The Croatian coastline, with more than 1000 dazzling islands, is one of the most beautiful in the world. People say that if you look out to the sea from any spot in the Croatian coastline, it is impossible not to notice a speck of green in the distance. It is interesting to note that the majority of the Croatian Islands is small and uninhabited. The travel guides reckon that there are only 20 islands which are popular among the tourists and locals. The colors and sounds of these beautiful islands are much more intense than the mainland and people can develop a serious addiction to these over time!

There has been a huge development in this part of the world after the Balkan War and some of the popular islands like Hvar, Brac & Korcula remain fully crowded during the peak months of July & August. The good thing is that accessibility to these islands has improved a lot with the introduction of boat and yacht rent services and a corresponding increase in the frequency of flights to the Rijeka Airport. The islands are very impressive and some of them house the last remains of the Greek & Roman civilization. Even if you hated history in school you will fall in love with the amphoras of Hvar and the archaeological bronzes off Mali Losinj. Examples of beautiful architecture of the Venetian Empire can be found in the capitals of Cres, Rab & Hvar.

Natural Attractions

There is a plethora of natural attractions on the islands of Croatia that will delight even the most discerning traveler. The Blue Cave of Bisevo is a spectacular play of light on the blue waters that will simply mesmerize your senses. The place is easily accessible by boat from the neighboring island of Vis. If you are big fan of wildlife then head towards the Cres Island where you can catch a glimpse of the griffon vulture. The gorgeous red corals of Korcula and the pebble promontory on Brac are equally popular with the tourists.

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Good Infrastructure

If you want to spend 2 – 3 days on an island then you need to choose one of those islands which have good infrastructure and have reliable ferry connections that will enable you to make day trips to the neighboring islets. The islands of Korcula, Krk, Cres and Mali Losinj fall in this category. They have good beaches, well laid out towns and a variety of restaurants.

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Adventurous Activities

The islands of Croatia provide a perfect backdrop of adventurous activities that you can enjoy almost throughout the year. You can visit one of the nudist beaches and lie down there to relax or discover the traditional method of fishing with the help of a trawl net. The sunset sail excursion from the Krk Island is an exhilarating experience and should not be missed under any circumstances. Water-skiing is another enjoyable activity that you can pursue here and the kids love playing on the sun-kissed beaches.

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Delicious Food

If you are a real foodie then you should enjoy exploring the islands of Croatia. Here you will get to savor the finest wine and authentic local dishes like squid lentils & barley, the scampi of Kvarner Gulf which are served in a risotto and the excellent fish stew of Hvrar. There are lots of things to do in Croatian Islands and it is all fun and excitement each day of the year. Now with the ease of accessibility, more and more tourists are making a beeline to visit these lovely islands on the Adriatic Sea. The fun, excitement and adventure of visiting these beautiful islands are simply incomparable.

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