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Amazing Destinations for Adventure Seeking Holidays

There is a very big difference between a relaxed holiday in serenity and one full of adventure. Both are relaxing in the long run but with different experiences. A leisure based holiday will be based on time put, kicking back and a slow enjoyment of venues and destinations. An adventure based holiday is laden with fun activities that keep the traveler busy all through. They are done to literally do things one has never ventured into before. If you are traveling under the Visa waiver program, ESTA, you are in luck as you won’t have to go through all the Visa protocol procedures. You will however have to follow the new rules for making payments and that is it. If you are looking for great spots for adventure, here are some you can try out this season.

Tenerife, Spain

Nothing beats the Canary Islands when it comes to fun and adventure. The fact that the fun is almost all year round makes it a top destination in this list. Right from the beauty of the islands offering a picturesque landscape over beautiful blue waters and sandy beaches to the accommodation, cuisines and hospitality of the people, it is definitely a place to be. Some of the fun activities that one can indulge in along the cost include scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, boating fishing, beach volleyball and many more. The Islands are a great spot for hiking with a great wild offering green meadows and forests filled with amazing flora and fauna. The Island is also home to some rich culture with some tribes settling on the valleys and the hills that one can stop over and interact with. The beaches are white and filled with activity which is what makes Tenerife a must in any bucket list.

Gold Coast

Australia is known for a rugged outback and a people with a good steady and friendly culture. It is also known for some of the most beautiful stops and places to revel. The Gold Coast is one of those places. If you love underwater and above water adventures, this is the place to be. The activities are as rich as those in Tenerife with an added savor of great scenery. Scuba diving, snorkeling, yachting and beautiful cruises add up to an adventure of a lifetime. Sydney and Melbourne are a buzz teaming with things to do including climbing the great Sydney Bridge, the marine parks, zoos and riding 4 x 4s in the outback.


Dubai is on4e of those countries that has shocked the world when it comes to development. Many people think of Dubai as a shopping destination but forget what lies underneath the facade. Dubai comes with beautiful beaches and a beautiful sandy dessert with all types of activities. If you are looking for fun in an Arabic nation, this is it! The 4 x 4 rides on the dunes are to die for with various touring companies. It is also home to the new Grandprix and many fun activities on the coastline as well as deep under the water.


There is no way one can mention adventure without talking about wild Africa. Kenya comes with great surprises for any tourist. The wild offers a great gaming experience in the Maasai Mara and Tsavo parks. The opportunities to see lions, elephants, buffaloes, cheetahs and rhinos in their natural habitat can be quite overwhelming. It is also a great place to do hiking and climb the famous Mt. Kenya. The coast in the country also offers great opportunities for the tourists and those seeking to delve in the history of the country.


A trip filled with adventure is dependent of an individual largely. The point is to do things you haven’t done before for a whole new experience.

Why Is Benidorm So Popular


Benidorm is located on the Spanish Costa Blanca, and recently it seems to have gained popularity. There was even a TV program of the same name! Benidorm has plenty of things that make it really popular with travellers, for example, the sandy beaches, mountains and amazing architecture. Here, we go into more detail on Benidorm and why it’s so popular.

Benidorm For Families

Benidorm has so great beaches for children; some even has climbing frames! The beaches are well equipped to entertain children all day long. There are watersports both children and adults can try, such as boating, water skiing, scuba diving, fishing trips, trips on banana boats and more. You could even take the children on a glass bottom boat here so they can see what’s in the deep ocean close up.

There are even a few great theme parks in Benidorm, Terra Natura has lots of animals for children to see and even offers visitors trips through exotice corners of the planet (that they’ve built at the zoo, of course). Terra Natura has a water park and handicrafts to entertain the whole family.

Aqualandia Park you can take a dip in the pools, go on the many exciting water slides, and even have a picnic in the grass.

There’s even a water animal park that has amazing dolphin shows and penguins, seals, sea lions and more on show.

For families who’d like to take some good pictures and sightsee here, take a scenic walk around Placa del Castell. There is a good atmosphere, great views and nice photo opportunities. You can walk around and explore or even rest at one of the bars, have a drink and take in the views. There is even a tradition using the wishing well there. Padlocks are taken along, locked onto the well and then the keys are thrown into the sea!

More activities that families can enjoy in Benidorm include bowling, mini golf, hiking and mountain biking.

Eating Out In Benidorm

There are a variety of restaurants in Benidorm, Spanish ,Italian, Chinese, Indian and more. A lot of restaurants offer great value for money “menus of the day”, which will cost you around 10 euros and you’ll get a 3 course meal with a drink of your choice.

Shopping In Benidorm

There are plenty of opportunities to shop in Benidorm. You’ll be able to purchase virtually anything you’re after and even some things you aren’t after! There are plenty of shops specialising in fashion and leather items, jewellery, bags and shoes, and more. There’s something to suit every budget so you can treat yourself and the whole family!

As you can see, Benidorm has plenty to entertain every type of person, so it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular! Benidorm is a great family holiday, group holiday or even a holiday for couples. Once you’ve decided to save money and book a low cost shuttle from Alicante airport to Benidorm, you can begin enjoying everything it has to offer.



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Plan Your Wedding in ITALY.


If you think planning a wedding is hard, then imagine how it would be to plan for a destination wedding. On the other hand, if that destination is Italy – the land of La dolce vita, art, cinema, wine, and romance, then all the trouble of planning for a destination wedding will be worth it. Here are some tips on how to plan your dream destination wedding in Italy.


Italy is like a buffet of wedding locations for any bride-to-be – great architecture, coastlines, beaches, and villas – everything you want on your wedding album all in one place. But choosing a location for your wedding should go beyond aesthetic considerations. Not to say that you shouldn’t pick a place because it just looks magical, but that you should also consider how you’re guests, the caterer, the band, the truck carrying your tables and chairs will get to this magical place.
Also if there are “just in case” places nearby such as hospitals (just in case the bridesmaids get carried away in the bouquet toss), grocery stores (just in case you run out of napkins), or police station (just in case your groom tries to make a break for it) Ideally a location should complement not only the creative aspects of your wedding but its logistics as well.
Among the most popular choices for wedding locations in Italy are the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, and Positino.

Trim the Guestlist

A wedding destination can be quite expensive with most of the budget going to your guests’ airfare and accommodation. So as much as you want everyone from your childhood neighborhood, your middle school, and your favourite barista to come to your wedding, you should make sure to keep your guests to a minimum if you still want to be able to serve entrees at the reception. The upside to a small guest list is the comfort that you’re sharing your special day with the people that matter.

Book Everything Early

Even with the risk of being called a Bridezilla, it’s best to book everything as soon as you start your planning. This way, you’ll be able to secure the location and dates that you want without much difficulty or the need for additional costs. For example, it’s traditional in Italy to hold weddings at churches. So if you’re planning to have a traditional Italian wedding, better book the church that you fancy as early as possible.

The months of April, May, June, September, and October are the best months to go to Italy. Naturally, these are also the months when a lot of tourists come for vacation. During this period, most hotels would already be fully booked. So if you’re planning your wedding on the following months, make sure to book your accommodation in advance. Also to avoid a lot of competition it’s also advisable to have alternative accommodation options in your pocket such as castles, villas, and boutique hotels.
Making early bookings also means making big savings on airfare. If you’ve already confirmed with your guests, you can already look for the best deals on airlines. Airlines like American Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines offer wedding travel programs and packages that give discounts to brides, grooms, and their wedding party.
Always have a Plan B (C, D, E, F, G….Z)

Do not kid yourself. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a destination wedding. So always have a Plan B and Plan insert-the-rest-of-the-alphabet here up your sleeve. For instance, there will always be that one guest that will fail to RSVP but show up, luggage in tow, on your wedding day. If this happens (and it will) a Travelodge contact , extra plate at the table, and extra miles on your card will always come in handy.
Another common situation is an airport pickup gone awry. Whether the car got stuck on the highway in the middle of rush hour or something got lost in translation, having guests not being picked up at the airport is always a possibility. So instead of having a panic attack, provide your guests with how-to-get-to-my-wedding kit that contains a map to the hotel, a map to the location, contact details, and other information they might need to get themselves to the ceremony on time and, more importantly, in one piece.

The Benidorm Night Life Guide


A popular holiday destination for British people since the 1960’s, Benidorm is like Black pool on acid (except with fantastic weather and gorgeous food). Hotels in the area are generally very cheap, and flights to and from Spain are just as enticing, so this is a destination you should give serious consideration to.

If you’ve already booked and packed, now all you need is to arrange your airport taxi from the best Benidorm transfer company you can find, and gather some info on the nightlife. This area of Spain really does have something for everyone, with all night bars everywhere. Depending on the type of entertainment you enjoy, you may like to take a look at this guide, and hopefully you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.


For the Cabaret lover, you can’t go far wrong with a night out at the Benidorm Palace. With performers on stage until the early hours, you’ll find fun for all the family. After 12am there’s usually an adult show, so you might want to drop the kids off back at the hotel for that, but don’t worry, every performance is tasteful and professional. The bar is stocked to the high hilt with both English and Spanish drinks, satisfying both the adventurer and the introvert.

Doors open at 8:30pm sharp, with a food option becoming available soon after – truly the perfect place to spend your evening.


Just like us Brits, the Spanish love to sing the night away on the Karaoke, and they even have designated bars and clubs for just such a pastime. If this is your thing, you should really consider visiting a bar called “Yorkshire Pride”. Obviously, this place is run by an English couple, but that shouldn’t put you off, most of the venues in Benidorm are. With a large, modern, bar and good food, you really won’t be disappointed.

As an interesting little side note, this place is renowned for its giant portions, so if you’re on a budget, you should seriously give it a try.


For people who enjoy dancing the night away to both modern tunes and disco classics, Benidorm has a lot to offer. Why not try heading down to KM Playa, where you’ll be encouraged to get down and boogie until the early hours. This club, located on the West Side, right by the beach, offers huge bars, a fantastic light up dance floor, and all the disco music your Gloria Gaynor loving ears can handle.

Alternatively, perhaps you should slap “Lennon’s” on your itinerary. This club was designed to pay homage to our most loved ex-beatle, and although some of the younger generation may consider it slightly tacky, the music is always certain to be exceptionally pleasing. Open until the early hours, like most other clubs in Benidorm, you’re sure to have an absolutely fantastic time.

So now it’s up to you. Decide where you’d like to go and head on down. Staff at every bar will always have smiles on their faces, and by the time you leave, so will you.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a well-known tourist destination that constantly receives visitors from the region as well as from all the four corners of the globe. There are various reasons that make most travelers opt for New Hampshire as the preferred holiday destination. Notable reasons that would make any fun seeker visit the location comprise of the following:

Great Tourist Attraction Sites

New Hampshire has a lot to offer when it comes to great tourist sites which are spread all over the region. Attractions that will make the tourist mesmerized include the following:

Museums and Galleries:

The Oates museum and Gilbert Whites House in The Region of Selbourne.

Historical Sites:

Magnificent churches and cathedrals including Europe’s longest Gothic Cathedral.
Monumental Landmarks, Palatial homes and castles built in the countryside.

Natural Scenic Beauty

The region also prides in having some magnificent geographical sceneries that will be quite ideal for photography, bird watching and natural excursion. This comprise of:

Beautiful panoramic views of the countryside

A Visit to Odiham will offer a tourist a chance to view the Georgian cottages built in the early 16the century.

Fun filled outdoor experience

New Hampshire has a number of outdoor events that will keep a visitor entertained, this include:

Walking, canoeing and angling at Basingstoke canal
Hiking at Rattlesnake mountain in Rumney
Trekking and camping at Plummers Ledge in Wentworth.

Unique shopping experience

A visit to New Hampshire will provide a unique shopping experience in the following spots:
Lulu Guinness bags and Mulberry at the boutique in Four seasons
Shopping at Elphicks Farnham a departmental store that has been standing since 1881.
Medieval history as well as high end shopping at Guildford.
Finest farm produce shopping at Hampshire’s Farmers market.

Portsmouth Dockyard

A visit to the picturesque Portsmouth dock that has a strong historical affiliation to the British Civilization due to the following:

It is home to “Mary Rose” the oldest 16th century warship that is on display.

Portsmouth Dock is also home to the famous HMS Victory, a battleship used in the Trafalgar battle.
World famous English Ale

Ale plays an integral role in the culinary culture of the British people; a visit to the region will allow a visitor sample the finest traditionally brewed Ale from the following locations:

Traditional English Ale from Hogs back Brewery
Cask conditioned ale is also available at “The Waterwitch” in Odiham.
Flag Hill Winery and distillery in Lee
Candia Vineyards in Candia

A visit to the region is never complete without sampling tradition handmade cheese; the cheese as well as its related products is available from:

Hampshire cheese, makers of rich English cheese known as Tunworth
Jewell Town in south of Hampshire
The sandwich Creamery

Fun for the Whole Family

To cater for various needs of the family in regard to recreational fun, the locality offers the following events:

Children’ Museum in Dover
Stonehill Farm in the region Of Keene
McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Centre located in Concord

Garden and House Expedition

New Hampshire also offers a chance to take part in scenic excursions of the regions popular sites that include:

Fuller Garden in North Hampton
Saint Gauden in Cornish
The Fells at John Hay National Wildlife Sanctuary in Newbury

Great Culinary Experience

New Hampshire is famed for its great cuisine that is has earned the region wine as well as chocolate awards. Notable restaurants include:

Thai Smile restaurant in Portsmouth
Six Bistro in Portsmouth
The Fussy Diner

A traveler from a country that enjoys the free visa waiver program will have an added advantage since he/she only needs to get online ESTA authorization hence no need to apply for a travel visa. The ESTA approval is valid for 90 days hence more than sufficient for a tourist to enjoy the beauty and recreational fun New Hampshire has to offer.

Colours,Music and Magic, It’s Berlin

You can tour Berlin to sample its exquisite cultural attractions and experience its pomp and magic and its music.

There are a variety of attractions that one can enjoy in Berlin. These include fantastic clubs if you are into nightlife. There are gigs and clubbing scenes with various music genres depending on the club which range from classical music to techno clubs. To get the gist of this, one has to experience it to fully understand it. There are a number of factors that have made this German capital city into a rock n roll mecca. The forces of culture and society have molded and enriched this city’s musical history from the Weimar era, the Bowie times, through to the 90s techno revolution and the present day music scene that is still vibrant. You can follow Iggy and Bowie’s footsteps on a guided tour to see the renowned Hansa studios where the pair recorded which is located within the shooting range of the border guards of East German. They gave life to a creative entry of singers and bands in the decades that followed. The city has a distinctive soundscape that continues to be a fertile and rich base for the musicians.

The colors of Berlin are defined by aspects that range from the city and building lighting systems to the foodie delights to the cultural attractions that are guaranteed to give you an assortment of amusement depending on your preference.
There are wonderful places to hang out with regards to magic. This can include shops, Café, clubs or performing theatres. Examples include the Magic Factory Shop and Zauberkoenig. These have scheduled shows where you are going to get a glimpse of everything that there is to know concerning magical events in Berlin. This can be in the form of packet tricks, super subtle card miracles as well as getting a set of linking rings. There are theatres that feature magicians as well as other similar acts. Here you will be able to see some of the most exiting stage performances in the city.

Nonetheless, when travelling across country borders, you have to make sure that you have a legal passport or ID card which is a requirement by the immigration officers in charge of clearance at the borders. You can get a new passport through applying to the immigrations department in your country of citizenship if you have yet to acquire one. It is also worthwhile to change the currency you have as you will require it on the other side of the border for acquiring a few supplies such as food as well as other necessities that you will need during your tour.

One can use the transport services of National Express which is the leading scheduled Express transport service provider in Europe and the only scheduled coach network in Britain.

What to Eat When Holidaying in Nice


Nice is a popular holiday destination that attracts thousands of visitors from across the globe each and every year. Aside from the shopping and the unquestionable luxury, many of these tourists look to Nice for one main thing: the excellent and varied choice of cuisine. If gastronomy is your passion, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Here, we look at the foods that you should be looking out for when visiting Nice.

The local pie

Nice is well known for its local pie, made from high quality ingredients sourced in the surrounding areas. Pissaladière is the most popular option, made with anchovies and onions, and is usually served with a green side salad or boiled potatoes. It appears on the menu of almost every typically French restaurant, so make sure that you give it a go while you’re visiting. Quite often, it works out cheapest to order as part of the set menu, which will include a dessert or coffee at the end of your meal.

Pastries from local boulangeries

The French take their pastries very seriously, so there is possibly no place in the world that is better for enjoying a coffee and a croissant. Get there early in the day to enjoy the freshly baked produce, and watch the world go by while you enjoy your little treat. Almost every hotel in Nice is just a short walk from a good boulangerie. The sandwiches are often very good too, so they offer a great lunchtime option if you don’t want to go for a long and drawn out meal.

Michelin starred meals

Michelin is the ultimate mark of fine food and high class dining. If you enjoy the finer things in life, make sure that you book a table at one of the Nice restaurants with a Michelin star. Le Chantecler is the only one to gain two stars, and is a favourite amongst the rich and those in the know. It serves traditional French food in sumptuous surroundings, and the service is absolutely excellent. It’s not unusual to spend over 600 Euros on a meal for the family here though, so make sure you take your budget into account before booking!


Whatever your budget and personal tastes, you’ll find some brilliant food in Nice that will leave you wanting to return again and again.

Have you ever visited Nice? What was the best meal you had while you were there?

This article was brought to you by Ruth Richards on behalf of Villa Rivoli. Villa Rivoli is situated in the heart  of the historical town center of Nice, just 100 meters  away from the beaches and the famous Promenade des Anglais.

The Basics Behind the Surfing Community

The Basics Behind the Surfing Community

No matter what part of the world a beach and waves exist in, you will find surfers.  Whether longboarding, short boarding, or body boarding, surfing has a long and proud history, beginning with the Polynesian culture.  Across the world, surfers represent a diverse lifestyle and many participate for different reasons.  Some are recreational while others base their life around it.  They all share one thing in common, and that of course is the waves they ride.  But how do the waves they ride actually form, and how are the waves forecasted.

The beginning of a wave

A surf waves is made up of many different parts ranging many thousands of miles across the ocean.  The process of a wave begins simply with wind.  Wind has three parts which affect the ocean over several miles including the velocity of the wind, the duration of the wind, and the winds fetch, or distance the water blows over.  When these three variables are strong, the ocean creates larger swells for surfers to ride.  In most instances, when the barometric pressure of the air is low, the swells that come into shore are going to be bigger.

How waves break to make that perfect tube to surf

A wave breaks when something obstructs the path of the wave.  It is usually a permanent obstruction such as a coral reef, rock, shoal, or headland that causes it to create the barrel that every surfer is looking for.  The bathymetry of the ocean floor or how deep or shallow the floor is and the angle it rises to shore determines the shape of the wave and how it breaks.  There are several different types of breaks of waves including, “point breaks”, “beach breaks”, “reef breaks”, and “shore breaks”.  Because each location of shore across the world has so many variables, surfing has become a great reason for many people to travel all over to find the perfect break to surf.

Hawaii surfing

Great surfing can be found all over the world.  One of the top destinations to surf however is Hawaii because it offers so much.  Hawaii is the birth ground of longboarding and short boarding and mostly has to do with its world famous tube breaks.  Surfing can be witnessed on every island of Hawaii.  Hawaii is home to some of the most famous surf spots in the world including, most of the North shore of Oahu, Honolua Maui, Hanalei Kauai, and the birth place of modern surfing, Waikiki Honolulu.

7 Amazing Boston Tourist Attractions

7 Amazing Boston Tourist Attractions

Boston is one of the places many people would like to visit in their lifetime due to the much attrition it offers to its guests. There are a number of place you can visit in Boston that will make your holiday interesting. If you are travelling to Boston via air, it is recommended that you enquire from easy jet offices via the easyjet contact details available on their website. They have various packages that you u may find worth considering while travelling to Boston. Below find seven amazing place you might want to visit while in Boston.

1. Museum of fine arts

This museum has some of the ancient pieces of arts, from European as well as American culture. It can be described as one of the places with largest collection of ancient artefacts and contemporary art. They got items from 15th century, which are unique and outstanding. The museum is huge. If you happen to be in Boston on a rainy day, this is one of the places you might want to visit.

2. Boston symphony orchestra
This is one on the places you must visit while in Boston. It is a huge hall in one of the oldest buildings ever. There are performances by various artists and the experience is just out of this world. The performances are carried out by some of the finest Boston musicians and artists.

3. Boston public garden
This is a well designed park, with more than 600 trees species, many beautiful flowers from the trees and it is famous for its attractive swam boats. There are various spots to check out in the garden and the swans and fountain makes it even more attractive. It is a perfect venue for picnic lunch; nature walks as well as relaxation. If you visit this garden at end of May, you will enjoy the best of everything, at this time everything is full blown.

4. Fenway park
It’s one of the oldest baseball league parks. It is located in a small environment that makes you feel like you are actually playing the game. You will enjoy this especially during summer holidays, it’s better than enjoying a beer in a club.

5. Arnold Arboretum
This is one of the huge places you may want to visit; it has 256 acres of land covered with beautiful trees, vines and shrubs. It’s a free park, you don’t have to pay anything even better, it’s very quiet, and had extraordinary combination of fauna and flora. It is a perfect break from the crazy hassle of the town life.

6. Boston harbour national park

This is one of the best places to visit; the national park is made up of 34 islands just offshore. The activities here include, camping, hiking, motor-boat, kayak, fishing and swimming among others. The tourist who visit this site will always remember boston due to the amazing scenes found on the island.

7. Waterfront
There are a series of stylish restaurants, a great walk way as you explore the various scenes on the waterfront. There are many things to see here and some of the best hotels are available here.

How to Deal With Travel Phobia

Phobia is a common psychological problem that we all face. According to a recent stats, there are over 6 million Americans who suffer from some type of phobia. If you research in the internet, you will be amazed at the different phobias prevalent among people.

One of the common names in this category is travel phobia. Many people suffer from a travel fear that gradually converts into a travel phobia. In most cases, people who suffer from travel phobia face difficulty in daily traveling as well. The very mention of the word travel causes nervousness among the phobia sufferers.

Common traits these sufferers face are:

  1. heart palpitation
  2. difficulty in breathing
  3. restiveness

In most cases, these people try to avoid the cause of travel.

If you suffer from a travel phobia, it is important to take effective curative steps to combat it:

  • Discuss your problem with someone in the family.
  • Look for the reason behind the anxiety.

Remember once you recognise the reason of your travel phobia, you can work upon it effectively.

  • Ask questions like -

Do I fear leaving the house?

Do I fear the luggage getting lost?

Do I fear getting injured during travel?

Do I fear getting stranded in the middle of nowhere due to faulty travel arrangement?

Note: hire a good tour operator for your travel. Remember with a good tour operator by your side, you do not have to worry about most travel arrangements. Based on your requirement, they will arrange for package holidays. This is more relevant for those who fear failed travel arrangements.

In addition, understand that small goof-ups are common in any travel. You cannot develop a travel phobia because of these concerns.

  • Prior travel

If possible talk about about your concerns with your family and friends. Discuss your travel plan and make changes if necessary.

Take a lot of time to pack the things. In this way, you can keep all the essential things in the luggage bag. This will save you from the fear that you have missed out on any essential item.

Check your house thoroughly before you leave. This is more relevant for you if you fear leaving your house.

  • During the travel to the destination

Try and keep yourself calm during this time. Do not think about your travel concerns. Rather listen to good music and enjoy your travel.

If possible take a book along with you. This will help you stay engrossed.

Tip: build up a conversation with your companions. Ask them about their itinerary, reason of travel etc.

Note: in case you do not want to interact with others, consider doing breathing exercise. It will have a meditative effect  on your mind. You will feel calm and relaxed. If possible, sleep for a while. This will also keep your mind away from the usual travel concerns.

  • Once you arrive at the destination, clear your mind from any worry. Enjoy your trip and refresh your mind. Once you are nearing to the end of the trip, start packing the things one by one. To be on the safe side, confirm your return flight tickets.