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Tour Australian Ghost Towns with Your 4×4


So you bought a brand new four wheel drive and you are eager to test its abilities somewhere? If you happen to live in Australia, we might just have a real treat for you. Touring Australian outback spells great adventure right from the start, but how about spicing things up by revisiting some long gone parts of the history of this great nation?

Australia have always seemed like a paradise for fortune seekers from all around the world, who came in thousands to “the promised land” in order to start a new, better life. Unfortunately, the promises were often broken, especially in the past, while the country was still new and sometimes very hostile towards the newcomers. Entire settlements were abandoned all across the outback as their inhabitants moved on to search for a better place to live. Those settlements exist to this day as ghost towns, attracting tourists in search for a taste of history and adventure. In this article, we will list four Australian ghost towns which are among the most popular ones for 4×4 drivers.  So, prepare your favorite car, equip it with necessary 4×4 accessories for outback rides <>, which can be long and demanding, and let’s go into the adventure!


Mary Kathleen (Mary K)

The location of Mary Kathleen (or Mary K, as it is known by some) has been discovered in the second part of the 19th century by Burke and Wills who travelled through the area on their way to Gulf of Carpentaria. The settlement did not develop until the middle of the 20th century when some significant deposits of Uranium were discovered in the area. The town was bustling with activity for a while, then after the need for Uranium decreased had a decade long hiatus in activity. It reopened in 1974 and had been functioning for around 8 years before it finally closed in 1982.

Today, you are able to visit the Mary Kathleen Memorial Park and Museum in Cloncurry, which is a nearby living settlement and see the old police station which serviced Mary K during its time as well as many other buildings. The ghost town itself consists solely of streets and house remains, but while you are there be sure to check the mine pit which is still accessible.


Duchess is an early 20th century mining settlement which has been long abandoned. Due to the fact that the ore supplies in the region are still being mined, the town still has a working hotel and a train station. Do not hope to reach Duchess by train, though – the train traffic in the area is cargo only. You will need your 4×4 after all.



Shay Gap

Near Marble Bar you can find one more abandoned mining town, Shay Gap. Its short, 30 years long history during the second part of the 20th century is not particularly exciting, however the site and surroundings of the town are still awe-inspiring. Nested between two ranges, the remainings of the town’s layout are still visible, however, that is pretty much everything you can expect to see as far as traces of civilization go.



If you head east of Port Hedland and drive for around 100km, you are going to find the site of Goldsworthy, which used to be a town for miners of the first iron ore mine in the region of Pilbara in the west of the country. Goldsworthy, like Shay Gap, lasted for three decades during the second part of the 20 century, but it is in a slightly better condition now. As a matter of fact, your GPS device might still show its streets. When in Goldsworthy, don’t forget to check the mining pit. It’s flooded now, but still a sight to behold.

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Great tips on how to save your money in Sydney


A few years ago, I went to Sydney to study with my friends. This land has become our second hometown and we love Sydney very much, as there is lots to do and see. We all know that Sydney is one of the world’s most exciting cities, as well as one of the most expensive cities. Nevertheless, that will not stop us from visiting this great city if we are careful with our money. From my experience, living in Sydney for four years, I discovered six excellent ways to discover the city with a very low cost.

Sdyney - 1

1. Sunrise at Bondi Beach

I always found a sunny day to get up early, and bring my lovely pets to go hiking from Bronte Beach to Bondi Beach. From here, we can discover theexhilarating experience of the sunup and enjoy a great day in nature.

Where: Bondi Beach

2. Walk across Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge is fantastic, but sometimes I do not want to pay for the fee to go over the bridge, but no problem! I noticed that the bridge offered a lane for travellers to walk through, starting at the point from The Rocks and ending at Milsons Point. On a very pleasant day, feeling the faint breeze against your face and all the cars whizzing past, you will look down from above and feeling amazing.

Where: Harbour Bridge

Sdyney - 2

3. Picnic at Hyde Park, Sydney

This is one of my favourite all-time nap spots. I choose a  pleasant fall afternoon with some friends, pastry, wine, and music, then head to Hyde Park and camp in the shade of some trees where we will be comfortable and have some protection from the elements.

Where: Hyde Park

4. Hiring a campervan for your transportation

Campervan rental is the most Aussie’s will do when they travel. There are a lot of campervan for-rent services in Sydney‘s central business district and airport. A campervan is better than a car, as it solves your accommodation problem, and will offer your family or friends a more flexible trip.

5. Sunset at Sydney’s Darling Harbour

Nothing can be as perfectly romantic as to end the day with a sunset, especially if you have a nice place and the right person close to you. Sydney has the advantage of the Darling Harbour for a sunset view. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens will be an excellent place, as I have spent many wonderful times with my girlfriends there.

Where: Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Royal Botanic Gardens

6. Nicholson Museum

The last one is inside my great Sydney University. Nicholson Museum isn’t big, but you will find lots inside. Here is the home of collections of cultural relics of Australia. Most of the collections were handpicked by Nicholson, who was the one of the founders of Sydney University. Never underestimate this great place. The reason it is called a museum is because here it unfolds the 150-year history of Australia.

Eye-catching here is the Egyptian mummy! It is free.

Where: Nicholson Museum

Open: Monday to Friday 10:00am – 4:30pm and Saturday 12:00pm – 4:00pm.

There are so many other wonderful places in Sydney where you can enjoy your time. Although I have lived in Sydney for many years, I don’t think I have finished my own tour of Sydney. Maybe you will enjoy these tips and find out more by yourself.

The 10 Things that Thrill Every Tourist in Broadbeach

When in Australia, missing Broadbeach is a near-sin! This growing touristy town is a world in itself – it’s an epicurean’s secret cave that will engulf you with pleasures as soon as you enter. With an impeccable medley of natural beauty and human-made entertainment options, Broadbeach delights you to the hilt, whether you are with your family, friends or lover.

From among numerous serious Broadbeach attractions, we put forth you 10 that will persuade you to include Broadbeach in your to-do travel destinations.

  1. Exhilarating Latin Dancing at “Hooked on Dance”

This Gold Coast attraction gets your feet moving to the spellbinding rhythms of Latin music. It takes social dancing to its jolliest best with a lovely crowd, some excellent instructors, pleasant outdoor ambience, and out-of-the-world music. An evening at Hooked on Dance is like a dream for Latin dancing aficionados with Salsa, Zouk and Bachata all prompting you to put your best foot forward.

  1. Mr. Latin’s Charade of Joy at Bistro Blanc

The fiercely entertaining Mr. Latin performs at Bistro Blanc four days a week from Monday through Thursday. A quick bio for those unaware of the charms of this quaint name: Mr. Latin has been winning laurels for consistently entertaining large scale concerts at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Beverley Hilton Hotel in San Francisco, Hollywood Palerium, Cow Palace, Fairmont Hotel, and The Opera House since the last 15 years. So come and discover the magic of this artiste with the most pleasing accoutrement of fine dining.

  1. Pacific Fair

Over 300 retail stores under a roof, all bearing the best offerings of their brands or designers are a shopper’s nirvana. Pacific Fair offers you all this along with delightful food, music and entertainment activities to fuel you for more shopping. You will love the designer boutiques and originality of this shopping paradise in Broadbeach.

  1. Broadbeach Country Music Festival

Groove to the tunes of some really good bands and performers at the Broadbeach Country Music Festival, which is due to happen from June 20-22, at the Oasis Shopping Center. Paul Thorn, Sunny Cowgirls and James Blundell are among the few names that have previously enlivened the festival to their chords.

  1. Jupiters Hotel and Casino

The sprawling hotel and casino made in a manner representative of the twenty-first century splendor is a Broadbeach wonder in itself. Jupiters Hotel offers you much more than 5-Star luxury – it’s a pool of entertainment, clubbing, stage shows, leisure facilities and a 24-hour casino that attracts nearly every visitor who steps foot on Broadbeach soil. The Broadbeach strip, shopping centre and the beach are all at a walking distance from the hotel. Splurge on it if you can manage to!

  1. 50 Shades of Soul

Enthralling performances with amazing beer and a beautiful crowd around make for a perfect holiday treat. 50 Shades of Soul performs every Friday afternoon at the Koi dining and lounge bar.

  1. BistroOn3: A Fantastically French Experience

A sparkling pool, a wonderful spa, a beautiful terrace and courtyard, and authentic French cuisine – BistroOn3 on the third level of Sofitel Broadbeach gives you this superb meal experience. The place is quite family-friendly, and you’d love spending some time here.

  1. Bavarian Bier Café

A place as sophisticated and stylish as the Bavarian Bier Café deserves a visit on one of your days in Broadbeach. Besides a palatial interior providing seating capacity for 350 people, it also has a spacious outdoor dining area. Plan a trip to this place to unwind in the best way possible in Broadbeach.

  1. The “Blues on Broadbeach” Music Festival

The festivities are all set to mesmerize the crowds from May 22-25. Blues on Broadbeach perfectly resonates the spirits of the town. Last year, the festival had Ian Moss, Vanessa Amorossi, Prinnie Mahalia, Joe Camilleri and Jon Stevens performing.

  1. Bugzies Seafood Restaurant

Take your taste buds to ecstatic rides with traditional seafood, steaks, pastas and pizzas. The authenticity of all the cuisines this restaurant serves will leave you wanting for more. Moreover, Bugzies has a classy and hearty alfresco dining ambience for those lovely moonlit dinners. Owing to the power of its cuisine and atmosphere, it has the potential to make it to the top of your favorite holiday restaurants.

Come to Broadbeach, rent a room at one of the hotels or holiday apartments, and absorb the divine experience that you can cherish for life!


Top Things That Make Melbourne the Hottest Holiday Spot in Australia

Melbourne – The latest buzzword in the Australian travel industry

Well, it is known worldwide that Melbourne has been rewarded as the most liveable city of the world a number of times. So, if you looking for the best travel destination in Australia for your next break, which might fall in this Christmas 2013, Melbourne is the answer. The Victorian capital is hot and it is worth exploring and celebrating!

Delights for Art Aficionados

Begin your journey from the top end of the city at the RMIT design club which is housed in a tower of sparkling steel; the tower is designed by two award-winning architects named Sean Godsell and Peddle Thorp. Get inside the place and you will explore a whole new world of edgy exhibitions.

Another enchanting place you must see during your trip is the art in house Sofitel Melbourne, which is nicknamed as “hotel for the arts” by local artists and art lovers. Flinders lane is an extensive art corridor featuring more than 12 private galleries.

If not short on time, pay a visit to the Book of ‘Everything at MTC’s Sumner Theatre’ during the noon hours, particularly if you are planning to travel with kids. Not to be outdone, the city has many other places for art lovers including the Heide Museum of Modern Art, Playback Theatre of the city and Indie Asian.

Treats for foodies

If you are on a strict diet, just forget about it till you stay in Melbourne city. The place offers literally tens of hundreds of local cuisines, a great variety of drinks and desserts to everyone who arrive in the city. If you are buying a guided tour package then you will not get a chance to get around at your own pace and explore some local’s favorite eateries and food stalls.

If you don’t want to miss on this once-in-a-life-time kind of experience, it is recommended that you book airport transfer limousine or a budget car rental online before your trip, so you can start exploring the gastronomic wonders of the city immediately as you pass the exit terminal at the airport. And don’t miss on having a cup of coffee. Melbourne coffee is word-famous for its taste and smell.

Bustling Nightlife

The city is as live in night as it is in day hours. If you want to experience the dynamic vibes of its nightlife, explore the pubs, bars or a café dotted across the city. You may also get a chance to mingle with locals and move your feet on the dance floor. However, if you are luxury seeking traveler, the city has no dearth of world-class hotels and restaurants.

Excursion for Sport lovers

If you have a head for heights, you can try scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, whale-watching, free-jumping and many other water sports while in the city. You may also rent a campervan for a day and enjoy the most scenic drive of the world – the great ocean drive.

Shop till you drop

From international labels and designer special apparels to cheap local markets, Melbourne has it all to match the shopping lovers of all kinds.

What’s more?

Melbourne holiday destinations are literally in abundance. So, get ready for pleasant surprises upon arrival!

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A Trip to the Gold Coast is a Plethora of Fun!

Gold Coast

As it comes to holiday, it is fantastic when the reality is just as good, if not better than the fantasy.

The Gold Coast was the most enjoyable vacation place I have experienced. It called to me from the pages of a glossy travel magazine with its sprawling, white sandy beaches, glitzy nightlife photos and tanned, fit bodies. I couldn’t wait to ‘put a shrimp on the barbie!’

Getting Organised for the Gold Coast Trip

There were so many great websites to help me choose a cheap flight to the Gold Coast from my departure point of Perth as well as book last minute hotel deals and discount theme park tickets. I could do everything online which made my organisation that much easier and gave me more time to enjoy the place without having to worry about booking things when I arrived. However, for an added bonus there are numerous tourist facilities in the heart of Surfers Paradise to book any kind of activity you can think of.

Gold Coast  (1)

Gold Coast Accommodation

I decided I needed to stay right in the heart of the action at Surfers Paradise. There were many places to choose from luxury locations like the Marriott Resort who have a lagoon style swimming pool where you can learn to dive, the Seaworld Nara Resort which gives you discount and unlimited access to Seaworld, all the way to Islander Backpackers Resort which has all the mod-cons of an up-market hotel without the large price tag, plus there are like-minded people to get about with.

Here is a list to get you started:

·Pepper’s Broadbeach

           ·Moorings on Cavil Avenue, Surfers Paradise

·Palazzo Versace, Main Beach – exquisite!

  ·Glades Lodge, Robina

                 ·Raffles Royal, Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast  (2)

Eating Out at the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is an eclectic mix of cultures, ages and lifestyles which creates a melting pot for local cuisine choices. You can grab anything from kebabs to sausage rolls, sushi to wagyu steak. There is an endless selection of top-quality restaurants as well as cheap and friendly eateries and many other options, so I found myself wishing for the next meal time.

Not-to-be missed places to eat at the Gold Coast:

 ·Black Coffee Lyrics



 ·Justin Lane

                 ·Anything from the street-front restaurants at Main Beach

Gold Coast  (3)

Be Entertained

The Gold Coast is a plethora of hype and activity suited to many personalities. I was overwhelmed with the volume of activities available. It was my goal to split my time equally between on-land and water experiences, but that was difficult. The theme parks offer some real excitement; however don’t expect the same level of detail or vastness that is on offer at places like Disneyland. Gold Coast beaches are a whole other ball game. They are the most glorious water fronts I have ever experienced. I tried my hand at surfing and to my complete surprise I managed to stand up and navigate one small breaking wave.

Must-see and do places on the Gold Coast:

Theme Parks


 ·Wet’n Wild

 ·Movie World


 ·White Water World

Gold Coast  (4)


 ·Surfers Paradise

·Main Beach

 ·Spit Beach

·Currumbin Beach

            ·Nobby Beach

Daytime Highlights

 ·Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

·Mount Tamborine Wine Tour

·Emerald Lakes Golf Course

·Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

·Get Wet Surf School

                ·Jet X Boating

Night Time Festivities

            ·Draculas Themed Restaurant

            ·Jupiters Casino

·Cavil Avenue strip for nightclubs and bars

                ·Australian Outback Spectacular

            ·Island of Sin Island boat party



·Q1 Observation deck

 I was overwhelmed to say the least with what the Gold Coast has to offer travellers and locals alike.

Gold Coast  (5)

For those who may not be familiar with the Australian customs here is a quick cheat sheet to get you through:

- Tipping is not compulsory – but is always greatly appreciated
- Australians are sarcastic but all for a laugh
- They have a great sense of humour
- Very helpful and genuine
- Fanatical about their sport

In Gold Coast you can find any kind of fun, attraction or peaceful place to enjoy. I even read that one aircraft is named after Surfers Paradise beach that just shows how vibrant Gold Coast is for holiday location.


Enjoying Exciting Sydney, Australia with the Kids


If you are looking for the ideal holiday destination for the whole family, why not go Down Under? Sydney, Australia is a vibrant and exciting city that has a lot to offer for kids of all ages. It’s clean, easy to walk around, offers plenty of green spaces and boasts gorgeous weather all throughout the year.

Things to Do With the Kids

Your little ones will love spending days out in Sydney, as there is so much for them to do. You can take them to the Organic Markets, where they will be able to sample many healthy and delicious snacks including fresh produce and homemade jams, baked goods and more.

Taronga Zoo is a popular favourite with young animal lovers and it features elephants, giraffes, baby tigers, komodo dragons, Andean condors, koalas and much more. Also, did you know that the Sydney Opera House offers children’s programming as well? This includes classical music concerts aimed toward babies and toddlers as well as circus performances and musicals. There is even a Kids version of the official Opera House tour.

Another thing to do when you arrive on your Qantas flights is to check out the Powerhouse Museum. This is a power station which has opened as a funky museum in 1988 and is the largest in Australia – with more than 250 kid-friendly interactive exhibits including sets and costumes from ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Wiggles’.

Free Attractions in Sydney

Sydney can be an expensive city, but luckily you don’t have to spend a penny to have a good time. When you arrive on your Qantas Airlines flight to Sydney, there are plenty of great free attractions that you can enjoy.

  • Bondi Beach – This is the closest beach to the city centre and a very popular destination for sun-worshippers, swimmers and surfers.
  • Royal Botanical Gardens – These gorgeous gardens are just filled with flowers and exotic plants, they are also home to many animals and birds – making them the perfect free alterative to the Zoo.
  • Rocks Discovery Museum –This museum is family friendly and it tells the story of The Rocks area of Sydney, dating back from the pre-European days to the present.

Foods to Try During Your Visit

There are many delicious meals to sample during your visit to Sydney, so make sure you bring your appetite. No trip to Australia would be complete without having a juicy meat pie, or a hamburger with beetroot. Also, during your visit you can enjoy some delicious greasy, salty and crunchy fish and chips from a seaside vendor, eating them while watching the waves.

Flight Centre Offers the Best Price

When you are booking your flights to Sydney, why not make the most of your travel budget with the Flight Centre Lowest Airfare Guarantee? If you spot a flight to Sydney from Hong Kong offered anywhere else for cheaper, they will offer a lower price by $10 as well as giving you a $100 gift voucher. Why not start planning your Sydney family holiday today?

Finding the Best Serviced Apartments in Sydney

Sydney (pic) - 28 Oct 13

You’re planning to go on a much-needed respite from work and what better way to do that is to plan the perfect getaway. With some vacation time coming, you want to make absolutely sure that you enjoy every minute away from your nagging boss and get all the rest and relaxation you need before going back to the grind.

There’s only one problem: you have absolutely no idea where to go and absolutely no budget to spend for a trip. Travel always takes so much planning and preparation because more often than not the places you want to go to are where the rest of the world wants to go to as well. Why do you think travelling is so expensive anyway?

You’ve done all your research about the best places in the world to visit and along the way you also stumbled on how much it costs to visit the best places in the world and you just know that if you so much as consider it, you’ll be working overtime for the next 3 years to make up for the dent it caused. So much for rest and relaxation.

Many travelers know that part of what makes a trip so costly is the fact that you have to stay somewhere and often that “somewhere” turns out to be a five-star hotel that charges on a per-day, per-service rate and that doesn’t include the tips that you have to give the staff or the other expenses you incur along the way like transportation fees for example.

Unless you’re staying with the friend of a friend or doing the home exchange thing ala-Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in “The Holiday,” you’re in for a huge bill and no way to afford it without breaking your back when you get back to work to earn it all back and then some. Good thing that some very innovative and enterprising souls came up with the idea of serviced apartments – now planning your travel itinerary and being able to afford it is easy.

Among the many places people would like to visit or want to visit as often as they can is Sydney, Australia. Besides being one of the most livable cities around the world, Sydney offers its visitors many cost-friendly ways to have fun and enjoy themselves, and in addition also offers travel accommodations that help you see more of the city and less of your hotel rooms.

The ideal time to visit Sydney would be during the summer, which is its peak season, although because it mostly enjoys year-round sunshine, basically any time of the year will do. Most tourists often visit this vibrant city because it is a mecca of various cultures and is particularly known for its culinary diversity due to the fact that it is home to a lot of fresh seafood and a never-ending stream of seasonal produce.

Influenced mostly by Asian flavors, as evidenced by the great number of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants that dot the city district, you can easily dine in any of these establishments without having to worry about paying big city prices. The Sydney Fish Market in Darling Harbor sells more seafood varieties than any other fish market in the world, except in Japan. You’ll find lots of street-food as well as casual-dining restaurants serving food that are reasonably-priced.

As for where you can stay, there are various options you can choose from if you don’t want to stay in hotels, like Sydney serviced apartments which make you feel like you have a home away from home. These short and long-term apartment rentals boasts of every convenience and ease that modern apartment living has to offer like tasteful furnishing and state-of-the-art kitchens equipped with every conceivable gadget that can make your life easier.

You can usually come across these rentals via online booking sites but be careful because not all serviced apartments are alike and it is in your best interest to do advanced research on them before you go ahead and book. Check out the website thoroughly and read all the customer or client testimonials and reviews you see posted as this will give you an idea of the kind of service they offer.

These sites will also include actual pictures of the apartments, as well as how many rooms you can rent and will also list down important information such as transportation and what sites and places it is close to. To find the perfect serviced apartments, you must first decide what your travel plans are and of course, what your budget will be. Remember that while there are many accommodations that offer the same rate, there are certain differences that can result in a choice that gives you greater value for your money and one that is a complete waste of your time.

So if you prefer complete and utter privacy as well as space, serviced apartments are the way to go. Choose wisely and choose well but more importantly, enjoy your getaway without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.

Experience Brisbane Attractions


Brisbane is a venue of many experiences. It is the largest city and capital of Queensland. This city offers you a riverside lifestyle with fun activities for everyone to enjoy. You can find adventurous, wild or lazy activities to do in this popular city. Brisbane is a city with an endless list of diverse things to do.

A popular activity is climbing the Brisbane Story Bridge. The bridge offers an impressive view of the scenic city. The climb can be done during four different times in the day. It is a moderate climb making it easy for most ages. The scenic view from the bridge makes it worth the climb.

Brisbane offers visitors a chance to explore year round since the weather is pleasant most of the time. The warm weather allows you to take a tour of the area and see impressive architecture and landmarks such as the Botanic Gardens, Cathedral Square and Parliament House. You can experience a popular casino, street entertainment and shopping in the mall. When you go exploring in Brisbane, you will want to take the opportunity to enjoy a scenic view from the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. After exploring, you can try some food at Chinatown.

The Botanic Gardens are one of the most impressive attractions in Brisbane. You can stroll through the gardens, take a bicycle ride or relax with a picnic in this beautiful area. The Botanic Gardens offers you a chance to rest in an oasis of calm after a day of exploring. The gardens are located close to a river which adds to its charm. You can take a guided tour to discover the history of the Botanic Gardens, and the tour guide can help you learn more about the plants in the gardens.

If you want to cuddle a koala, you will want to visit the Lone Pine Sanctuary. A scenic river ferry can take you to this sanctuary. Lone Pine is one of the world’s largest koala sanctuaries. It houses over 130 koalas, and it is famous for allowing visitors to experience cuddling a koala. You will want to bring a camera to capture this amazing moment. This sanctuary offers you hands-on experiences in a beautiful and natural setting. You can feed kangaroos, hold snakes and view the native wildlife. You can be part of various shows that offer you informative and interesting facts about the wildlife. The sanctuary offers a perfect atmosphere for a family outing.

Whale watching on the gentle ocean is an experience to enjoy. You can take a whale watching cruise to encounter the beautiful whales. The size of the whales and their agility is a sight to see in Brisbane. You may have the chance to spot a few playful dolphins when they try to chase the vessel. Whale watching is well worth the trip if you enjoy marine life.

The kids will love the Workshops Rail Museum. It offers hands-on activities that makes it an interactive museum. The kids will be entertained and educated at the same time. The exhibits showcase the history and development of the rail for this area. The museum is a learning experience that will keep the kid’s attention.

Brisbane is an adventure with unique opportunities. From museums to fabulous cuisine, you will want to see it all. You can take scenic cruises, go snorkeling, swim in beautiful lagoons or just relax at a famous restaurant. In addition, a port survey shows that the Port of Brisbane is the largest cargo port in Queensland, and it is the third busiest and bustling port in Australia. The port is important for this area since it exports and imports many items for the city.

Making The Most Of Your Australian Outback Adventure

If the idea of exploring the untamed wilderness, captivating beauty, intriguing history and charismatic aboriginal culture excites you then Australian outback tour offers you the perfect opportunity to experience the extreme thrill and to rediscover yourself amidst the enigmatic nature like never before.
Star gazing, camel races, trekking through dense rainforests, camping and caravanning, driving adventures and myriad other exciting outback activities undoubtedly make up for an utterly adventurous and an extraordinary holiday experience.
Before you embark on this wild adventure, try devoting a little time on planning with due attention to your travel safety in order to ensure that you make the most of it and enjoy a lifetime memorable experience.
Destination Planning
Be clear of the fact this world’s largest island embraces a massive area. Australia boasts of worth exploring numerous places in almost each and every direction of it. Plan smartly to give yourself enough time to live and cherish profoundly the treasures of the outback. Do not miss out on any of the precious moments of your tour in the haste of covering all the highlights.
You can plan your itinerary around the following regions of Australia which are most popular for Australian Outback adventures.
  • New South Wales
  • Tasmania
  • Northern Territory
  • Western Australia
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
Do not forget to leave an adequate space in your itinerary for unplanned changes and wonderful discoveries.
Ensure Safety
As you would be visiting certain remote and isolated places on your tour, due attention needs to be paid towards safety concerns with respect to your first aid needs and any other contingent emergency situations.
  • Look out for suitable device availability to maintain communication with the outer world. Mobile phones or public phones would conveniently work in the populated and larger outback towns while satellite phones would be ideal for extremely remote regions.
  • Smart phones and other GPRS enabled devices would be good enough for navigation purposes while do not forget to carry maps or compass which have been often regarded as the most reliable means for locating routes.
  • If you are set out for a four wheeler drive into the remote areas then ensure pre- trip checking of your vehicle to avoid breakdowns as they can really give you a hard time. Make sure that you carry a fully equipped tool kit and certain essential spare parts.
  • Make some space in your bag for a first aid box. It can prove to be really helpful at times.
Outback accommodation
Have your pick from the ample choice of accommodation available as per your budget and preferences. Caravans parks, serviced apartments, hotels, motels, national parks and guest houses are just to name a few offering distinctive and comfortable stay. Apart from this you can make your base in the neighboring major towns of the area and stay at any of the Brighton holiday accommodation.
Gather Travel Tips
Other than doing the research on the internet, you can talk to your friends and relatives who have already witnessed the marvels of the outback tour. Get to know about their highlights of the trip, best camping spots and all. While on the journey, try to make conversations with the fellow travelers at roadside spots and your place of stay. You would relish their stories and travel tips.
If you find planning a tedious task and enjoy the company of a group while travelling then you can opt for any of the reliable guided tours which are available in plenty. In case you like to explore the place at your own pace then there is no better option than to travel independently for an unforgettable experience.
Author Bio: Ella Borrie is a travel blogger and trip organizer by profession. She has great experience in indigenous tours in Perth and Western Australia. She advocated the importance of Business Directory Australia to give more exposure to travel business in Australia. Sharing her travel experience through blogging is her real hobby.