When the great Harbor Bridge was built, who would have thought that it would inspire people to be romantic so much? According to Daily Mail article from September 2014, Harbor Bridge has been a place of over 4000 reported proposals. This puts it into the very top of the most romantic places. However, this is far from being the only romantic place in Sydney. There is a lot to see and do if you are a couple looking for some nice time together.

Botanical Garden

The diversity of different parts of the garden will make the whole day of exploring its magical corners a real thrill, perfect for couples. It is not just about the nicely cut grass and lovely looking trees. The garden itself has different areas with different types of plants. This means that the atmosphere and the vibe of those spots is unique and charming. Moreover, you can get a nice view of the Sydney Harbour in the back if you want to catch the famous landmark while the sun is setting and the two of you are having a nice picnic.

Luna Park

This park is full of awesome rides and attractions that can make your romantic day unforgettable and packed with adrenaline. Scientists say that a certain amount of fear increases the need to hug and kiss. What better and more fun way to do this, then to get into the Luna Park and try all those crazy rides. Besides, there is nothing as cute as your man winning a teddy bear prize for you.


If you choose a cruise for your romantic day in Sydney, you will experience all that this great city is about: water, sky and a beautiful coastline. The cruises usually go pass the most important landmarks in different parts of the day. You will be able to see tons of places and fantasize about that perfect wedding photography in Sydney. Many cruise captains offer a nice meal for two on the deck or in some of the lovely harbors. Either way, this is the perfect way to spend a day with your loved one.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is in the Darling Harbor and it is a symbol of friendship between two cities: Sydney and Guangzhuo. This combination of the ancient Chinese culture of the relationship with nature with the high Sydney buildings in the background perfectly reflects the unity of two different spirits. That just might be a perfect metaphor of some couples. This makes it a great spot for a proposal, as well. A nice day of walking along the diligently organized garden is a memorable experience for couples.

Balloon Ride

Flying over the wonderful Sydney and many other places along the way is among the most romantic things that you can do. The adventure and the adrenalin spice up the entire experience. That kind of happiness is genuine. Holding hands while observing the skyline and the entire city below you is definitely among the most romantic things you can do with your time.

Experiencing the city together is a great idea on its own. With the love of your life, even a simple walk down one of the streets is enough to make the day special. However, when you spice that together-time by organizing a day at some of these great spots, the whole experience is even more magical.

Photo credit for featured image: By Diliff (taken by Diliff) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)