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Best Options For Travel Money Holidaying In Europe


The best options for travel money options while holidaying in Europe will depend on the needs of the traveller. Each traveller should have at least two options available at all times for protection. Most travellers cannot travel to Europe safely without having access to cash and credit. Let’s explore the benefits of five different travel money options.

1. Use Local Currency for Holidaying in Europe

When travelling to Europe, it is important to have at least 100 to 150 Euros. This cash can be used to purchase food in the airport or to hire a cab. Local currency is the easiest way to pay, but it is not always the safest because if it is lost, it cannot be replaced. Keep in mind that the currency exchange rates at the airports are not in the traveller’s favor. It is better to obtain the money from a bank before departing for Europe.

2. Use Traveller’s Cheques for Holidaying in Europe

Though traveller’s cheques are slightly antiquated, they are recommended for travelling abroad to protect funds against theft. If a traveller’s cheque is lost, simply call in the number on the stub, and the money will be restored within 24 to 48 hours. Traveller’s cheques can also be converted into local currency with a signature. This is a convenient process that many travellers find safer than local currency.

3. Use Credit Cards for European Holidaying

Credit cards are universal because they are accepted everywhere. Many traveller’s prefer credit cards for flexibility. Airline tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars can all be charged on credit cards. Meals and cash withdrawals are possible while holidaying in Europe. As long as the limit is high enough, traveller’s can purchase any items and worry about the expenses later. Always check the exchange rate to determine how much higher it will be while travelling in Europe. Exchange rates are typically higher than standard rates, and other fees may also be applicable.

4. Use Cash Machines on European Holidays

Debit cards can help travellers obtain cash when travelling in Europe. It’s best to limit the number of transactions because a fee will be charged when cash is withdrawn. This will keep money safe in a bank account until it is needed. The exchange rate might not be in the traveller’s favor also.

5. Use Prepaid Cards for European Holidaying

Prepaid cards can also offer a certain level of protection from thieves while travelling. These cards can be used in the same way that credit cards are used when travelling abroad. The funds must be loaded onto the card before travellers can access them. There is typically a flat fee for cash withdrawals. With the PIN number, it is difficult for thieves to take advantage of the funds on the card if found.

Choose Two Best Options for Travel Money

Choose two best options for travel money while traveling in Europe. Select the option that is most widely accepted and is safest. With this strategy, travellers will be protected.

Written by Natalie Brooke

Natalie has travelled extensively in the past twelve months to over 30 countries. She uses cash passport cards from Travel Money Oz every time she travels to keep her travel money safe. She prides herself as a thrifty traveller and loves sharing her thrifty practice with her readers.

Enjoy An Exhilarating Skiing Holiday In The Picturesque Region Of Abruzzo


If you’re the type of person that prefers “action-packed” rather than “laze on the beach”, we recommend you certainly need to visit Abruzzo and experience an exhilarating skiing holiday in the picturesque Appenine mountainous region, where beautiful stretches of white beaches are only a short distance away if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

When you think of ski destinations, Abruzzo is a place that probably doesn’t come to mind. In fact, with Abruzzo having a Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic coastline, it’s surprising to hear that the region can also offer an exceptional winter climate. With very few people knowing about the delights on offer, Abruzzo is still relatively undiscovered by tourists and so has been able to maintain its traditional way of life, meaning you will be able to experience skiing in Italy at its very best, at a very reasonable price compared to a similar holiday in the Alps.

The Abruzzo ski season runs from December until April, so whether you prefer an end of year winter getaway or a stress relieving spring break, renting a luxury Villa Ducale villa and skiing in the picturesque Abruzzo is the ideal way to spend your holiday. And with the Appenine mountains bringing in heavy snowfall, more snow than even the Alps some years, the ski resorts are truly impressive; miles and miles of beautiful, thick white snow. A magnificent winter wonderland.

There are many ski resorts to choose from in Abruzzo, with the most popular ones being Roccaraso, Campo Felice and Campo Imperatore – all a short distance away from Villa Ducale accommodation.

A wide selection of ski trails are available, around 170 in fact, which include both downhill and cross-country circuits, and from gentle plateaus to a more steeper run. So whether you’re a skiing novice and have little experience on the snow or an expert wanting a challenge, there is a ski trail prefect for you. You can also arrange skiing lessons with an expert to brush up on your skiing skills and to gain more confidence.

With such a wide variety of ski runs available, and sensational views of the Abruzzo mountainous area that stretch all the way to the Adriatic, we are positive you will want to spend all day, every day on the snow, taking in all the delights Abruzzo has to offer. And as well as skiing, there are other activities you can take part in such as mountain trekking, snowboarding and even dog sledding! So why not try something different that you can’t do back at home, and make the most of your Abruzzo experience?

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two, a fun-filled family holiday that everyone will love – kids, mum and dad alike – or an action-packed break with a group of friends, renting Villa Ducale, a luxury villa, and skiing in the beautiful Abruzzo region will be the holiday you will want to return to again and again.

Andrea has lived in Abruzzo for the greatest part of his life before relocating in UK. Abruzzo is a perfect destination for both your winter and summer holidays. A region with plenty of activities to be done.

4 Travel Trends For 2013

Every year the travel industry sees new trends and fashions. Ways of travelling fall into and out of vogue, and new companies pop up to cater for the new demands. The internet makes it easy for new ideas to spread quickly; whether through friend networks like Facebook or through networks of like-minded people on forums, blogs and other online communities. 2013 promises to have even more innovations and changes with just a few of them outlined below.

Apps, Apps and mobile search

A reduction in the cost of data roaming charges within Europe now means that more and more of us will be using 3G abroad. In the past if you wanted to use the internet whilst travelling you normally had to visit an internet cafe, but this move now means that many of us will be connected to the internet for the majority of our holiday. As such activity planning is more likely to be done on the day, rather than weeks in advance as was the case beforehand.

A Scramble for Hotel Alternatives

Families and larger groups are getting savvier and are already flocking to hotel alternatives such as Trusted Housesitters and AirBnB. Unlike hotels which often charge per person, or only allow a certain number of people in a room, apartments and housesits offer an opportunity to save a considerable amount of money on the cost of accommodation.

Short off-season package holidays

Sites like Groupon and Google Deals now promote an increasing number of all-inclusive or semi-all-inclusive breaks to locations worldwide during the off-season. In the past many of these hotels or resorts would have shut down during this time of year, or at least not expected much interest from tourists. The popularity of deals, vouchers and group buying however means that these hotels and resorts are now able to promote deals that are cheap and interesting enough to gain the attention of holiday makers at a time when things normally would have been very quiet.

Extended, Adventurous Road Trip Holidays

Activities like the Mongol Rally have exploded in popularity in recent years and now more and more of us are spending our holidays behind the wheel of cars, motorbikes and tuk-tuks or sitting comfortably on train journeys across Russia and India. Whereas in the past we used transport as a means of getting to our holiday destination – or at least for getting from the airport to the hotel – more and more of us are now seeing transportation an essential part of the travel experience.

Jamie is a freelance travel journalist based in Dubai.

5 Adventure Gears For Your Next Trekking Trip

Trekking Trip

Despite the advancing spread of the civilized world there are still countless acres of untamed out there, and some people love nothing more than to go trekking through them. This special demographic of people are growing increasingly more popular as more people discover the relaxation that comes with exploring the great outdoors and the majesty that can accompany the untamed wilderness. But it can be quite a chore preparing for a trek, and though you might think you’re already set there are many things you should consider. Here are five adventure gears for your next trekking trip into the wilderness or beyond.

Time Machine

First, something that any trekker should have at all times, even if it is a bit expensive, is a nice wristwatch. But not just any wristwatch; there is a special kind available out there that come loaded with a GPS transmitter in the base. You simply take the knob on the side and pull it all the way out and it begins to transmit an emergency signal from anywhere in the world that will be responded to by nearby rescue personnel regardless of where you are. They might cost a pretty penny, but they are easily worth the money for the peace of mind they offer.

Satellite Phone

That being said, sometimes it’s better to have a bit more communication with the world. Investing into a satellite phone can be well worth the money, as they can work even when cellphones get no reception. Some of the more advanced cellphones on the market today can still work in no reception areas, doubling as a satellite phone for emergency purposes by using their internal GPS. All in all, making sure you have a method of emergency contact is priority number one when trekking into the wilderness.

Multiple Joggers or Runners

One thing to consider for those day trips is actually a piece of equipment used by joggers and runners: a belt that holds many different bubbles of water, made easily accessible by wrapping them around your waist. While it may seem a bit foolish and be mainly for runners, it can provide easy access to water. When trekking through the wilderness it’s important to remain hydrated, and often this could be the difference of digging for a water bottle or simply pulling something off of your belt.

Surplus Water Supply

On this note, there are certain survival supplies that might be useful to pack depending on where your trek is. The human body can survive some time without food, but not very long without water. Having a small pot to boil water in order to clean it in can make a huge difference if you’re out in the wilderness for a long time.

Pocket Knife

And finally, when considering your next trek, consider a nice pocket knife. These are available in all shape and form, but getting a good and reliable blade to take with you can really help in emergency situations, allowing you to create shelter for yourself and obtained the fuel for and create a fire, making a huge difference if you’re lost or alone.

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Michele is a fanatic travel blogger who loves to carry her favourite Adventure Gears while on daring trips across Australia. She buys her adventure gears from, Australia’s leading Website selling Adventure Gears.

Three Historic Fine Dining Experiences in Newcastle.


Customs House Hotel, Newcastle

Custom House Hotel, II

No extra points for working out how this building was used before it became the stylish restaurant of today. It is a beautiful and impressive building with two function rooms upstairs, making it a grand setting for a wedding. The restaurant is intimate but definitely not small. An impressive cedar staircase draws the eyes skyward to the ornate ceilings and the white linen tablecloths sit beautifully against the deep wood features of the room. The veranda, set with small tables, offers a vantage point to view the harbour and impressive courtyard. The furnishings are rich and the menu decadent but not too extravagantly priced. If you aren’t in the mood for a meal the Oyster Bar, within the hotel, is a beautiful setting for some whiskey from the top shelf or fine wine from around the world.

Bacchus Restaurant, Newcastle

On the recommendation of a good friend we booked our airfares to Newcastle and arrived at this beautiful building on the foreshore of Newcastle. We were completely unprepared for the beauty and exquisite detail we were about to be pleasured with. The history of the place initially draws you in, when you understand that it began life as a Methodist Mission and was in turn used to house disembarked soldiers, feed influenza patients in the style of a soup kitchen, as well as host theatrical events including movies and a concert by Dame Nellie Melba. From the street the building oozes character with it’s arched windows and beautiful brick facade. Step inside and the room opens up with high ceilings, chandeliers, walled draped with thick red curtains and a long heavy bar, behind which is a wall full of wine bottles. Dining in this restaurant is like experiencing a piece of theatre. The elegant tables host plates of food that are all amazing artworks in themselves. The smells and tastes are delicious and well schooled wait staff attend to the task of choosing suitable drinks from the international selection on offer.

Lizotte’s Live and Cookin’, Lambton

Another reincarnation of a splendid building, this time King’s Theatre, Newcastle, hosts an intimate restaurant and live music venue. Not so much to look at from the outside, although the outer blue walls are very striking, it is on entry to the restaurant that you realize why it works so well. The luxurious red theatre curtains still frame the stage and as our entree drinks are served we realize that the food and ambiance are preparing us for the main event, which is the music. As a restaurant though, the food is much more than complimentary to the gig. If you choose the dinner and show package you select an entree, main and dessert from the mouth watering selection and it is all gently served with time to spare before the first act. We were wined and dined magnificently and left completely in the right frame of mind to enjoy the music when the artist graced the stage.

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Analiese Long+ enjoys finding great restaurants in her travels all over Australia.

The Five Most Exciting And Affordable Places To Visit in New York

New York

New York

Even its critics will agree that New York isn’t just a great city, but one of the most exciting places on earth. It is the business capital of the United States and home to thousands of deals each day with vast sums of money changing hands. New York is a concrete jungle where life is fast paced with everyone doing their best to maximize their share of the big apple – but it is also an art capital, which has probably influenced the course of contemporary art, music and cinema more than other place. Corporate and money matters aside; the city also has quite a number of exciting attractions that bring in tens of millions of tourists every day and don’t need to cost the earth. Here are five of them.

Madison Square

Situated in Flatiron district, the Madison square holds a lot of historical importance. There are numerous landmarks of historic significance in the vicinity with the most popular one being the Flatiron building. There are also quite a number of amenities in this part of town including hotels, retail outlets, theatres, just to mention a few. In particular, shopping is a favourite activity due to the existence of a wide variety of consumer products in the various retail outlets. The Flatiron building was built in 1902; it is triangular in shape and rises to a height of 21 stories – an impressive sight even for the frequent traveller.

Another popular building is the MetLife Tower which was built in 1909. Standing at 51 stories high, it was the world’s tallest building at the time of its completion; it maintained this title for four years after which the Woolworth Building took over. The famous Madison Square Garden is also located here as well as the Madison Square Park with the latter being a very pleasant place of relaxation. More information on the place is available on the official guide for New York on the Internet.

Central Park

Central Park This may well be one of the most famous parks in the world. When, in 1987, German electronic band Tangerine Dream released their album „Le Parc“, containing nine acoustic portraits of parks, Central Park was naturally included. It’s easy to see why: The Central Park presents an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, which is all the more important in New York, a city which never sleeps. It is a place where everyone can relax under the shade of thousands of trees planted years ago and which also purify the surrounding air. The Park is very big in size covering an area of 843 acres and it is situated right at the heart of Manhattan. There are numerous recreational facilities in Central Park, including lakes, playgrounds, sports fields, just to mention a few. In addition, the Central Park Zoo completes the nature experience courtesy of the various animals found there.

Museum of the City of New York

Located in Fifth Avenue, this is where the present, past and future aspects of New York converge. The building housing the Museum is itself an architectural marvel. There are more than one and a half million pieces in this museum all of which have a relation to New York including sculptures, images, artwork among other things. All manner of topics are covered with regard to the objects found here for example trade, architecture and many more. If you’re one of those Europeans who, just like me, thought that America and its big cities were a country without any history to speak of, this incredible museum will prove you wrong. At $10 per adult visitor, the entrance fee isn’t particularly cheap – but more than fair, considering the size of the collection and the free wifi-access throughout the entire building.

Statue of Liberty

Statue Of LibertyThis is another New York Landmark that is very well known the world over. Despite its humongous size, the Statue of Liberty was not actually constructed in New York; every piece of it was made in the French capital of Paris by Gustave Eiffel who also happens to be the man behind the Eiffel tower. Understandably, it was also Eiffel’s most demanding and ambitious project: Constructing this masterpiece took almost a whole decade and when completed, it was shipped to the USA as a present for its 100 years of independence. The Island on which the statue sits is known as Liberty Island and millions of tourists make their way here every year to explore it. From the top, the statue offers a great view of the city – the best, in fact, as some will claim.

Carl Schurz Park

According to highly recommended website A view on cities , Carl Schurz Park is not as big as Central Park. But it is quite a fascinating place to visit nonetheless. It covers an area of 15 acres and has been redesigned and re-landscaped a number of times since its inception in 1876. It is a great place for taking strolls, walking the dog among other pleasant activities. Located here is The Gracie Mansion which was constructed more than 200 years ago; it happens to be the Mayor’s official residence. Peter Pan’s statue is also found here in addition to hockey facilities which are at times used for concerts and movies.

As you may have gathered, many of the locations mentioned in this article are either inexpensive or entirely free. And yet, even by selecting cheap destinations, you will nonetheless need to spend some money eventually. To reduce your costs and improve your currency safety, you should consider getting yourself a currency card – which is essentially a prepaid card, which fixes the foreign exchange rate. This way, you can prevent nasty surprises – and turn your attention entirely on what may well be the most exciting city on the planet.

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Gavin Whittaker is an independent journalist specialising in the field of international finance. Respected and appreciated for his consumer-friendly attitude and accessible writing style, he has contributed to a many different online magazines and finance blogs.

The Most Relaxing Spots in Australia


Australia is one of the most luxurious and ecologically diverse countries in the world. The Red Continent is home to golden sandy beaches, ranches and tropical rainforests and the Australian landscape has a gorgeous casket of wonders waiting to be uncovered.

With regular flights to Australia pouring into Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth every hour of the week, there will always be a steady stream of visitors coming to Oz. Some of the most relaxing spots in Australia include Rarotonga Island and Cook Islands.

Cook IslandsRepresenting a tranquil dream for castaway lovers, the islands are remarkably unspoilt and offer a picturesque guide to Australia. With their lush cream beaches and turquoise seas, the virginal landscape is a joy to behold. Muri beach is widely considered to be jewel in the Cook Islands crown and represents a honeymoon dream for anyone prepared to splash out for a sweet taste of paradise.

Oz is a paradise waiting to be discovered and the country is home to some of the most luxurious spa homes in the world. Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa (Daylesford, Victoria) is an iconic bath house that has been welcoming visitors since 1895. Perfect for anyone wanting to relax on holiday, tourists booking flights to Australia are strongly encouraged to enjoy the country’s spa mineral waters.

Visitors who take a spa holiday can bask in the traditional communal bathing pools, salt therapy pools and aroma steam rooms before trying a facial, massage or wrap treatment. Other notable spa locations include Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge in Tasmania and Silky Oaks Lodge, which situated in Daintree (Queensland) and they provide relaxing services inside a lush tropical garden.

When booking flights to Australia it is important to remember the country provides some of the finest wines in the world. One of the country’s premiere vineyard destinations is Seppeltsfield Cottage and this popular holiday home is nestled deep inside the heart of a picturesque Barossa vineyard in southern Australia. Offering a log cabin, barbeque, vineyard views and a massive king-sized bed, there is nowhere better in Australia to relax than Seppeltsfield Cottage. While relaxing in a spa, beach or vineyard might sound like paradise to some people, anyone booking flights to Australia might want to sail away from the country altogether.

Holiday makers should try and embrace the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland. Allowing guests to relax in style, they can sail away from dry land in what can only be described as a beautiful episode of escapism. Consisting of only 74 islands, the holiday destination is a truly idyllic paradise and visitors can enjoy a spot of snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving. Situated in the heart of the barrier reef, it’s an idyllic place to visit.

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Bill Weston is a travel writer who has been around the world and has a lot of experience with regular flights to Australia