The 5 Best Vacations for Fun and Stress Relief for Single Adults









Traveling solo allows you to experience new places, people, and activities that you might otherwise pass up when hanging out with people from home. This can be the ultimate stress reliever, so go ahead and plan that solo trip. Here are 5 of the best vacations for stress relief for single adults.

1. Barcelona

The Spanish love to party and Barcelona is known for attracting people from around the world who are traveling alone or with a group of friends. It’s a great place to meet other singles, and the bars and clubs stay open late. You will need a siesta in the afternoon, and being alone you have the freedom to have one. In the afternoons, stop by a tapas bar followed by a late dinner after 9 pm.

2. Las Vegas Casino Resorts

There’s no place quite like the Entertainment Capital of the World to meet people. Las Vegas has the best in resorts, namely casino resorts, and they are all geared to having everything you want in one location. For example, the Viejas Resort has a spacious pool, inviting lounge area, and a variety of great gaming, all great places to strike up a conversation with fascinating people.

3. New York

Single in New York is a good time with all there is to do in the City that Never Sleeps. Plenty of cabs can take you safely to and from your chosen destination, or try one of the boats that turn into cocktail bars. These have become popular daytime spots for singles to relax and unwind on sunny decks out on the water.

4. Scottsdale, Arizona

The Scottsdale Entertainment Center has been rapidly expanding in recent years making this an attractive destination for singles. Hot pool scenes and nightclubs geared toward singles has earned Scottsdale the title “South Beach in the Desert.” Hotels, concerts, and club venues have replaced the sleepy western resort theme for Scottsdale.

5. Oahu

From quiet beaches to vibrant city life, Oahu is the preferred Hawaiian Island for singles. For a real stress buster join a zip line tour group on the North Shore. Club hopping is safe for singles in downtown Honolulu or lounge in a local bar with soothing music provided by the native islanders.

Best Single Travel reports that 1 in 3 adults are single and that the typical American spends more years alone than in a partnership. This is all the more reason to plan a solo trip soon.