No matter if it’s your very first road trip or the hundredth time you’ve been touring with your bike, these tips and unique destinations are for you. Any cross-country trip should include both breathtaking scenery and a pit stop in paradise.

What to Bring?

Pack light, even though your trip may be long. Unnecessary weight costs you in gas. Make sure to bring a real map; there won’t always be service or a place to charge in the middle of the desert or on the freeway. If you aren’t staying in a hotel each night, keep a blanket, sleeping bag, or hammock, assuming your bike is tour-ready with bags or space to strap things onto the back. You’ll need a basic tool kit in case your motorcycle needs an on-the-go problem fixed.

Wild West Adventure

If you’re from the eastern states, travel west. Go to the outskirts of big cities, not the cities themselves. That way you can avoid traffic and see the good stuff. On the edge of Phoenix lies Superstition Mountain, where tight winding roads cut far above deep valleys filled with cacti. The outer rim of Denver can take you through plains or mountains—you pick.

Midwestern Scenic Route

States such as Wisconsin don’t get a lot of attention, but often have a lot to offer during your trip. Check out WI routes at The roads there are smooth, but no matter how quality the trails, motorcyclists are always in danger. If you have an accident, Groth Law Firm attorneys based in WI are trustworthy professionals that will not have bias against you as a rider. Never neglect traveling safe.

Don’t Forget the Festivals

The Easy Riders Rodeo Tour is not something to pass up. It’s much smaller than the Daytona festival, but it still draws a wild crowd. There are two locations in 2015: Fowlerville, Michigan and Chillicothe, Ohio. Incorporate all three days or just catch a taste of the party on your way through. Born Free in California also needs a spot on your itinerary, especially if you’re looking for something new. This June was only its 7th year running. The bikes are phenomenal; see brand new models and classic rebuilds all in one spot.

Regardless of the exact route, make sure to stop and enjoy the view. Try new foods, be safe, be wild, and keep riding.