Everyone wants a memorable and romantic honeymoon, but it seems like all the good ideas have been done a million times already! Everyone goes to Paris, or holidays in some exotic tropical island. How can you think of something romantic, but unique, that all your friends will be envious of, and wish they had thought of? Why not charter a Greece sailing boat! Here are five reasons why booking a charter yacht in Greece can be the best honeymoon idea yet!

  • Privacy

Most romantic holiday spots are crowded with tourists at this time of year.  The last thing you want is to be interrupted by a family of rude holiday makers in those precious romantic moments. Chartering your own private Greece sailing boat gives you complete control over how many people you see, and when you see them. When you’re in a social mood, and long for some dinner and dancing, you can easily dock at a popular port and head ashore for some excitement. Then, it’s back to the serenity of the ocean, and you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves lapping at the sides of your boat.

  • Romance

Nothing beats the romance of the ocean! The waves lit by moonlight, sky sprinkled with a million stars, exquisitely beautiful sunsets, lazy, sunlit champagne breakfasts….sailing a boat around Greece will give you a honeymoon to remember for years! You’ll both return home relaxed, tanned, and glowing, and more in love than ever!

  • Amazing Food

Many Greece sailing boats also offer catering or an on-board chef. You won’t have to worry about looking for a decent restaurant, or trying to cook with unfamiliar produce. Instead, you can just relax and enjoy the most delicious cuisine Greece has to offer!

  • Beautiful Scenery

There are few places in the world as jaw-droppingly lovely as the Greek islands and coastline. Every day will bring a different vista, unspoilt by tourists and crowds of people. Visit remote fishing villages, or stop to picnic on a tiny island, and soak up the beautiful views. If you’re a keen photographer, this will probably be the best thing about your honeymoon! Well, maybe the second best thing.Greece Sailing Boat


  • Relaxation At Its Finest

Many honeymoons become a crazy whirl of travel and organization, much like the wedding. You have to get to the airport, then find your hotel, work out where you’re going to eat, what you are doing for fun, and then find travel to any places you want to visit. All in a country where people may or may not speak English! On your sail boat in Greece, however, everything is relaxed and easy. Your accommodation is also your transport, and food is often provided as well. If you decide you want to go somewhere, you just tell the skipper where to take you! There’s no need to rush around, everything is luxurious and easy, the way a honeymoon was meant to be!

So go ahead, plan the ultimate in unique and romantic honeymoons. You’ll come back, relaxed and happy, with beautiful memories of romantic nights aboard your sail boat in Greece, and sun-drenched days full of beautiful scenery and lazy fishing. Every time you look at the photographs you’ll be reminded of what a wonderful time you had, and you can easily book another charter sail boat on anniversaries if you need to re-capture the romance of your first holiday together!