Traveling is one of the best activities that one can enjoy. It is thus important to choose a good holiday destination. Split in Croatia is one of the best places to enjoy a perfect vacation. Its mythical history, culture and uniqueness makes it tick. One not only gets entertained but also immensely informed.

Being the second largest city in Croatia, Split has more than enough attractions to the numerous visitors. For instance, an adventurous person can explore the wonder of the Adriatic Waters and the Apennine Peninsula. These are breathtaking trips that have been made possible by charters in Croatia. This implies that one can rent a boat of choice and venture into the wonder of the Adriatic Sea. Some of the notable islands to visit here are Brac and Hvar. Through the excellent and affordable services of well connected ferries and charters, a tourist can visit various seaside towns that board Split through sail.

Popular music is an immense part of the Croatian Culture. Split offers great atmosphere for music lovers whether local or international. There is also the Croatian National Theater in Split. This outstanding structure houses some of the best music to the ears. A visitor is thus able to gain information on the Croatian music and enjoy dancing with the performers. Split is also the host of the world wide famous Ultra Music Festival. People from whole Europe come together to party in Split.

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Nevertheless, art is an important cultural activity in Split, Croatia. There is the towering Ivan Mestrovic Gallery . This has been in existence for decades and provides great insight into Croatian art. There are numerous antique sculptures by the infamous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. One can also get scenic views of the Adriatic from this place. Wildlife lovers are not left behind in Croatia. The Split Science Museums and Zoo is a nice place to spend time. Its small size means that one can see everything and anything that is exciting. Its ideal location on Mount Marjan makes it an amazing place to know more about animals while enjoying the beautiful views of Split. Mount climbing can also been done on the great Marjan Mountain.

Split is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It therefore harbors rich history that leaves one totally thrilled. The Live Museum in Split makes one experience the Roman life. It is filled with utmost good entertainment and fun. It becomes totally difficult to leave this place. The archaeological museum is filled with history about Croatia, their culture, religion, politics and even economy. Waterfalls have been associated with life and ambience. Imagining a walk over spectacular waterfalls is exciting. Parco Nazionale Krka is one of the best places on earth. a visitor gets to experience a breath taking walk of a lifetime in this place. The waterfalls makes one to feel a sense of vibrancy and far away into the land of fantasy.


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Have you heard of Froggyland? Well it is right there in Split. It displays one of a kind collections in the world. With unmatched taxidermy in the world, this place is definitely a sight to behold. The works of the infamous artist Ferenc Mere are also displayed here. It is truly a beautiful place to see and a must for any visitor.

Furthermore, there exists Brela Beach where one can experience surfing, swimming, dining, sailing and other enjoyable activities. Split is a great sailing destination, since it`s close to some of the most famous islands in Croatia. You can easily join a excursion and go aboard a catamaran yacht and sail across the Adriatic. Riva Harbour is also a notable place in this city. Other places that are gorgeous and mandatory for any visitor include the Cardo Maximus, Diocletian’s Palace, Cathedral of St. Domnius and the Old Split.

Split in Croatia is definitely a place to visit. It is informative, entertaining and welcoming to everybody. There are excellent social ammenities such as water, electricity and sanitation. These are available at affordable prices. The tour guides are also cordial and elaborate. So, what’s holding you back in holidaying the Split way?

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