Safety experts offer guidelines that every passenger on public transportation can use to remain safe. They say that people should always be on alert and pay close attention to their surroundings. People should keep an eye out for unusual packages or items. Report suspicious people or items to emergency personnel or the local police department.

Rights and Responsibilities

Anyone riding a bus, taking a taxi, or using a shuttle should always understand what they are required by law to do and what responsibilities the law says transportation companies are responsible for in their state. Understanding public transport etiquette like letting disembarking passengers exit the bus before embarking passengers enter the vehicle is expected from bus riders. If you are hurt from the result of an injury from public transportation, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to see what actions are best for you. You can find more information at

Cover and hide

All valuables should remain out of sight while using public transportation. Jewelry, phones, and wallets need to stay hidden. Women can wear their bags under their coats and button them up to hide their valuables. Men can put wallets in their front pocket to minimize a pickpocket strike.

Items to watch for

Being alert is a critical piece of advice experts can give to the public. People need to be on guard for illnesses, terrorist attacks, and explosive devices. Items left alone could be a sign of a potential problem. People acting erratically, talking unusually, moving strangely, or behaving abnormally should be reported to the driver, police, or other emergency personnel.

Suspicious packages

Any strange package, especially alone, should be investigated in a safe manner. From a distance, the passenger should look for leaking materials, exposed batteries, wires of any color, size, or length, and attached messages. Any employee, police officer, or emergency worker should be immediately alerted.

Oddly-behaving people

Public transportation users should be on the lookout for people who are staring at someone or everyone in a strange way. People who appear overly nervous may or may not be a problem, but they should always be watched closely. Even people who appear like they are lost can be harmful. Any suspicious behavior from people should be reported to an employee or police officer.

When people ride public transportation, they must actively take part in their own safety because things do happen. Vigilant bus riders and taxi riders are an important part of the security of public transportation because their expertise in their surroundings helps them identify threats before bad things happen. Experts also say to refrain from using cell phones and music devices to stay focused on safety concerns.

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