North America is a large area covering three large nations, and several different cultures and landscapes that change from beach to rocky landscape in a heartbeat. You must see the four cities listed in this article, and you will surprise yourself when you visit each one to find something that is beyond your expectations of what the city would be like.

1. Vancouver

Vancouver has played host to the Winter Olympics, and the city is a cultural center in Canada. There is a symphony in town, and the skiing villages just north of town hosted the largest part of the 2010 Winter Olympics. You may go into Vancouver for a ski vacation, but you may travel down into the city to have a cultural and leisure vacation that is unlike any other. Vancouver sits right on the water, and you have access to cruises that will take you all the way to Alaska.

2. Mazatlán

Mazatlán is a beach community in Mexico that sits on the eastern coast, but it is not your typical beach resort town. Mazatlán is one of the oldest Aztec settlements in Mexico, and there are pyramids sitting right outside the city. You may take tours of these ancient pyramids, or you may stay on the beach and enjoy the fantastic views. You have a clear choice between a historical and a leisure vacation when you land on the eastern shore of Mexico.

3. Toronto

Toronto plays host to a majority of the TV productions in Canada, and the CBC tower is a landmark in the city skyline. Toronto is home to television shows like Flashpoint, and you will see many sets from the show when you visit the city. Toronto is a hub for immigrants coming to Canada, and you will find a tiny neighborhood featuring every ethnicity somewhere in the city. Toronto is a melting pot much like New York City, but it exists in a completely different time and place. You may love Toronto so much that you decide to stay, in which case a site like will be a great resource to get you started.

4. San Diego

San Diego is home to the largest naval yard on the west coast, and the sailing community in San Diego flourishes because of the Navy’s presence. You may visit San Diego to enjoy the beaches, or you may take a cruise down to Mexico that originates in the harbor. The city is just a short drive from Los Angeles, but San Diego is a much quieter place to vacation.

You must put all four cities here on your bucket list. They range from nice beaches to skiing villages, and you will find a lovely place to relax on your next vacation.