4 Canadian Cultural Hubs You'll Never Want to Leave

Canada is a giant play-land for vacationers if they know where to go. A very long list could ensue, but there a few places that stand out. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire a few trips.


This is an obvious cultural mecca, so let’s just get on with it. A multicultural city experiencing growth, Toronto is faced with offering a good life to many different groups of visitors and residents. Upscale shopping, professional sports, excellent dining and points of interest are easy to find, including the CN Tower. Just look up. If residents and visitors need more resources to orient themselves in the city, visit Apnatoronto.com for many helpful tips and other information.

Quebec City

The scenery of this beautiful area appears to be set in some European fairy tale, complete with French-speaking inhabitants. A few miles from Maine, USA, ironically, this escapist haven offers a real getaway from the routine. Go for the architecture alone; nothing is bland or simple. Major structures are present with the pomp and circumstance of the French court in olden days. Really, go for the food. Fabulous French cuisine is everywhere, and Le Chateau Frontenac dining does not disappoint. Buy nice clothes and go there.


British Columbia has many scenic advantages, being on the Pacific Ocean, and Vancouver, on the Strait of Georgia, is one of them. Site of the 2010 Winter Olympics and FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup Soccer, Vancouver is a clean, well-maintained city with a great deal of tourist trade income. This city also provides information and park sites in regards to local Aboriginal peoples and their 10,000-year-old presence there. This area is an outdoor recreation paradise for swimming, fishing, kayaking, white-water rafting and mountain-biking, to name a few.


Alberta may have more tourism than some would guess. Banff and Lake Louise are two popular resort areas, and Calgary is known for its Stampede, or giant rodeo, that has more than a century-old history. With well over a million full-time residents, this city has more festivals in the warm weather than many do in a year.

This is barely the tip of the iceberg in a summary of Canadian cultural hubs, but if it inspires more research, it’s a good thing. Travel.gc.ca might provide a good overview of the country and its travel possibilities. There are winter, spring, summer and fall activities, so check out the broad view.

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