Are you tired of museums and parks?
Visit only the most interesting places in Dublin!

By driving to Dublin you can come across some inscription on the bridges like “BaileÁthaCliath” which was one of the names of the city meaning – Ford of the Reed Hurdles.
We are sure you will discover after visiting the city why it has been called so!
To help you in solving this interesting task we offer to rent a car to make your trip easier and more exciting.

1. Take a look at the 18th century unique Berkeley Costume and Toy Collection in the castle!


Location: Rathfarnham Castle Dublin 14, Rathfarnham Road, Ireland
GPS position:53.298076 ,6.28363
Working hours: 10.00 – 17:00 Wednesday – Sunday.
Price range:free
Parking: not available
You can not only enjoy visiting Rathfarnham Castle but get a chance to see at your own eyes the Berkeley Costume and Toy Collection.
Why it is so exclusive?
Differently shaped toys, various precious dolls, costumes and dresses of the 18th-19th century attract people to this castle.
Do you want to know who has gathered these marvelous items?
Countess Ann Griffin Bernstorff, a well-known artist, was fascinated by the beauty of toys.
Her relatives helped to complete the collection over many years. Now we can display it in one of the apartments of the castle.

2. The King of Vampires is still alive inDraculaCastle!

Launch of Dublin: One City, One Book 2009

Location: Castle Dracula, Westwood Gym, Clontarf Road, Dublin 3
GPS position:53.359672, 6.199411
Working hours: Friday 19.30-22.00
Price range:25Euro (booked in advance(01) 8 51 21 51)
Parking: Free
Are you afraid of vampires? Maybe you want to feel yourself like a heroine of the “Buffy” movie fighting with different creatures and saving the world…?
Dracula Castle offers you 2 hours of incredible magic show.
Do not wonder if you see scaring characters which are following you in the tunnels and bridges, eerie sounds are heard from the Haunted Library.Zombies are trying to catch you in Gargoyle Courtyards!
Enjoy Graveyard Theatre with Vampire Show and bizarre Hilarious Comedy Show.
Here you can find everything about the life of Dracula from movies to death certificate.
By the way you can get 10% off and order night’s lodging for two people for 140 Euro if you make an online reservation.

3. Visit the old Dublin Castle to admire its beauty!

Malahide - Dublin

Location: Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
GPS position:53.343488, 6.266945
Working hours: Monday-Saturday: 9.45am – 4.45pm
Sunday 12.00pm – 4.45pm
Price range:Adults- €4.50
Children under 12- €2.00
Parking: Available at Werburg Street (7 min)
During 7 centuries the castle was used as a fortress, a residence of the King, a jail, a treasury, and a court.
The building was constructed in 13th century and carefully restored. Now it looks very respectable.
It is opened for the public visits.Now, there are held Presidential Inaugurations,reception of foreign delegations, banquets on the special occasionsand otherimportant events.
It is builtwith Norman courtyard, which is surrounded by high stone walls.Round towers can be seenat the corners.

4. Create a real masterpiece in Giddy Studios!

What colour?

Location: Unit 4, 1st Floor, Grange Road Retail Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
GPS position:53.277296, 6.265013
Working hours: Mon- closed
Tue-Sat 10:00 – 18:00
Thu 10:00 – 20:30
Price range:13Euro
Parking: available
Have you ever tried to create something with your hands?
Giddy Studios will help you to make this dream come true!
Just imagine you can make a memorable present for your friends or your sweetheart.
This experience is good both for adults and children. Make an incredible art work which can be the best in your life.
What about the family portrait? It is also possible. All you have to do is to paint it and it will be completed in one of the furnaces.
This unique masterpiece will cost you 13 Euro. Do not hesitate and have fun!

5. Take part in exploring life of Irish immigrants by sailing Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship!

Dublin Docklands - The Jeanie Johnston is a replica of a three masted barque that was originally built in Quebec

Location: Dublin Docklands, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1
GPS position:53.347873, 6.247085
Working hours:
Every day 10.00-16.00
Price range:Adults- €9.00
Seniors, Students- €8.00
Children under 15- €5.00
Parking: available
If you are on the board of Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship it means that you want to learn more about people whotried to survive by crossing the Atlantic.
In this “museum on water”you can see figures of some people who wereforced to seek for a better life.
This ship saved lives of 2500 people who began a new life in North America and Europe.
It was one of the last of herkindcrossing the Atlantic in the 19th century.
The beautiful copy of Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship has tours every day and is very popular.
What is the best way to get to famous places in Dublin?

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