5 Ways to go on a Comfortable and Luxuious Vacation in 2015










Summer is fast approaching, and hardworking consumers across the country are looking forward to taking vacations with their friends and family members to all types of destinations. Whether you plan on heading to a remote spa location in the middle of nowhere or want to take your family to a beach resort in Boca Raton, here are 5 ways to go on a comfortable and luxurious vacation that you can’t miss:

Fly First Class

For many airlines, first class tickets often drop in price during the summer, and savvy consumers can take advantage of these great deals months in advance of their planned getaway.

Determine which airline has the best perks for first class passengers. From free food and drinks to extremely comfortable sitting and sleeping arrangements, this method of travel will help get you to your luxurious vacation destination with as little stress as possible.

Take a Train as a First Class Passenger

First class seats on trains are just as good if not better than those on airplanes.

Taking a train to your destination will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery that the United States has to offer. From rolling mountains to sparkling lakes, green fields and more, you can sit back in your comfortable leather chair, stretch out your legs and enjoy your drink while watching nature fly by your window.

Drive to Your Vacation Destination

While many people prefer to fly or take the train, many consumers still love to hit the open road with their friends and family.

One of the best things about driving your car on vacation is the feeling of fulfillment you’ll feel when arriving at your final destination. During your trip, you can enjoy the warm summer breeze by opening your convertible top, or you can pack your family into the SUV and let them fall asleep while watching DVDs in the back seat.

Road trips are always fun during the summer, and there’s nothing like getting some relaxation time in while you’re behind the wheel.

Take a Cruise

Taking a cruise is a wonderful way to relax while you head to your luxury resort island destination. Whether you want to spend a couple of days or an entire week on the boat before you depart, you can enjoy a spacious suite, great food, shows, a pool, drinks and more all while you mingle with other vacationers on the boat.

Taking a cruise to your destination is a great idea for those who wish to head to the Caribbean during the summer.

Hire a Private Charter Flight

Southern California has so much to offer vacationers, and if the Golden State is where you plan on going for your vacation, hire a private charter plane to take you directly to Burbank Airport.

Burbank Airport is a very convenient airport that is centrally located within Los Angeles County, and with private charter operators such as Echelon Jets Inc. servicing the airports, consumers will have no problem booking a jet of their choice.

Private jet charters are perfect for those who plan on taking a luxurious vacation in 2015. Besides having the plane all to yourself, you’ll enjoy a comfortable ride with plenty of legroom, no airport delays and free food and drinks along the way.