Certain careers enable folks smitten with wanderlust to travel extensively. If you find yourself anxious to travel the globe, you might want to consider one of these on-the-go careers.

Merchant Mariner

Mariners work as sailors and officers aboard U. S. commercial ships, transporting products for domestic and international consumption. This career offers steady pay, comprehensive health benefits and an opportunity to travel the world. In 2015, the average starting salary of an American Mariner approached $39,000. Experienced Mariners anticipate considerably more.

Tour Director

Annie Fitzsimmons wrote in 2013 that she had spent some time working in the exciting travel industry as a tour director. She described her position as “a dream job” in many respects. Unlike a tour guide, who might shepherd a group of visitors through a museum or around a single city for a few hours, a tour director assumes responsibility for the entire group’s travel itinerary. This career allows extensive travel and a lot of options in selecting locations to visit. It does carry extensive duties, however. The tour director must sometimes negotiate with difficult or ailing members of a travel party. Additionally, this mainly freelance position requires sales skills.

Traveling Nurse

Becoming a nurse all but guarantees you a job anywhere and everywhere you’d like. This is due mostly to the current nursing shortage, which has created a need for skilled nurses just about everywhere. Current nurses can enroll in online RN to BSN programs to improve their skills and career prospects, opening up opportunities to work in any number of locations. Whether as a traveling nurse, nurse midwife, or a clinical nurse specialist, nurses today are welcome almost anywhere in the world.


Diplomats who work for the United States government spend their careers working in locations around the world; they frequently moved from one post to another. Most professional diplomats begin their careers as Foreign Service Officers (FSO). They must pass a rigorous examination and undertake ten or more weeks of training by the State Department. A new FSO holding a Bachelor’s Degree can expect a starting salary of approximately $30,000. Experienced diplomats earn well over $100,000.


Earth scientists who study volcanoes can expect to spend a considerable part of their working life traveling to a variety of interesting places to conduct field work. Their incomes depend, to a great extent, upon their level of experience. These specialists in volcanic processes work in many parts of the world, including: Mount Merapi, Indonesia; Strombili, Italy; Sangay, Ecuador; and Santa Maria, Guatemala, global hot spots for volcanoes. Other popular destinations include Iceland and the Pacific Northwest.