These trains travel from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus to Karjat and Kasara in the central line and from Churchgate to Virar in the western. If the train is scary for you, the BEST bus services plying on several routes. Normal or AC depending on the route. The black, yellow cabbies are also there if you have some good amount to spend on your travel. Plus, you can hire an auto-rickshaw to travel within the suburbs. Just keep in mind you should have an idea of the roads otherwise; you can be taken for a royal good ride if you take a taxi or rickshaw.

If all these roaming around makes you hungry then there are a number of places and cuisines to relax your jumping tummy. The city is filled with restaurants and street food joints. If you want to have a quick bite, grab the famous Vada Pav, a local fast food over here. There are also other local delicacies you can try. Apart from that number of Udipi restaurants there are all over the city. Also, multinational chain of fast-food joints has spread across all over the city especially in the malls. Dominos, McDonalds, pizza hut etc. you name it.  The night life of Mumbai is especially happening. There are many points for the youths of the city to assemble and have a rocking time together. The town has ample number of pubs, discos, lounge bars and night clubs where you can chill out, dance and groove to the rhythm of the night. Here you can take your partners, friends, eat and drink, jump to the beats of the music, dazzling lights dance, forgetting all your worries of the day. In total it’s a complete stress buster. The glamour and the lifestyle of the city are really worth seeing and you shall find lots of things to feast your eyes.  The clubbing spots are generally in the high profile areas or hotels. If you are a couple then there are plenty of options for you.

And when you speak of Mumbai, how you can forget to mention the main glam hub ‘Bollywood’, which symbolizes the city as the city of dreams. It is the prime base of the Hindi cinema industry. All the film stars that you see on the celluloid screen like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Amir Khan and many more are based over here. Your favorite glamour dolls like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padhukone, Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu are also a part of this dreamland town. Here shootings of the film go round the clock 365 days a week. You can also say it is the media and the entertainment capital of the country. The showbiz of the city attracts many from different part of the country to try their luck in the movies and become actor and actresses like their icons. Some of the lucky few make while most of them don’t. The craze of moviegoers is the max over here, so there are plenty of cinema halls and multiplexes all over the city where you can catch your favorite flick. The influence of Bollywood can be seen all over the city as the girls and boys adapt the style of the favorite film stars, and at times even say the punch lines from the film in their conversation. Plus the impact can be seen more prominently as every class of citizens tries to add a little bit of glamour to their lifestyle.

Well, there is a lot to say about the city, and the conversation might never end if I go into the details. It has its joy and sorrows, success and failures, money and poverty, life and death. But the thing is, the pace of the city never stops, and that’s what is the essence and strength of Mumbai and its citizens. If you have a will and a ‘never say die’ spirit, this city will welcome you with open arms. The ever growing and fast paced life might leave you exhausted at times, but there is no need to worry. This city helps those who has the courage and wants to make a name for him or her. To conclude, I can say this city has something for everyone, and I am proud to be a Mumbaikar.

Author BioLicia Margarete works at Bharat Book Bureau as an Industry Analyst and has more than 5 years of experience. She has rich knowledge and experience of various industries across the globe. In her free time she likes writing for blogs and some of the topics which interests her are energy,technology, automotive, psychology, lifestyle, travel and other related topics.