The Most Undiscovered Beaches in Mauritius

An island of white sand, crystal clear waters and tropical surrounds it’s no surprise that the beaches of Mauritius are a favourite with tourists from around the world.

However, there are still some beaches in Mauritius that, for one reason or another, aren’t frequented by tourists. So where would you go to avoid the crowds and find your own little bit of Indian Ocean paradise?

La Preneuse

La Preneuse Beach is not very well known, hard to reach by public transport and is served only by a smattering of local shops and snack shacks. As a result it tends to be one of the quieter beaches on the island and frequented only by the locals.

It’s for this reason it is one of our favourite beaches, as unlike others it retains the tropical, desert island feel mainly due to the isolation. That’s not to say there aren’t things to do; local skippers will gladly take you out on Dolphin and Whale spotting trips, while the Martello Tower is well worth a visit.

La Prairie

With the breathtaking Le Morne Brabant La Prairie is another beach popular with locals who come to picnic and relax for the day.

The beach is protected by large amounts of coral making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling, not to mention being very child friendly. Known as one of the last undeveloped beach resorts on the island La Prairie is served mainly by mobile food vans so be sure to hire a car and pack a picnic before you go. However if you’re looking for a family friendly beach away from the crowds La Prairie is the place to go.

St Felix

With white sand stretching for 1.5km and warm crystal clear waters St Felix offers ideal conditions for snorkelling and swimming, families will love it too as the water can be as shallow as 1.5 metres in places – ideal for little ones.

Despite its ideal setting, the beach here is never really overcrowded and is ideal if you’re looking for a “getting away from it all” feeling whilst still having food and restroom facilities close by (there are normally several mobile food vendors here in the summer)

Pointe D’esny

A hidden gem (and look may it remain so) Pointe d’esny sits in the south east of the island. With 1km of fine white sand you will normally be one of the only people on the beach. As such most tourists assume the beach is for the private use of the local residents but it is in fact a public beach and is accessed only by a small path situated between two residential properties – hard to find but well worth the effort!

A lack of facilities means you will need to stock up before your journey; there’s not so much as a sign post let alone a food vendor, however this adds to the charm and certainly helps Pointe D’esny remain one of the quietest beaches on the island.

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