If you are going on a long travel trip for the first time, then it would be really sad if a mistake on your part mars the fun. As a naïve debutant in the world of backpacking, it is very common for you to err and regret. Here are 5 common mistakes which first-time backpackers make. You better read this and resolve not to repeat them:

  1. Over-packing: It is better to under-pack than to over-pack. Packing tons of clothes adds weight to your luggage and makes traveling very difficult! Some people have this notion that they may need an extra pair of jeans or some additional woolens just in case the weather turns hostile! But in most cases, those clothes are left unworn during the holiday. If you pack less, then you can reduce the weight of the luggage, get some empty space, and may even bring down the number of backpacks & trunks you are planning to take! And, just in case, your worst fear about the catastrophic weather comes true, you can always buy something from the local markets!
  2. Planning to visit too many places: Holidays are meant to give you repose and relaxation. Yet, it is vital that you visit as many attractions as possible. But at times, first-time travelers make grand plans of visiting too many cities or countries in just a fortnight! This leaves you wearied, unsatisfied and even hassled.1024px-Backpackers_Dolly_Sods (revised)(1) - 29 Jun 14
  3. Not carrying enough money: You may be a card-and-ATM person. But when you are going to unfamiliar territories, it is best to carry sufficient cash. At times, your cards may not work leaving you stranded, hapless and morose.
  4. Going with the wrong person: Half the fun will be gone if your traveling partner is someone who does not share your tastes! For example- if you love your share of history, but your partner is not into it, then there will be conflict of interests during sightseeing.
  5. Making plans too far in advance: A very common mistake that first-timers make is that they make a long-drawn plan till the end of their itinerary! Traveling is fun when there is a layer of unpredictability. Make plans and bookings for the first few days, but not too much in advance. It is important to go with the flow and keep things flexible.

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