Single and Loving it! Vacation Tips for Summer 2015







There are advantages to traveling alone with the biggest one being freedom. You can visit what you like when you like and stay somewhere for as long as you like. Traveling alone, however, can have its down sides with the biggest one being cost. Many hotels and cruise ships charge a solo traveler extra for accommodations.

1) Intrepid Traveler
Intrepid Traveler is a tour company that often caters to the single traveler. The tour groups are typically limited to 10 people. The packages range from “Basix” (1- to 2-star hotels) up to “Comfort” (3- to 4-star hotels). Travelers can go just about anywhere they like although a majority of the tour packages are for Africa or Asia. Solo travelers only have to pay a room supplement if they get a single room; if they’re willing to share a room with another traveler of the same sex they don’t pay the supplement.

2) My Huatulco Vacation
My Huatulco Vacation is a collection of condo and villa rentals in Huatulco, Mexico. They range in size from condos for single people to huge estates large enough to be used for weddings. The rentals, no matter their size, come with such perks as access to the grounds of the 5-star resort Celeste Residencies & Spa.

3) Royal Caribbean International
Some of the ships on this cruise line offer “studio” cabins for solo travelers. Renting one ensures that the traveler does not pay the dreaded single supplement which can double the price of accommodations. Many of the ships do indeed travel the Caribbean, but others tour Europe, Asia and the Middle East. A few even roam the Pacific and Atlantic oceans making stops along the way.

4) Southeast Asia Backpacker Trail
Admittedly for the young and adventurous, the backpacker trail does have the advantage of being inexpensive. It begins and ends in Thailand and travels through many other countries including Laos and Vietnam. Tourists can go jungle trekking, visit cities like Bangkok, go to the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia and go diving. Both the accommodations and the food are inexpensive – especially if tourists stick to local food. Western food is available, but it costs more.

5) TrekAmerica
TrekAmerica is a US-based railway company that offers many tour packages for solo travelers who wish to explore North and Central America. They have smaller group sizes and no single supplement. They offer trips running the gamut from 3-day jaunts to an 80-day journey covering all 48 of the continental states.

As the above list demonstrates, there are now many options for the solo traveler. It takes some digging, but it is possible to find and enjoy a trip without being penalized for traveling alone. Solo travelers can visit almost any country, and they can either rough it backpacking or enjoy the luxuries of a cruise ship.