Bora Bora is a honeymoon hideaway that travellers have to go to great lengths to get to. Flights aren’t cheap, but as a special destination location, few places can compete. You’ll fly in from Taihiti, the French Polynesian capital, on a tiny plane that’ll make you never want to step on another jumbo sized aircraft again, before circling the island and getting glorious glimpses of the green Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu.

It’s all well and good planning a getaway to paradise, but eventually everyone gets tired of sighing at sunsets and admiring the blue hues of the lagoon. So what to do when you touch down?

Things to do in Bora Bora

One of the most loved options on the island is underwater safaris. You can snorkel up and swim down to watch rays feeding, and admire the brightly coloured fish in their natural habitat around the corals. Even if you’ve done it before, the type of fish you’ll see in this exotic paradise will definitely top that. You can sign up for full or half day safari tours, most of which can be arranged through your hotel (if they look like the trustworthy types).

If you’ve got a reasonable amount of time on your hands and aren’t simply popping over to the island for a day trip, you could get yourself diving certified. Bora Bora has an abundance of diving centres that will take over even the most half-hearted, amateur paddler. You’ll be amazed at just how close the reef sharks and manta rays will get as you descend deeper below into the darker blues of the Pacific Ocean.


For something that’ll mark your holiday snaps out from the rest, you could also try underwater scootering. This involves getting inside an individual submarine/hoover-like contraption and being lowered into the water before driving around in its depths. It’s by far the most unique way to see the underwater wildlife of French Polynesia, and because of the protective head bubble, it means you don’t even need to get your hair wet. (Not to mention, this is one of few locations in the entire world where you can do this activity). Make sure you take along underwater cameras!

Other options for the active traveller include kite boarding along the beach, parasailing over the lagoons, or if you’re really into fitness and working out, sign up for liquid training. (This involves long distance swimming, paddle boarding and other water based activities to burn off those indulgent meals out).

It is not necessary to sign up and pay for activities before you go, as you can simply sort your accommodation and then check what deals your hotel is offering. Depending on the hotel you choose, you might be able to get a package discount if you want to try a bit of everything. (Check out certified reviews of hotels in Bora Bora with Holiday Check before you book so you’re not disappointed. Although as many of the hotels on Bora Bora are 5/6*s it would be hard to!)

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