An RV is like the American dream on wheels, and for numerous reasons. The freedom and variety that RVing provides is a big draw for many people, and those who adopt it as a hobby or lifestyle wouldn’t trade it for any other means of travel. If you’ve never experienced the enjoyment of an RV road trip, here are some of the many reasons why no other way of traveling compares.

A Transportable Vacation Home

Having a vacation home is a luxury that many dream of, but have a hard time obtaining. Not only that, but vacation homes are restricted to one place and are difficult to look after if located far from home. An RV can be your vacation home in numerous different landscapes and locales, and you can change your location with the seasons too: you can have both a winter and summer getaway!

It’s More Affordable

A lot of people have concerns about what it would cost to take up RVing, and assume that fuel costs make it difficult to sustain. However, one of the first things RVers will tell you is that it’s one of the cheapest ways to vacation. Once you figure in the price you would otherwise pay for hotels, resorts, or flight prices, RVing ends up being much more affordable. Also, most RVs now have full kitchens, making it possible to prepare your own meals and not eat out as often while on the road.

Go at Your Own Pace

Reservations and time restrictions basically disappear on an RV road trip. You can decide how far to go in a day, or stop to leisurely enjoy any point of interest with the comforts of home with you. Having so many commodities on hand makes being in a Fretz RV more self-sufficient and less reliant on what the next town has to offer.

Pet Friendly

No need to pay for your pets to be boarded or looked after while you’re gone, nor do you need to be crammed in a car with them and pay extra fees at hotels (that is, if you’re able to find one that accepts pets). Many people love being able to take their furry companions with them on their trips without worry about them or feeling guilty about leaving them behind.

It’s easy to see why so many have adopted RVing as their preferred means of travel. There is no other way that provides the same amount of comfort, convenience and freedom. If you enjoy exploring unfamiliar territory, seriously consider doing so in an RV.