Every tourist destination in the world has a standard list of ‘Things to do’. These are the things that you will usually come across in guidebooks or hear from a tourist company just before a trip. There are many wacky and fun things to do in a destination which you will never read in a guidebook. We look at Australia which is truly unique and diverse country. You can come here every year yet still not do those things which actually characterize Australia as a fun destination. A visit to the Ayers Rock or a boat cruise around the Sydney Harbor seems to be the norm but there are fun things to do here.

1) Melbourne Sunrise Balloon Flight
You must experience the early morning balloon flight over the beautiful city of Melbourne and then follow it up with a wonderful champagne breakfast at the Hilton. There is much to see from above – the sheer variety of lovely gardens, the sporting arenas, the Yarra River, the Central Business District and the sparkling blue waters of Port Philip. The balloon will depart from East Melbourne and move towards a pre-determined location. The tour lasts for an hour and gives you a great view of the sights of the city. As soon as you land you will be taken back to the Hilton for the delicious champagne breakfast.
Cost: Around AUD$370

2) Dive and snorkel at the Reef
The Reef is among the top 10 places to visit in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest and the only living organism that is visible from space. Just choose an environmentally friendly tour operator for your diving and snorkelling tour. You can come very close to some of the exotic marine species and enjoy their playful antics. If you are new to the sport then you can also undergo scuba diving classes.


3) Jumping Crocodile Cruise
This will be of great interest to all wildlife lovers. Experience a thrilling cruise on the Adelaide River and observe the ancient predators in their natural environment. This is a 90-minute tour and guests are usually picked up from their respective hotels in Darwin. There are more than 1600 ferocious saltwater crocodiles in the Adelaide River. The river offers the best opportunity in the world for crocodile viewing. You can witness their raw power as they jump out of the water fully to get the food offered by the guide.

4) Go Underground!
Have you ever wonder what it would be like to spend an evening in Wartime Bunker? Well, here is your chance to have this unique experience. There are 20 such bunkers in Brisbane which are now sued for accommodation. So enjoy a beautiful evening in this quirky but fun set-up.

5) Uluru-Kata Tjuta Helicopter Adventure
This 30 minute helicopter ride gives you the rare opportunity to fly over the iconic Red Centre in Australia. You will fly over the 30 odd huge domed monoliths that rise from the desert. The tallest, Mt Olga, almost touches you in the sky. This is a must do fun activity in Australia if you are willing to get a completely different perspective of The Rock’ just by flying over it. The tour departs daily and the actual tour is of 1.5 hours duration.
Cost: Around AUD$305

If you are already inching to travel to Australia at the earliest opportunity then you must know that all foreign nationals require an Australian Visa to enter the country. However, there are certain exceptions under which a person need not apply for the Australian visa. The following people are exempted –
• A citizen of one of the 36 eVisitor eligible countries
• A citizen of 9 ETA eligible countries
• A citizen of New Zealand
• All people who are eligible for visa-free travel under Special Purpose Visa