A way to replace heavy and inconvenient stuff when travelling light is installing the right mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet, so here are ten you might find useful.

FlightTrack – a real time flight tracker

When planning your flight, it is crucial to know all available routes, companies, luggage policy and, most importantly, the prices. With FlightTrack, you can find everything about delays and cancellations, as well as departures and arrivals, and much more in just a few clicks on your iPhone, iPad and Android.

Entrain – lighting schedules

Also available on all platforms, this little app from the University of Michigan will help you fight jet lag. Learn how you can adapt to time zones and daily cycles, as well as how to prepare your body for the change of zones. In short, it is ideal for all travelers, especially frequent ones.

Perfect World Clock – analog and digital clock widgets

When speaking of time zones, Android users will surely get a kick out of this world clock that informs them on time in cities all around the world. While it may look like nothing special at first, it actually has interesting options that set it apart from the competition.

Sunscreen – sunbathing timer

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the open, you should be extra careful. Sunscreen will remind you when to apply a new layer of sunscreen and, even though it is available only for Apple users, it is more than useful when vacationing in hot places.

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EHU – visual trip indication

Available only to Apple users in UK stores, this app is designed for campers and people who like to take their caravan on the road. It reports on the usage of your electric output and how much electricity your gadgets suck from it, so it is particularly good when in wilderness.

Trippeo – expense management software

Trippeo is perfect for people who have a problem tracking their expenses when traveling and want to dedicate their time and energy to sightseeing. It collects your bills, calculates spendings and reports it all back to you.

TripIt – Trip Planner

This free Apple- and Android-based app helps with your itinerary and keeps track of all the things you checked off your to-do list. It is more than useful in big tourist centers like Rome or London where you want to see everything – or as much as you can.
Urbanspoon – restaurant and food reviews

Here is another all-around app that assists you in finding available restaurants, pubs and bars near you and lets you refine search by price range and rating. You can read users’ comments and take locals’ suggestions as well.

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Hailo – taxi app

If you do not want to use the public transport and have no time or energy to walk, use Hailo to find the nearest taxi. It started as a free England-based app, but spread all across Europe and it even allows payment with your credit card.

The Snow Report – snow forecast app

This free Apple app is ideal when traveling to Scandinavia, Canada or other snowy countries. It reports on snow pistes near you, shows detailed maps and is essential if you want to experience a winter holiday to the fullest.

Other Apps

Depending on where you are headed to and what kind of a person you are, look into apps that provide maps, allow you to translate your thoughts and search for interesting tourist attractions.

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