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6 Amazing Destinations In The US That Are Impressive During Any Season

6 Amazing Destinations In The US That Are Impressive During Any Season

Vacationing in your favorite destinations in the United States takes money and a lot of planning. Even then, securing the time off during the months you would like to travel can be difficult. Luckily, there are a number of scenic locations throughout the country that are great for vacationing regardless of the time of year you choose to visit.

Florida Everglades

Within the country’s largest subtropical reserve you can find everything from alligators to pythons to endangered species such as the Florida manatee. Filled with local plants and animals, the Everglades combines Caribbean conditions with North American wildlife to create an ecosystem that operates independently of its surroundings with temperate conditions year round. The Everglades National Park itself consists of almost 1.5 million acres of protected land for visitors to explore. Lucky explorers may even catch sight of the rare Florida panther.


Located at the coast of Maine, Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful and oldest areas in the country. The coastal islands hold a multitude of plants and animals that thrive regardless of the time of year, while the nearby mountain is the tallest of its kind on the U.S. Atlantic coast. With various opportunities for hiking, biking or camping in this scenic location, Acadia remains one of the greatest areas to visit east of the Mississippi.

Redwood Forest

Though the term redwood is mostly associated with the tallest and oldest trees on the planet, the California native plants are also part of a larger park known as the Redwood Forest. Aside from the trees, Redwood Forest is also home to numerous wild rivers, oak woodlands and prairies. The nearby Pacific Ocean serves as a scenic backdrop to this area, which remains at a cool temperature year round.

Mammoth Cave

Nestled deep in Kentucky’s hills, Mammoth Cave stands as one of the few underground national parks in the country. The world’s longest human-explored cave system runs 400 miles beneath the surface, with five levels mapped out to date. With regular tours year round and no seasons 200 feet underground, Mammoth Cave National Park remains a great choice for any vacation.

Bryce Canyon

Home to some of the most beautiful hiking and biking trails in the world, Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park carries a variety of terrains including everything from flatlands to slot canyons. Whether visiting to hike for a few hours or camp for a few days, there is more than enough scenery in Bryce Canyon to captivate you for the duration of your stay. Guided tours allow for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in wintertime, while jeep and helicopter tours are available throughout the year making Bryce Canyon a premium destination no matter the season. Because of all the yearly activities and places to see, Bryce Canyon, Utah is a great destination for any season.

Yosemite Valley

There are few scenes as memorable as glimpsing a valley carved millions of years ago by glaciers. The eight mile long Yosemite Valley features ten 500-plus foot high waterfalls, along with 3,000-plus foot walls situated near yellow pine and oak forests. Open meadows on the valley floor round out this scenic location, which holds its beauty throughout the various seasons.

With these ideas, you can have plenty of options to choose from at any time of the year. Planning the perfect getaway can be stressful, but with locations like these, you can be sure to enjoy your visit.

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Ten Places to Visit After Retirement

Ten Places to Visit After Retirement

Are you ready to embrace a healthy and happy retirement? Though it may feel like the end, retirement is actually the beginning of a new life, where you don’t have to worry about time management and taking off work to live your dreams. It’s the perfect opportunity to travel to the places you’ve always wanted to see. These ten spots are great for any retiree looking for relaxation, adventure, and new experiences.


1. Greece

From major cities like Crete and Athens, to picturesque islands like Sartori and Mykonos, you won’t regret visiting any area of this beautiful, historic country.

2. Italy

Venice is a mere boat ride away from Greece, and it’s one of many exciting cities in a vibrant nation filled with great architecture and even better cuisine.


3. The Maldives

If you’ve never traveled to a tropical island paradise before, or even if you have, this idyllic island nation in the Indian Ocean is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


4. Bali

This Indonesian island offers volcanic mountains and coral reefs, and it’s the perfect place to get away if you want to meditate or go on a yoga retreat.


5. Mexico

Mexico is a treasure trove of cities. Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta offer beaches, while cities like Guadalajara offer museums and nightlife galore.


6. Iceland

This breathtaking country is home to whales, ice caves, giant waterfalls, and multicolored mountains. See the Northern Lights on a unique vacation to Reykjavik and beyond.


7. New Zealand

This stunning South Pacific island nation was the last significant land mass to be settled by people. It boasts amazing natural beauty and cities like Auckland and Wellington.


8. Japan

Tokyo is an unmatched wonder, but Osaka and Kyoto are great destinations, as well. Visit shrines, temples, and gardens before you take in the nightlife and fine dining.


9. Morocco

This North African country borders the Sahara Desert, where visitors can ride camels and camp along the dunes. Marrakesh and the famous Casablanca are filled with both modern and traditional architecture, food markets, and local storytellers.


10. Antarctica

For a real adventure, visit the world’s most remote continent. The sunshine lasts 24 hours in the summer, and tourists stay on ships where they can watch the migratory penguins and majestic South Pole landscape.


After your travels you may be ready for retiring in Sandy Springs and finding the right retirement home for you. However, make the most of your new-found time by taking an extraordinary trip. Retirement is the right time to create new memories.

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Top Five Honeymoon Vacation Spots

Top Five Honeymoon Vacation Spots

Newlyweds who want to enjoy a romantic honeymoon can choose from several desirable destinations. Many of the best honeymoon destinations give couples the opportunity to spend some quality time together while engaging in a variety of enjoyable activities. These five locations are among the top spots for honeymoon vacations.


Bora Bora

This French Polynesian island is often a popular location for honeymooners who want to celebrate their love for one another in a tropical setting. Local resorts allow couples to stay in private bungalows for a very reasonable price. Scuba diving and snorkeling are among the top activities to enjoy. The island’s plentiful coconut trees, lush tropical forest and beautiful lagoon further enhance its appeal.



One of Hawaii’s premier islands, this destination is another great option for any couple who wants to enjoy a honeymoon in a tropical environment. In addition to surfing and snorkeling, visitors looking for some aquatic fun can try windsurfing and kiteboarding. Couples can also enjoy the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that make this island an even more spectacular destination.


Las Vegas

Couples who are looking for some additional excitement can venture to this entertainment capital. The local casinos contain a multitude of slot machines and table games that allow gamblers to try their luck. Live entertainment shows featuring magic, music and acrobatic acts can make any honeymoon even more memorable. The swimming pools located on the grounds of the city’s top resorts are great places for couples to enjoy some relaxation and fun in the sun.



Long known for being one of the world’s top cities for lovers, Paris offers honeymooners the chance to create memorable experiences while bonding. May of the city’s streets are lined with romantic sidewalk cafes. Notable attractions include the Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral and the basilica known as Sacré-Cœur. Of course, no visit to Paris would be complete without spending time at the Eiffel Tower. Taxi cabs that are available throughout the city can safely take couples to wherever they need to go. Taxi cabs like Yellow Cab can be a great way to get around in most any popular tourist city.



Couples can learn about some of the finest aspects of Italian culture while honeymooning in this city in Northern Italy. Milan is particularly known for its cutting-edge fashion scene and historically significant buildings. The Milan Cathedral, Sforza Castle and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II are just a few of the famous landmarks that make this city even more special.


The world’s leading honeymoon destinations are perfect for newlywed couples who want to establish an even stronger connection while seeing a different side of life. Taking a trip to any of these destinations can help couples create special memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Travel for a Living: 4 Keys to Wandering the World as Your Occupation


Two weeks of vacation just isn’t enough. What if you could get paid to travel the world? You could spend your time wandering foreign, exotic cities and earning a paycheck at the same time. While it may seem like a pipe dream, thousands of people make a living doing just that. Here’s how.

1. Find a Location Independent Job

The first key to earning a living on the road is finding a job that can be done from anywhere in the globe. In the modern world, this most likely involves working online in some aspect. You could work as a freelance designer, writer, or in some other capacity. You could also perform consultation work over the phone. Explore the skills you already possess and think about any that could translate to the internet; if you find a skill that could possibly earn an income while traveling, think about how you can apply it.

2. Become a Travel Agent

If you aren’t interested in pursuing your current career any longer, consider becoming a travel agent. Not only do you become an expert on the various destinations you may visit, but you also get the chance to arrange vacations for other people, giving them the experience of a lifetime. When you know all of the secret locations, you can let travelers in on destination tips they may never have known otherwise. If you’re interested in career as a travel agent, Gateway Travel and similar organizations can help you get started.

3. Dedication

The one aspect of working abroad that isn’t talked about often is the amount of discipline required. You have to want it more than anything else. Because you don’t have a boss hanging over your shoulder, pushing you to work even when you don’t feel like it, it can be tough to finish all of the chores you need to finish.

The reason many people fail to work from home is because there are too many distractions; they don’t know how to isolate themselves and focus solely on what they need to do. Staying inside and working when you can hear a street festival right outside your window can be difficult to do, but it’s a necessary part of the life.

4. Find Work at Your Destination

Maybe you don’t necessarily want to work online. The good news is this: most anywhere in the world, you can find work as a teacher. As long as you have a few basic certifications (that can be acquired online), you can teach English as a second language. And because there is such a high demand for English as a language, teachers are needed in almost every non-English speaking country across the globe. Southeast Asia is the easiest place for beginning teachers to get their start.

By taking the right steps, you can work while you travel the world. If you are constantly bitten by the travel bug, you may want to merge your profession with your passion.

Travel Is For Everyone: How to See the World on a Shoestring Budget

Travel Is For Everyone - How to See the World on a Shoestring Budget

Traveling encompasses so much more than just flying or driving to a new place. It is experiencing cultures, eating new foods and getting to know new people. Traveling isn’t just for the upper class or retired people. It can be for everyone, even if you’re working with a shoestring budget. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Budget for It

There is a saying, “Show me where you spend your money and I’ll show you what your priorities are.” If traveling is a deep desire, budgeting is necessary. Break the money you will need up over 6 months – 1 year and save the money each month. Pick up a side gig that can be done at night from home, sell some things lying around or even take on another job. Another option is to cut back spending in other areas. Make coffee at home instead of buying it at a coffee shop and most of all cut down unnecessary spending.

Sign Up for Credit Cards

There are a lot of credit cards available that will earn miles for every purchase. There are some with annual fees and others that will earn double points on certain purchases or during a certain time period. Usually the miles are awarded after the first purchase or after the first so many dollars spent. Extra tip: there are some sites that you can complete surveys in exchange for frequent flier miles that are awarded immediately after completion.

Housing Options

If there is a strict budget for travel, five star hotels are out of the price range. However, that does not mean travel is impossible. With the new websites and travel accommodations that are available across the world, a nice place to stay is attainable. For example, you can save on lodging across America by using Red Roof Inn coupons from There are also hostels available in most popular cities. When deciding where to stay, keep in mind it is just a place to sleep. Traveling is for exploring, not for having a luxurious room to sleep in.

If traveling is a desire or a dream, start planning how to accomplish it! Prepare a budget and save the money necessary, look into ways to earn free plane tickets or food and look into creative places to stay instead of chain hotels. Most of all, enjoy every minute of the travel. They are memories that will not be forgotten!

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How to Make Your New York Trip Unforgettable

How to Make Your New York Trip Unforgettable

New York City is exploding with traditional tourist stops, historical markers, and timeless events. But to truly experience the depth of this city, consider going off the beaten path. Not only will you beat the crowds, but you’re going to experience a side of NYC that only the locals see.

Governor’s Island

Governor’s Island used to be a military base, but it’s been saved from deterioration and turned into a public park. It’s a five-minute ferry ride from Manhattan, and it’s the perfect place to sprawl on massive green lawns (sans the crowds of Central Park) and soak in the history of the island by way of the preserved historic mansions. You’re also treated to killer views of the Statue of Liberty without masses of people! Pay attention to their calendar of events so you don’t miss things like the summer Jazz Age lawn party and food truck rotations.

The Tenement Museum

The era of tenements is an overlooked part of New York City’s history, but this museum is keeping it alive. The building was an actual tenement, and the organization running the museum painstakingly researched the families that lived here. The apartments are decorated to depict how the tenants lived at the time, and the exhibits and guided tours tell you about the fascinating lives these families lived. The house has no elevators, so tours cannot accommodate wheelchairs or strollers.

Fort Greene Flea

Mingle with actual locals at this hip Brooklyn flea market instead of swanky Manhattan bars. You’ll get to see what NYC is made of with a variety of handcrafted goods and locally owned businesses. Plan accordingly on the weekends, especially if you’re taking part in any sort of city tour like Open Look New York. Saturday markets offer the best shopping opportunities and you can end your shopping spree at the General Greene where you can indulge on local fare. Sundays have the Smorgasburg, a lineup of over 100 local food trucks that gather along the river and offer plenty of goodies as well as epic skyline views.

McSorley’s Old Ale House

This itty bitty pub claims the title of NYC’s oldest continually operated saloon. The bar serves up a great pint, but it’s the history that will really get you. Old photographs line the walls, and dried-up wishbones left by soldiers heading off to war are scattered throughout the building. The secret is out with locals on this one, so expect heavy crowds if you go in the evening. Try to go in the afternoon to snag a table, and remember the pub only accepts cash and their food offerings are minimal.

New York City has endless sightseeing possibilities! Remember you’re going to get more deeply into the heart of the city if you manage to make it off the well-traveled trail and go where the locals go.

6 Fun Destinations For Your Next Road Trip

6 Fun Destinations For Your Next Road Trip

There are numerous road trip destinations throughout the U.S., but finding a place that has it all can be a bit tricky. If you don’t pick the right destination, you could end up on a pretty boring vacation. These six destinations are sure to please.

1. Colorado

If you’ve never been to Colorado before, you’re in for a surprise. This part of the country served as the inspiration for “America the Beautiful,” and it’s no wonder. This is one of the most gorgeous states in the U.S. If you and your traveling companions love the outdoors, Colorado is the place for you.

2. San Diego

San Diego is one of the most visited places in California. View the whole city by driving up the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial. You can take in the sun at La Jolla Cove, or visit Viejas for a fun night out. When you’re ready to leave, you can’t beat the view of the coast as you ride to San Francisco.

3. New Orleans

This one-of-a-kind city is one of the oldest in the United States. The architecture will impress you and you can’t beat the delicious Creole and Cajun cuisines. Music lovers will be able to listen to the best jazz they’ve ever heard. For a truly wild time, go there during Mardi Gras.

4. Chicago

If you love urban settings, don’t skip Chicago. Check out the cityscape from the John Hancock Observatory and then have lunch at Charlie Trotters. Stroll along Lake Michigan and take in a show at night. Chicago is full of culture, so there’s plenty to keep you busy.

5. Boston

Massachusetts’ most popular city has a great mix of culture and history. There are world-class museums, concerts and plays, baseball games and the Freedom Trail, just to name a few. Take a Duck Boat Tour to squeeze a bunch of sightseeing in at once.

6. Las Vegas

There isn’t many destination that are more fun than Vegas. Even if you’re not a gambler, Vegas has a million things to keep you entertained. The hotels and casinos are so gorgeous you’ll spend a lot of time just looking around. There are also plenty of places to eat and shop, plus numerous shows to see.

When choosing a road trip destination, make sure there are enough sites and activities to keep you busy for the duration of your time there. Also, if you’re going with a group of people, make sure that the things you choose to do will be appealing to everyone.

Eat at the City in Motion: 4 Top Notch San Diego Eateries

Eat at the City in Motion, 4 Top Notch San Diego Eateries

San Diego has dozens of restaurants and diners located all over the city. There are cuisine options from all over the world to sample because of the diverse culture of the community. For delicious choices when the best is the only thing that will do, experts have listed the following places as four of the best restaurants to try in San Diego.

Bertrand at Mr. A’s

This restaurant is said to have some of the most spectacular views in the city. It is located on the 12th floor where guests can see the San Diego Harbor and Point Loma. Because it is located in downtown San Diego, Bertrand at Mr. A’s offers eye-level views of planes descending into the San Diego International Airport. They also have a patio where diners can sit outside and bask in the view. They offer gourmet American cuisine and have a reputation for exceptional wine selections.

The Grove Steakhouse at Viejas Casino & Resort

The Viejas Grove Steakhouse has won the AAA Four Diamond Award for their outstanding customer service, exquisite meal options, and beautiful decor. They have a private dining room for special occasions and parties. They also have gourmet meal and drink pairings that offer diners select choices handpicked by the staff for exceptional dining.

Mille Fleurs

Mille Fleurs has been known for years as the best restaurant in the Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood. This establishment is a charming hacienda that is a perfect spot for date night or celebrating a romantic milestone. Courtyard dining allows visitors to enjoy the breeze and dine under the stars. They are known for premier service and French dishes that are scrumptious. They even have a piano bar for guests to relax while listening to soothing melodies.

Donovan’s Steak & Chop House

With stunning views and Prime USDA Choice steaks, Donovan’s Steak & Chop House is a luxurious dining option for people in San Diego. Their fresh, classic seafood dishes are some of the best in the area. Donovan’s has also won the Best of Award of Excellence from the Wine Spectator for their fantastic wine selection. Their martinis are a fan favorite of repeat customers.

Whether you live or visit San Diego, there are plenty of marvelous places to dine. You can choose to visit the places for a romantic meal with someone special or to celebrate a new accomplishment. These four restaurants are also excellent places for an everyday meal when you must have the best.

Honeymoon Hot Spots: Five Places You’ll Want to Move to

Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 2

When choosing a vacation destination for your honeymoon, all couples want to find a place that is truly spectacular and allows you both an escape. After the stress of planning your wedding and going through the marriage process, spending some time alone together is the perfect way to start fresh in your new life as a couple. Finding the perfect place that both of you agree on can be daunting, but there are a few honeymoon hot spots that will make for beautiful and memorable locations. You might even find yourself wanting to move in.

Saint Tropez

Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 1
This coastal town is situated on the French Rivera in southeastern France for a city that is known to attract artists. You’ll be able to relax on the beach during the day, while enjoying the busy nightlife in the evenings. You can also take in the beauty of Vieux Port, which is lined with Mediterranean houses and features several cafes where you can dine outdoors near the water.


Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 2
Figi boasts turquoise waters and spectacular mountains views in one of the top locations in the world. It’s one of few places that really feel like paradise. With over 300 islands, Fiji is a great place for adventure and relaxation with serene beaches, snorkeling, and diving.

Florence, Italy

Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 3
Roam the streets of Italy hand in hand for a romantic location that is known for its spectacular architecture and friendly locals. As the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, the city welcomes visitors to explore iconic sites that include the Florence Cathedral and the expansive bell tower. You can even take an exciting bike tour together of Florence for a memorable way to explore the city.


Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 4
A magical destination for a honeymoon due to the beautiful views of the ocean and the whitewash stone homes that cascade down the cliffs, Greece is located in southeastern Europe and is home to several ancient landmarks, which include the Parthenon, Acropolis, and the Temple of Hephaestus. You can also enjoy relaxing on the white sands of Elafonissi Beach or taking a cave swim at Kleftiko Beach.

The Islands of Tahiti

Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 5
As the largest island in French Polynesia, The Islands of Tahiti feature quaint huts that are built above clear water. You’ll be able to visit black-sand beaches, two extinct volcanos, waterfalls, and romantic lagoons to take a dip in.

When planning a honeymoon, don’t be afraid to choose one of the top destinations in the world. These places are all romantic and relaxing, and you’ll be able to explore the city with your spouse and create new memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to look into Fisa Pty Ltd partner visas if you and your new spouse will be staying in a new country for a long period of time. When you choose a place you both agree on, your honeymoon can be the perfect start to a perfect marriage.

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Six Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Forget About When Traveling To A New Place

6 Safety Tips You Shouldn't Forget About When Traveling To A New Place

It can be easy to be excited about traveling to a new area due to the new sites and scenery that you’ll experience. For those who are new travelers, it can be easy to neglect important safety tips when exploring an unfamiliar area due to the thrill of visiting a new place. To protect yourself and your personal belongings, there are a few safety tips to follow while on vacation.

1. Separate Your Money

When traveling to a new city or country, it can be easy to misplace your money or have it stolen when getting around. Separate the money by keeping credit cards and cash in various places to avoid losing all of it at once. Avoid carrying all of it on you at one time.

2. Scan Your Travel Documents

It can be easy to misplace passports or forms of ID as you travel, making it important to have a copy on hand until you return home. Scan all of the documents and email them to yourself to ensure that you can prove your identify and replace the paperwork when returning home.

3. Store Your Valuables in a Safe

Jewelry or valuable items can be stolen by the hotel staff by having access to your room while you’re away. Make it a point to store your valuables in a safe that can only be accessed with a pin number.

4. Research Your Hotel

Doing a little research on hotels before you book them can save you a lot of trouble and discomfort. Even if you are on a strict budget, you can still find quality hotels at a good price. However, even the best hotels may have issues like slippery floors, which can cause injury, and sometimes when this happens, you need to seek the help of professional consultation.

5. Store Your Money in a Sock

Many people make the mistake of storing their money or wallet in their back pocket while traveling. This can make it easy for thieves to pickpocket. Instead, store the cash in your sock or the inside of a jacket, which is more difficult to access and will stay secure when you’re participating in various activities.

6. Avoid Wearing Flashy Items

When traveling to a new country, you’ll make yourself a target to thieves by wearing expensive jewelry or equipment while you’re in public. Avoid drawing attention to yourself with valuable items to ensure that they aren’t stolen.

When traveling to a new location, it’s important to practice certain safety tips to ensure that you protect yourself. It will not only make for a smooth trip but will prevent losing thousands of dollars in personal belongings.