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What makes Mozambique such a great travel destination?


Discovered by Vasco Da Gama back in 1498, Mozambique has over the past decade managed to make a name for itself as one of the world’s top tourist destinations for a number of reasons. With a turbulent history marked by political and social struggles, the African country is a true hotpot of cultural identities and one of the finest tropical destinations for lovers of aquatic fun, powdery beaches and azure ocean waters. Before you start packing your bags, take a quick look at the brief overview of Mozambique’s history, climate, natural attractions and leisure activities: we guarantee you will love every minute spent in this exotic country.

History of Mozambique


In the early 16th century, the Portuguese managed to establish a foothold in Mozambique in terms of administration and trade by creating of prazos (land grants). Although the colonizers saw a gradual expansion of influence in the next few decades, pushing back Muslim Arab slave traders in the coastline areas, the situation began to change toward the end of the 17th century when the Arabs seized Fort Jesus, Mombasa Island.

From that point onwards, the Portuguese slowly shifted administrative powers to major private companies, but the ten-year War of Independence which began in 1964 eventually led to mass Portuguese immigration, declaration of Mozambique independence in 1975 and introduction of one-party system founded on Marxist principles. Nevertheless, the peace was short-lived: two years upon the ending of war for liberation, a civil war ripped the country apart, ultimately resulting in millions of refugees, replacement of Marxist ideologies with capitalism and election of democratic government. In 1995, Mozambique became the first non-British former colony to join the Commonwealth of Nations, and its economy has since been steadily recovering through development of industry and tourism.

Climate of Mozambique


Situated in the tropical belt, Mozambique has a warm climate characterized by ample sunshine and warm temperatures throughout the year. The average temperature in the country is around 82°F, with humid, hot and rainy summer months from October to April and slightly cooler dry season from June to October.

Beaches and natural attractions


With a pristine palm-fringed coastline stretching 2,500 kilometers along the Indian Ocean, Mozambique takes pride in some of Africa’s finest beaches such as Praia de Zalala, Wimbe, Tofo and Bazaruto. In addition to the crystal-clear water and white sandy beaches on the mainland, tourists can also explore the small neighboring islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago, a true tropical paradise still largely untouched by commercial tourism.

Leisure activities in Mozambique


With its warm climate, fascinating beaches, vivid marine life, colorful coral gardens and reefs, underwater caves and wreck sites, Mozambique is a true treat for water sports lovers. One of the best destinations for scuba divers and snorkeling fans, this African country is the best place to go diving after humpback whales, large whale sharks, small-eyed rays and giant manta rays. If you do not have any scuba experience, you can always sign up for a diving course at the spot and experience Mozambique’s impressive water world first-hand with a professional instructor onboard.

Whether you are a lover of historical sites or ocean-borne adventures, Mozambique is definitely a must-see. There is no better place to escape the hectic city life than Mozambique coastline: hot, sunny and teeming with exotic wonders, the African country has everything it takes to make your holiday a tropical dream come true.

If you intend to visit Mozambique any time soon, head over to to get the info on the hottest real estate deals and availability. Explore the picturesque scenery and wildlife, laze around soft, white sands a few feet away from azure ocean waves, sip your Pina Colada in the shade of a palm tree and take a dive into the magical marine world of southern Africa – we promise, a visit to Mozambique is a holiday you will never forget.

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Egypt: Holidaying like a pharaoh

alexandria_coast (revised)

The culture of ancient Egypt continues to amaze scientists, archaeologists and the general public to this day: it was a society known for architectural, astronomical and mathematical proficiency, which built one of the greatest civilizations in the world, and left its indestructible mark on history. Since those ancient times Egypt has changed a great lot, but that mark continues to draw a great number of visitors; tourists, who combine the spectacular sightseeing and exploration of ancient Egypt culture with some amazing summertime resorts.

Mount_Sinai (revised)

Mount Sinai (source:, credit: Berthold Werner)

The main destinations for a relaxing summer vacation are the city of Alexandria and the Sinai Peninsula. Alexandria is actually the most popular summer resorts; its beaches, plus the ancient history exhibited in the city’s museums, make it a charming combination of rest and learning. Sinai takes pride in its natural attractions, such as the rich coral reefs or Mount Sinai. Beach resorts like Taba, Nuweiba or Sharm el-Sheikh, however, are more than ready to welcome those who’d rather spent their holiday sunbathing.

sharm-el-sheikh-beach (revised)
Beach at Sharm el-Sheikh (source:

Since the River Nile was always a focal point around which the life in Egypt revolved, there are many Nile cruises designed to show tourists the life around the mighty river. These cruises vary in routes and length, but most of them last seven nights; the shorter ones usually go from Luxor to Aswan, while the longer ones go all the way north to Dendera. Nile cruises usually consist of many day tours and activities to various locations are a viable option for those with adventurous spirit.

However, if you’re more interested in exploring the ancient temples and ruins, there are several locations you simply must not miss. Twenty kilometers southwest of Cairo lies Giza, with its centuries old historical monuments (some of them among oldest in the world, dating from the 26th century BC). Giza is the focal point of Egyptian tourism thanks to a number of major attractions such as the Great Sphinx and several great pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world (the only one which stands to this day) was the tallest manmade object for more than 3000 years, with the height of 146.5 meters.

Giza-pyramids (revised)
Aerial view of the pyramids of Giza (source:

The city of Luxor is spectacular as well. It’s often nicknamed “the world’s greatest open air museum” since there are numerous ruins, most notably temple complexes, which are surrounded by the modern city. On the other side of the Nile lies the Necropolis, and two valleys which served as burial sites for pharaohs and their wives – the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of Queens, both UNESCO protected World Heritage sites.

Luxor-Temple (revised)
Luxor Temple (source:

Also worth visiting is the Saqqara, a great burial ground which was the necropolis of Memphis, a capital of ancient Egypt. It is located 30 kilometers south of Cairo and it’s the site of the oldest step pyramid in the world and a number of mastabas, flat-roofed tombs which predate the pyramids.

Saqqara-StepPyramidComplex (revised)
Saqqara step pyramid complex (source:

There’s so much culture and history in this transcontinental country that we’ve barely scratched the surface. You can either choose a simple, relaxing holiday in Egypt at one of the summer resorts, or embark on a journey to explore ancient sites which will take your breath away – whichever you choice, you’re going to have the time of your life.

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A Superb Quirimba Hotel and Resort at Vamizi


Do you wish to stay in a heavenly Quirimba Hotel and Resort spotted on an interesting gliding island in the heart of Mozambique’s archipelago locale? Encompassed by delightful flawless shorelines and an ocean so blue it mesmerizes you, Vamizi Island is an exceptionally one of a kind setting made for dream and selective break from the genuine living.

Magnificent in a larger number of faculties than one, this island resort incorporates high up on the rundown of the individuals who think – about unwinding and the indigenous habitat. Flawless kitalisare extremely enormous, conceivably arranged inside delightful surroundings and peculiarity astonishing en-suite bathrooms, informal lodging.

Everything is quality and extraordinary and expert staff grin this while and guarantee your vacation is downright impeccable at this heavenly Quirimbas Island Hotel and Resort. Nourishment is good to the point that you will think that it difficult to eating regimen or to leave – top of the reach gourmet specialists make radiant consumable centerpieces, generally crisp and from the remote ocean!

While on great Vamizi island, you are so confined you feel as though you have the whole island all to yourself. You scarcely see different visitors and you will trust you are on a desert island – with the exception of that the utter extravagance of the offices and fittings remind you that you are for sure in heaven. There is no other better lodging in the Quirimba Archipelago for an occasion totally expelled from everything.

Delight in a delectably made breakfast then use your day strolling around the island, snorkeling and viewing turtles laying their eggs – the ‘Vamizi Island Project’ was made in order to effectively screen the natural life on and around the beautiful island, to teach the group and to guarantee tourism and preservation cooperate.

Diving at the amazing vamizi Island in the Quirimba Archipelago is an uncommon experience on the grounds that Vamizi visitors have the jump destinations all to themselves. Plunges are ultra quick and stunning, with sightings of a wide mixture of marine species in a titan sea aquarium. Jumpers have ensured perspectives of monster potato cod in immense gatherings, snapper and batfish, ash reef sharks, turtles, barracuda and other radiant fish.

Call it a lodging or a resort – it is generally a desert island lodge where great manors house you, body and psyche, for a magnificent few days. This delightful island pulls in guests from over the globe to experience something new, something really and gladly African and something wanton yet characteristic. You are distant from everyone else on an island however encompassed by grand nourishment and offices and things to do – or not do.

Book your little bit of heaven today and you will end up making tracks in an opposite direction from genuine living, only.

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Best Diving in the Quirimbas


Experience the best making the plunge the Quirimbas when you stay at Ibo Island Lodge in Mozambique. The Dive Quirimbas movement focus will cook for all your swooping needs and you will likewise have the capacity to swim with the dolphins, what an approach to support your Mozambique plunging occasion.

Ibo Island and encompasses have some glorious plunge locales that visitors discuss. You can book an arrangement of jumps as a visitor at Ibo Island Lodge, ora portable island jumping swoop safari or a devoted jump bundle or– one of the superlative plunging and exploit encounters in Mozambique!

800px-Parc_Asterix_22 - (Dolphin) - 23 Nov 14

Jumpers need in any event a week to investigate the innumerable swoop locales in this locale of northern Mozambique. Go to Ilha de Mozambique, off the coast at Nacala, and find the suitably named Dugong Dive and Water games Center. You will be taken to a submerged universe of shark, marlin, dolphin, turtle and the humpback whale – and a lot of diversion fish.

At Ibo Island Lodge, the occupant PADI Dive Instructor offers a portion of the best plunging courses to all levels of jumpers. Verifiably the most prevalent swooping at Ibo is at the beacon. This long divider swoop covers a region of 1km2 and peaks incorporate asking mantis shrimp, holy messenger fish, maid angles, monstrous napoleon wrasse, trumpet fish, leaf fish, strip eels and enclosure eels.

Delight in some brilliant shallow plunges at the nineteenth century coal steamer wreck simply north of the sandbar shoreline off Ibo. Take a watercraft out to Matemo and Rolas Islands near Ibo, the phenomenal Zala Banks at Mogundula Island and Cocoons. Take a watercraft to Matemo Island to investigate the celebrated internationally Matemo Channel and Rush Hour for immense schools of diversion fish. Rolas Island, not far away, likewise uncovers shallow coral enclosures for freshman jumpers or submerged photographic artists. Discover the bashful Pipe Fish and Crocodile fish!

800px-Niphates_callista_(Tube_sponge)_with_sea_cucumbers_and_cup_corals  (Reefs) - 23 Nov 14

A portion of the best making the plunge the Quirimbas happens on the reefs at Quilalea Island. From here, you can set out by pontoon to the incredible Saint Lazarus Bank and have room schedule-wise of your existence with 17 swooping destinations available to you.

Many individuals say that the swooping is out of this world at Medjumbe Private Island where untouched coral reefs just can’t be contrasted with other jump locales on the planet. Swoop destinations at Medjumbe are to a great degree ensured and these fall under the private Marine hold that encompasses the island. Stay at Medjumbe to swoop their destinations!

A swooping occasion at Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago is the best thing you could do – loaded with undertaking and differences. All around this island saturated with history, jumpers are dealt with to up to 30m perceivability and warm 28 degree Celsius waters. Contact one of the specialists today to compose your best jump.

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Second image credit: By Arnaud 25 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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Plan a Perfect Trip to South Africa


South Africa is an incredible destination that has so much to offer that one trip does not seem enough. Right from the abundant wildlife to the exhilarating safaris and from the dazzling cities to the welcoming people, South Africa has it all. However, one needs to plan in advance to get the most out of the vacation. Since South Africa is a vast country offering so much to explore, it is always recommended that one must set up an itinerary to enjoy the incredible experience of the country.

The Top Attractions in South Africa

It is not possible to list out all that South Africa has to offer because of the expanse of the country. However here is a list of its top attractions, not in any particular order.

The Unforgettable Safari: there is an abundance of birds, wild life and marine life in South Africa. There are several national parks and grounds abound with these animals and birds. Planning a safari is an inevitable part of any itinerary to South Africa. The safari tours are simply amazing and one must be prepared for it. Some of the popular parks that offer such safaris are the Kruger National Park, Table Mountain, Agulhas, Golden Gate Garden, Groenkloof and Route National Park.

The Garden Route: the best way to experience the local flavor of a place is by road. The Garden Route is one of the most exhilarating drives that mesmerizes all and leaves them speechless. The route lies between the Tsitsikamma Mountains on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. The path highlights plenty of eco tourism activities along the indigenous forests. The place is home to dolphins, seals and beautiful coral reefs. There are golf courses, shopping malls, forests and craft villages along the way.

The Dazzling Cities: while South Africa has an abundance of natural resources and reserves, its cities are abuzz with activities. Johannesburg, Cape Town, Soweto and Durban are some of the known and popular cities of South Africa. There is an active night life, unsurpassed lodging and delicious food at all these places. There are plenty of places to shop and experience the local culture.

Long Beautiful Beaches: there is a beach for any reason and any season in South Africa. Right from some lonely ones to the buzzing ones, the South African beaches are a place for an ultimate experience. Many of the beaches have various water sports. While some are quite beaches pampering the rich marine life of the place, others are abuzz with tourists that throng them day and night. The white sandy beaches provide a pristine view and the best of entertainment.

Museums: for those tourists that are interested in the history of South Africa and wish to know more about it, visiting the various museums can be a good option. Johannesburg has some of the best museums of the country where one can find all sorts of information about the country. The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, located just outside of Johannesburg is home to some of the rarest human ancestor fossils. These fossils account for almost 40% of the total fossils of human ancestors found on the Earth. In addition, the place has a large collection of animal, bird and plant fossils. The Western Cape has an amazing collection of ancient rock art and sand dunes that are not to be found anywhere else. Therefore, a visit to these places must be included in the itinerary to South Africa.

Wine lands: a visit to South Africa without visiting its wine lands is considered incomplete. Therefore every travel plan to the place must include the classic Wine lands of Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek, which form the part of a World Heritage Cultural Landscape. The place is heaven for the tourists that wish to taste authentic wines of the place. There are plenty of delightful restaurants, places to stay and shop, coffee shops and souvenir shops.

The list of attractions, as mentioned earlier is not complete as there are so many things to see and experience in South Africa. A diverse land complete with mountains, beaches, deserts, forests and parks, South Africa mesmerizes all. A visit to the place is sure to leave happy and memorable memories.

Must-see places in Cape Town

Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and every year, thousands of people from the round the globe flock to see the natural marvels of this beautiful South African city. There is so much excitement and adventure in this part of the world that one certainly needs to spend at least a month here to cover at least the top places to go and things to do. Therefore, when visiting here with family, it might be best to rent out a villa or holiday property so that you can relax and enjoy yourself at leisure- having the comfort of home away from home. Here’s a list of a few things you absolutely must see and do when in Cape Town:

  1. Come face to face with a shark at Gansbaii: South Africa is renowned world-over for having one of the most diverse and interesting shark populations. One of the main tourist attractions in the city are the clear waters in which one can find a great variety of rare and exotic wildlife. Cage diving to see the great white shark is an excellent option for those with a strong stomach. The less adventurous can see the shark in a tank instead of themselves being enclosed in a cage at the Two Oceans Aquarium.
  2. Dangle from Table Mountain on a cable car: If you’ve seen any picture postcards of South Africa, you must’ve seen the famous Table Mountains. Aptly named after their shape, the Table Mountains are a gorgeous sight, especially when you get an aerial view of them from inside a cable car. For the more brave-at-heart, you can venture right to the top of Table Mountain, a height of over 110 metres. You can also catch great views from up here of the cities various other attractions.
  3. Shop for beautiful African souvenirs to take home:  When in Africa, be sure to take home some of the most beautiful art and craft pieces you’ll find anywhere in the world. You can go to Greenmarket Square or the Pan African Market to find the best deals and inexpensive goodies which you can stock up on by the dozen.
  4. Eat to your heart’s content: From local delicacies, to the international cuisine of almost any country in the world, Cape Town has some of the best cafes and restaurants in the continent. Some of the more exciting local cuisine includes spongy injeras or the local bread of Ethiopia, braaivelis or barbecues, amangina or chicken legs, and samp and pap which is essentially a local porridge-and-oats sort of meal. Ethiopian food is pretty popular in this part of the world and you can find many cafes and restaurants serving delicacies from this region here.

There’s something for everyone in Cape Town, and one must plan a long trip when coming here so as to fully enjoy its sights and sounds. Renting a villa gives you the luxury of being able to come home after a long day full of excitement and adventure.

Kristen is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as travel, holiday and lifestyle. She holds bachelor’s degree in electronics. Her famous articles includes article on She loves to travel and make new friends.

Volunteering In South Africa

Volunteering in South Africa

South Africa is truly one of the last areas of untamed wilderness remaining on the planet. This stunning destination boasts rugged countryside, extreme weather patterns and of course, fearsome wildlife. As a result volunteering in South Africa is an incredibly attractive proposition, the chance to pitch in and make a genuine difference in a country so spectacular tempts thousands of volunteers to the rainbow nation each year.

Here we take a look at two of the most popular volunteering projects available in South Africa, both on land and at sea.

Kruger National Park

Home to the “Big Five” Kruger National Park boasts a breath-taking array of powerful wild animals, picturesque flora and miles of beautiful countryside. This, unsurprisingly, is a destination visited my thousands of travellers each year.

However Kruger is more than just a location for a luxury South African holiday, it’s a living, breathing conservation project aimed at protecting the environment and those animals that call it home.

Here at Kruger you are offered the chance to experience nature at its wildest. You’ll help out with conservation work in the park, track animals, monitor wildlife populations, take part in small construction projects and help ensure the park is clear and safe for the resident animals (and their human guests).

This project is ideal for those with a true passion for animals. The hours are long and the work is hard however the rewards are plentiful and the chance to see the likes of Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino and Leopard in the wild is something not to be missed.


Great White Shark Conservation

The king of the ocean is a fearsome predator, made famous by countless movies and immortalised in the minds of those who have had the chance to see one in their wild habitat.

However this stunning creature is also one of the most misunderstood and poorly portrayed animals on the planet, only attacking when it feels threatened and not one to actively seek out humans as prey.

Sadly the number of Great Whites in the wild is slowly falling and as a result there are a number of projects underway. In South Africa volunteers work with organisations to learn more about this formidable animal with hopes of eventually increasing its numbers.

You’ll need a steady set of sea legs and must have a true passion for sharks, in return you’re likely to receive the opportunity to partake in cage diving and have the opportunity to see these stunning creatures in their natural home.

Shark - South Africa

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About the Author

Matt Coe is a seasoned traveller with 50 destinations to his name. Matt is also head of marketing at Wanderforth, a luxury tour operator specialising in holidays to South Africa.

Travel Bucket List – America, France, South Africa And Madagascar

We created a bucket list this year and we added a few travel destinations and what we’d like to do there. So we thought we’d share them with the rest of you and we’d like to know what other areas you think we should add to our list.

North America

Ellis Island Tour

 A beautiful museum in America full of history about the cultural diversity between 1892 and 1954. The museum is situated near the Statue of liberty so it will be two birds with one stone for us.

Steamboat Springs Ski Resort

Apparently an amazing place between the Rockies if you’d like to put on the ski’s and ski over fluffy soft snow.

Tornado Springs

Definitely one we’ll try to do as soon as possible. It’s the Tornado tourism adventure. There’s a company that will take you tornado hunting and keep you a safe distance from the tornado so you can view nature doing its work.

Zero Gravity Flights

Near Orlando you’ll find the Kennedy Space Centre where you will be able to experience a zero gravity flight (NASA trains their astronauts in this program as well).


Eiffel Tower

First stop will be the Eiffel tower which is a must for anyone hitting France. We’ll also enjoy some traditional Croissants while drinking some vintage red wine.

Courcheval Snowboard heaven

After experiencing the ski resort in America we’ll head over to the Snowboard resort at Courcheval, where you can jump onto a snowboard and enjoy the powder snow and rolling hills. They also offer chilled champagne and a fun park for the kids (If you take them along of course).

The Chocolate coast

Our next stop will be the chocolate coast which is situate din the Basque country. Hot chocolate has become a fashionable drink in this part of the coast and apparently you’ll get the best tasting hot chocolates in the world here (I have a sweet tooth so this was my choice).

South Africa 

Cape Town

When in Cape Town you have to do as the Capetonians and that means go to the Waterfront to enjoy their culture with street performers, local dishes and good company. After the Waterfront mall, we’re climbing Table Mountain!

Garden Route

The garden route is a lush coastal road filled with many towns along the way. Well make a stop at the Redberry Farm (Quad biking, strawberry picking and more) at George, eat seafood at Knysna and then spend the night in Hartenbos after our Garden Route trip.


Our last stop will be Madagascar as we’ve always wanted to see the diverse species on this small tropical island. My wife has always had an inkling for the Horned Chameleon and I’ve also booked a beautiful cabin on the Nosy Be Island which is the favourite amongst tourist there for its great service and cheap costs.

Patrick and his Wife are eager to go on this trip and they hope you enjoy it as well if you follow their steps. They recommend getting accommodation in Hartenbos since they received great service there!

Morocco tours: Making your vacations magical


Morocco is a land of spices, mosques, beaches, mountains, and so much more. Morocco has a surprise hidden in itself, for those who come to lose themselves. A small country in the North African Continent, Morocco has some of the most gorgeous places with enchanting views. Right from the Atlas Mountain to the beaches, Morocco is truly a gem.

To travel such a place one need a professional guide. They offer you Morocco tours. Everything that Morocco has to offer, the guides help you in getting it. The guided tours are the best way to not see the landscapes of Morocco but also to feel the soul of the beautiful land. A native English speaking guide will be right by your side, helping you all the way to experience the feeling- that is Morocco.

From the aisles of Marakkesh markets, to the picturesque beaches; from the snow clad atlas to the Dades valley, also the amazing and well-known Canary Islands off the coast, the list seems to be endless. Having a native helping hand by your side is always beneficial in many ways. From exploration of landscapes to relishing the mouth watering dishes from Marakkesh market and many more such attractions; we guide you into unraveling the realms of pleasure in Morocco.

There are many tour operators that provide the best guided expedition to Morocco. The right one can help you make your trip to Morocco a magical one. You can easily find the flawless tour operator in Morocco by unveiling the many online websites. Today, one finds innumerable sites that offer detailed information on the beautiful counties of the globe including Morocco.

The guided tours of Morocco are worth exploring since they are assimilated with endless benefits. The most essential factor is that the guide is a traveler’s friend and keeps him or her at much ease by providing the perfect information on what he or she likes to discover. This guide is guaranteed to make the travel of any visitor worthy he or she will strive best to provide the updated and comprehensive information on each point that is unveiled to the travelers.

Cape Town Holidays: The ‘Proteas’ Game Land


Cape Town, one of the major cities in South Africa, this is one big tourist destination in South African soil. The provincial capital of the Western Cape is well known city in every part of the world. Get on Flights to Cape Town and visit this amazing city which is one hot tourist destination on the surface of earth.

Buy Cape Town holiday packages and visit the legislative capital of the South Africa which attracts tourists from around the globe in every season. This incredible city boasts of favorable weather which remains same for most of the time throughout the year as well as beaches in Cape Town that are considered as the collection of finest beaches in on the globe. Almighty has blessed this city with some magnificent natural settings which is certainly capable to steal hearts with a small glimpse and don’t talk about the natural lives this city has. This city consists of some of the rare species of flora & fauna in the world.

Cape Town is located on the banks of Fresh River. The third largest city of South Africa was originally developed by the Dutch East India Company in 1652 as a supply station. Cape Town is the mother city of South Africa for being first developed city in the nation. Even now this is the most developed city of South Africa and being the biggest tourist destination and a major financial hub in nation this city has developed great infrastructure, which contains a great range of luxury and cheap hotels in Cape Town, which provide a wide range for accommodation and promises for great hospitalization.

Cape Town is globally known for its beautiful harbor, biodiversity and various landmarks scattered through the city. Buy cheap Flights to Cape Town from Manchester Airport, UK and visit this sport loving city, which is mad about cricket, soccer and surfing. This city is home for one of the most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world. Cape Town was one of the major hosts of 2010 FIFA World Cup. People from every part of the world see Cape Town as surfing paradise. This city is one sporty land in South Africa.

Buy Cape Town holiday packages to visit this metropolitan, which probably is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, which also known as the “Tavern of the seas”. This city is one major financial hub of South Africa. There are numerous multinational corporations which are using this city as the center of their operations in the continent and beautiful scenic places adds a boost in the number of people to get flights to Cape Town.

Cape Town is one big destination on the globe, it offers myriad of attractions and places to visit and explore, there numerous places in this city to cater both type of visitors who like leisure and visitors who like adventures. Hop on cheap flights deal to Cape Town and visit this African wonder land. While visiting Cape Town you should go for the most amazing and renowned places such as Table Mountain, Boulders Beach, Houses of Parliament, Beta Beach, Iziko Museum, Greenmarket Square, Bo Kaap & District Six, Iziko Planetarium, Tietiesbaai, the National Gallery, Oudekraal, Pan African Market, Smitswinkelbaai, etc.