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Most beautiful cycling routes in Australia


Australia is indeed a land of many riches among which, some of the most beautiful cycling routes in the entire world. Both Australian roads and Australian landscapes are simply ideal for a lengthy excursion on your bike. Furthermore, the weather of this amazing continent is quite favorable for this sport which is why Australia has one of the greatest cycling communities in the world. Here are some of the favorite routes of Australian cyclists.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Any decent bucket list cannot be complete without visiting The Great Ocean Road at least once in your lifetime. Even though some people constantly stand amazed at the creation of man just one look at these incredible landscapes will be more than enough to prove them nothing in the face of the force of nature. A rich tapestry of life that can be seen here is simply amazing since this route consists of everything from seaside towns and dairy farms to wild rainforests beaming with all sorts of life. All else pales, in comparison to the dazzling beauty of these natural riches of Victoria.


Temperate climate of this part of Australia is simply perfect for cycling. One more thing, this region represents a perfect combination between the first world touristic destination and a primal beauty of the newly discovered world. In other words, even though here you can see the most amazing wildlife, you also travel on some of the most quality roads in the world. These two notions are truly not one would expect to see in one place.

The Gap to Mt Glorious via Mt Nebo, Queensland

Now for some of the most daring and adventure craving cyclists there is nothing that could top The Gap to Mt Glorious via Mt Nebo, Queensland. Even though its beauty is in no way inferior even to The Great Ocean Road, the most curious thing about this bike track is that is quite difficult to handle indeed.
Unfortunately, this would have to exclude all but the most physically ready and experienced cyclist. That is, unless you are willing to get an electric bike. Not only would this allow one to enjoy this incredible bike route but also to go there without worries whether or not they will be able to carry on once they get tired. Your safest bet for getting a bike of an adequate quality would be from electric bikes retailers based in Australia.

Sydney and Blue Mountains, New South Wales

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Seeing how Sydney is the largest and most recognizable city in whole of Australia it is an obvious Touristic choice for tourists from all over the world. However, what most people don’t know about it is that it has some of the best places for urban cycling in the world. Entire city is incredibly bike friendly, but if you still don’t feel like going for a ride around such a crowded and hectic place you can always take a tour around Blue Mountains. Known as one of the most incredible places in whole of Australia, this is just yet another of this continent’s incredible natural landmarks that you simply cannot afford not to visit.

There is nothing better than using your tour to see new places, witness new sights and expand your horizons. Still, if you want to break the common practice on going on same old, organized tours, you can come up with a plan of your own. Set your own destination and most important of all, plan your own mean of commute. If you ever wanted to go on a bike tour and visit some incredible landscapes, than Australia might be the place where your dream is going to come true. The world is your oyster!

Photo credit for featured image: By Jesse Millan from Portland, U.S and A (4:23) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Beaches in Sydney


Australia’s favorite pastime is surfing. Sweeney Report claimed that there are two and a half million surfers in Australia (Andrew Start for, 2010). This means that all those amazing and wonderful beaches in Australia are packed with people. The beaches are big and long, so even though it is crowded, it is never too busy so that you cannot enjoy your stay there. Here are some of the most interesting and most famous beaches that you may want to check out while in Sydney.

The Big Bondi Beach

This is not only one of the most famous beaches in Australia, it is one of the most famous beaches in the world. For those that love the outdoor sports, especially beach volleyball, visiting Bondi will be a real treat. This is where the court for the beach volleyball for the Olympics 2000 was erected and it is still there. You will have the chance to play on that very court. The usual swimming, surfing and sunbaking activities are always available. If you get up really early, you will see a different face of Bondi. A lot of people come to jog, swim or do some other sort of exercise before going to work. On Sundays, you can even check out the Bondi Market that is always busy and fun.

The Families’ Favorite Coogee

There are many amazing activities that make this beach a perfect beach for families. The first are the great natural and artificial sea pools where kids can freely swim and have fun. Another thing are the many rides and activities for kids. There is also a free petting zoo for kids. On the top of all that, there is a Coogee Family Fun Day where everything gets turned into fun for families. Besides being the place where families and surfers have all the fun, sunsets are amazing at here and Coogee makes a very romantic place for couples and those long walks.

The Hidden Long Beach and Fisherman’s Beach

long reef golf club
For those that want something far more romantic, you need to go and find the Long Beach and the Fisherman’s Beach. These romantic and secluded beaches make perfect beach wedding venues in Sydney. They are small and secluded, but they have amazing views and they give you the privacy that you cannot get on the big beaches around Sydney.

The Amazing Manly

Manly is also one of the most well-known beaches in the entire Australia that is busy with people during the night and the day. The outdoor activities of all sorts are available, as well as many cafes, bars, food stands and restaurants. For something really amazing and unique, you will need to make a move from the crowd and go toward the great North Head. It is a nice walk and not a short one, but it pays off. North Head is one of the best whale spotting places there are. If you do not want to walk, find some of the whale watching tours that guarantee that you will spot the whales. It is remarkable experience.

Needless to say, the majority of beaches in Australia are perfect for one or another type of surfing. On most of them, you can go swimming and you can dive. However, after a day or two, you will be compelled to search the surrounding and find other ways to enjoy these places, as well. Luckily, these amazing beaches have a lot to offer.

Featured photo credit: By Adam.J.W.C. (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Places in Sydney that Guarantee Perfect Romantic Moments


When the great Harbor Bridge was built, who would have thought that it would inspire people to be romantic so much? According to Daily Mail article from September 2014, Harbor Bridge has been a place of over 4000 reported proposals. This puts it into the very top of the most romantic places. However, this is far from being the only romantic place in Sydney. There is a lot to see and do if you are a couple looking for some nice time together.

Botanical Garden

The diversity of different parts of the garden will make the whole day of exploring its magical corners a real thrill, perfect for couples. It is not just about the nicely cut grass and lovely looking trees. The garden itself has different areas with different types of plants. This means that the atmosphere and the vibe of those spots is unique and charming. Moreover, you can get a nice view of the Sydney Harbour in the back if you want to catch the famous landmark while the sun is setting and the two of you are having a nice picnic.

Luna Park

This park is full of awesome rides and attractions that can make your romantic day unforgettable and packed with adrenaline. Scientists say that a certain amount of fear increases the need to hug and kiss. What better and more fun way to do this, then to get into the Luna Park and try all those crazy rides. Besides, there is nothing as cute as your man winning a teddy bear prize for you.


If you choose a cruise for your romantic day in Sydney, you will experience all that this great city is about: water, sky and a beautiful coastline. The cruises usually go pass the most important landmarks in different parts of the day. You will be able to see tons of places and fantasize about that perfect wedding photography in Sydney. Many cruise captains offer a nice meal for two on the deck or in some of the lovely harbors. Either way, this is the perfect way to spend a day with your loved one.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is in the Darling Harbor and it is a symbol of friendship between two cities: Sydney and Guangzhuo. This combination of the ancient Chinese culture of the relationship with nature with the high Sydney buildings in the background perfectly reflects the unity of two different spirits. That just might be a perfect metaphor of some couples. This makes it a great spot for a proposal, as well. A nice day of walking along the diligently organized garden is a memorable experience for couples.

Balloon Ride

Flying over the wonderful Sydney and many other places along the way is among the most romantic things that you can do. The adventure and the adrenalin spice up the entire experience. That kind of happiness is genuine. Holding hands while observing the skyline and the entire city below you is definitely among the most romantic things you can do with your time.

Experiencing the city together is a great idea on its own. With the love of your life, even a simple walk down one of the streets is enough to make the day special. However, when you spice that together-time by organizing a day at some of these great spots, the whole experience is even more magical.

Photo credit for featured image: By Diliff (taken by Diliff) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (

Stay healthy on vacation

Although you may not be thinking about your health when the pre-vacation euphoria shakes your mind, staying healthy on your vacation is what makes the difference between an ideal holiday and the one ruined by fever and flu. As a pretty experienced and passionate traveller, I have discovered several tricks which helped me maintain great health during my stays on various worlds’ destinations, and I want to share them with all journey addicts and all others who enjoy being on the road:

  1. Do your research  (in case of vaccinations)

I know how it’s exciting when you book a hotel in exotic Thailand, which is an immensely interesting country, but it’s also a place where you can catch anything from malaria to pretty serious Japanese encephalitis.  That’s why you should give your excitement a break for a while and do some research in order to discover vaccinations you may need before you jump on the plane.
For the most destinations you’ll need routine vaccines, such as varicella vaccine and flu shot, but some countries (especially tropical ones) require special vaccinations due to the risk of some diseases. If you’re going to India you should get vaccinated against Hepatitis A, since India is the place where you can get this easily through contaminated water or food.

  1. Enjoy the food but don’t exaggerate

It’s reasonable to enjoy the local cuisine on your vacation, but ordering every single delicacy from the menu can bring you nausea and fat deposits on your hips, which is not so perfect vacation scenario. So, try to balance your diet on vacation by trying healthier versions of new foods.

  1. Dedicate some time to exercising

Even though your vacation is your time to relax or simply do nothing, physical activity is one of those things which will ensure your strong immunity and diminish a chance of being sick.
When I was in Dubai, I found time to attend personal training in Dubai, which not only maintained my body shape, but also improved the ability of my body to resist various diseases. You can use your hotel’s gym, or if you’re not fond of intensive working out, take a long walk along the beach or across the city and finish it with a set of simple exercises.

  1. Hydrate yourself

Lying on the beach or wandering through some giant city is extremely exciting, but also an adventure which requires constant hydration. Thanks to my personal trainers from the gym in Dubai, I’ve learned a lot about the food which can keep me hydrated and what I should eat in general.
Things, such as cucumbers, watermelon, Greek yogurt and Rooibos tea are, according to them, a great way to hydrate yourself apart from water, while ideal diet should include fiber from broccoli, beans, pears, proteins from tuna and chicken and plenty of whole foods.

  1. Try fun activities

This is the area where you can merge pleasure and physical activity, what is especially important for both your mental and physical health. So, if you’re, for instance, travelling to Tahiti, that’s great opportunity to spend time snorkelling, diving or kayaking through lagoons and activate your body.
Explore the area to see what else you can try – perhaps a local dance or thrilling horseback riding along the coast may be your activities of choice.

No matter where you’re going on vacation and how you plan to enjoy there, staying healthy during that time is what guarantees memorable, entertaining and enjoyable moments.