Ladakh is one of the most daring tourist places in India. Its daunting altitude and frigid weather can pose big challenge to a tame-hearted but if you have your adventure hormones spilling out in abundance, you won’t think twice before booking a Ladakh tour package.

Ladakh is also a gateway to thrill, as a number of exciting sports have emerged in this corner. Who knew that something like yak safari would be made available to casual tourists? There is trekking and there is the white river rafting. But what make Ladakh really proud are its long stretches of zigzag hilly tracks which give the perfect fodder to a cyclist or a biker. Cycling, or mountain biking as they call it in sophisticated parlance, has really picked up momentum in this part of the world. So much so that even contests are held and races are organized, which can be both stimulating and fulfilling.

Thankfully, you do not need to be a professional biker in order to enjoy cycling on these hills. Even somebody like a schoolboy or a business woman can take pleasure out of cycling over these tracks which are varied from the simplest routes (for beginners) to the more hostile ones (for the professionals).

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One of the more popular cycling tracks is the 64-km stretch between Leh and Alchi. While Leh is the capital of the district and is included in a Ladakh tour, Alchi is a quiet village which is home to some historic monasteries and old traditions. The route offers thrill and is easy to navigate. The zigzags keep your heart on the guard but the Himalayas are thankfully there to look after you.

Cycling between Leh and Hemis Monastery is another viable option. The Hemis Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries of Ladakh and is a must-visit attraction. So, a sightseer can cycle all the way to the landmark and sip over nature’s bounty during the journey.

For those who are seasoned bikers and are looking for more impressionable routes, the track that runs uphill towards the Khardungla Pass makes for a delicious recommendation. The pass is nestled at higher altitude and the route can be unfriendly and rocky. Plus, with the fluctuating temperatures, it can be quite a feat to reach the pass and bang your chest in pride.

Routes like Marhi-Manali track and Jispa-Gondla track are also worth your attention. Choose one wisely keeping in mind your fitness and your experience.

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