Keeping a travel dairy is presently viewed as an outdated way of collecting memories particularly with the invention of internet where you can write a blog, post quotes and photos on social media as well as email your contemplation to your friends and family. If great men such as Benjamin Franklin and Charles Darwin considered it important to own a travel journal then you too also should put the idea into consideration. There are lots of reasons as to why you should keep a travel journal. Some of which include:

1) Helps to express your thoughts and feelings
There is no perfect friend like a dairy. It never talks back to you or judges you. This gives you room to look deeply at yourself, your actions and feelings in a different manner. When you are on the road, you will experience every kind of emotion from happy to homesick, exhilarated to lonely, curious to tire and this is when a travel journal comes in handy.

2) Allows you to share your travel experience
Keeping a travel dairy also allows you to put down in black and white the new things you have experienced, the stuffs that drive you insane as well as those that excite you. You can use travel journal to share your journey experience with your loved ones back home upon your return or with a new acquaintance met along the way. However, your dairy can be private and discrete if you prefer to be a recipient of your own imagination and dreams.

3) Perfect tool for recapturing the moment
Writing a travel journal helps to remember the expedition episodes. Keeping a dairy for travelling purpose is an ideal way of recording something you would want to remember in the years to come. It allows you to recapture the moment later. As it often happens, you may not be able to complete all the tasks at a particular time and this is when a travel dairy becomes your saviour. You can put the task down on paper, for instance, like to visit a certain tourist attraction, and then at your free time you can review your journal and deal with pending tasks.

4) Engages your mind
Keeping a travel dairy promotes reflection and engagement. Putting down in writing your emotions, thoughts, discoveries and ideas engages your creative brains. It is impossible to optimize your mind without thinking. The art of writing down what you encounter during your excursion enables you to perform a diagnosis on your weak and strong areas with the aim of doing an adjustment where necessary. This in the long run will help you meet your objectives every time you set out to change environment or set out for a vacation.

Travel dairy can be applied to any tour destination including Sri Lanka. The Hill country glowing with its tea plantations is worth capturing in your travel journal.

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