A few years ago, I went to Sydney to study with my friends. This land has become our second hometown and we love Sydney very much, as there is lots to do and see. We all know that Sydney is one of the world’s most exciting cities, as well as one of the most expensive cities. Nevertheless, that will not stop us from visiting this great city if we are careful with our money. From my experience, living in Sydney for four years, I discovered six excellent ways to discover the city with a very low cost.

Sdyney - 1

1. Sunrise at Bondi Beach

I always found a sunny day to get up early, and bring my lovely pets to go hiking from Bronte Beach to Bondi Beach. From here, we can discover theexhilarating experience of the sunup and enjoy a great day in nature.

Where: Bondi Beach

2. Walk across Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge is fantastic, but sometimes I do not want to pay for the fee to go over the bridge, but no problem! I noticed that the bridge offered a lane for travellers to walk through, starting at the point from The Rocks and ending at Milsons Point. On a very pleasant day, feeling the faint breeze against your face and all the cars whizzing past, you will look down from above and feeling amazing.

Where: Harbour Bridge

Sdyney - 2

3. Picnic at Hyde Park, Sydney

This is one of my favourite all-time nap spots. I choose a  pleasant fall afternoon with some friends, pastry, wine, and music, then head to Hyde Park and camp in the shade of some trees where we will be comfortable and have some protection from the elements.

Where: Hyde Park

4. Hiring a campervan for your transportation

Campervan rental is the most Aussie’s will do when they travel. There are a lot of campervan for-rent services in Sydney‘s central business district and airport. A campervan is better than a car, as it solves your accommodation problem, and will offer your family or friends a more flexible trip.

5. Sunset at Sydney’s Darling Harbour

Nothing can be as perfectly romantic as to end the day with a sunset, especially if you have a nice place and the right person close to you. Sydney has the advantage of the Darling Harbour for a sunset view. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens will be an excellent place, as I have spent many wonderful times with my girlfriends there.

Where: Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Royal Botanic Gardens

6. Nicholson Museum

The last one is inside my great Sydney University. Nicholson Museum isn’t big, but you will find lots inside. Here is the home of collections of cultural relics of Australia. Most of the collections were handpicked by Nicholson, who was the one of the founders of Sydney University. Never underestimate this great place. The reason it is called a museum is because here it unfolds the 150-year history of Australia.

Eye-catching here is the Egyptian mummy! It is free.

Where: Nicholson Museum

Open: Monday to Friday 10:00am – 4:30pm and Saturday 12:00pm – 4:00pm.

There are so many other wonderful places in Sydney where you can enjoy your time. Although I have lived in Sydney for many years, I don’t think I have finished my own tour of Sydney. Maybe you will enjoy these tips and find out more by yourself.