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4 Canadian Cultural Hubs You’ll Never Want to Leave

4 Canadian Cultural Hubs You'll Never Want to Leave

4 Canadian Cultural Hubs You'll Never Want to Leave

Canada is a giant play-land for vacationers if they know where to go. A very long list could ensue, but there a few places that stand out. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire a few trips.


This is an obvious cultural mecca, so let’s just get on with it. A multicultural city experiencing growth, Toronto is faced with offering a good life to many different groups of visitors and residents. Upscale shopping, professional sports, excellent dining and points of interest are easy to find, including the CN Tower. Just look up. If residents and visitors need more resources to orient themselves in the city, visit for many helpful tips and other information.

Quebec City

The scenery of this beautiful area appears to be set in some European fairy tale, complete with French-speaking inhabitants. A few miles from Maine, USA, ironically, this escapist haven offers a real getaway from the routine. Go for the architecture alone; nothing is bland or simple. Major structures are present with the pomp and circumstance of the French court in olden days. Really, go for the food. Fabulous French cuisine is everywhere, and Le Chateau Frontenac dining does not disappoint. Buy nice clothes and go there.


British Columbia has many scenic advantages, being on the Pacific Ocean, and Vancouver, on the Strait of Georgia, is one of them. Site of the 2010 Winter Olympics and FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup Soccer, Vancouver is a clean, well-maintained city with a great deal of tourist trade income. This city also provides information and park sites in regards to local Aboriginal peoples and their 10,000-year-old presence there. This area is an outdoor recreation paradise for swimming, fishing, kayaking, white-water rafting and mountain-biking, to name a few.


Alberta may have more tourism than some would guess. Banff and Lake Louise are two popular resort areas, and Calgary is known for its Stampede, or giant rodeo, that has more than a century-old history. With well over a million full-time residents, this city has more festivals in the warm weather than many do in a year.

This is barely the tip of the iceberg in a summary of Canadian cultural hubs, but if it inspires more research, it’s a good thing. might provide a good overview of the country and its travel possibilities. There are winter, spring, summer and fall activities, so check out the broad view.

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4 Ways to Have a Truly Memorable and Unique Canadian Road Trip

4 Ways to Have a Truly Memorable and Unique Canadian Road Trip

According to, over 35 million people visit Canada every year. One of the best ways to explore this fascinating country is through a road trip. Below introduces four ways to have an amazing Canadian road trip.

City Road Trip

Consider starting your road trip in New England. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City can be visited one after another as you make your way northeast towards the beautiful island of Prince Edward Island. Each city offers a unique experience with historical sites. In fact, Quebec City is one of the oldest settlements in North America. As a result, the city walls of Quebec City have been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. An excellent way to end this road trip would be on nearby Prince Edward Island.

Island Exploration

Not only does Canada’s smallest province have unique rock red cliffs, Prince Edward Island also has beautiful beaches. There is plenty of seafood dining and even golf courses to enjoy. In addition to this, there are historical sites to visit, such as the Avonlea Village and Green Gables Heritage Site. These sites are centered on the world-renowned author of “Anne of Green Gables”, Lucy Maud Montgomery. Learn more at

Alpine Skiing

No trip to Canada is complete without visiting a mountain. Canada boasts some of the best skiing destinations in the world. The Whistler and Blackcomb mountains in British Columbia have over 200 ski runs with three glaciers to explore. In addition to this, Sun Peaks, near Kamloops, British Columbia is the third largest ski area in Canada. Experienced skiers can enjoy both alpine and Nordic skiing while novices can enjoy guided mountain tours. Snowboarding, snowmobiling and even heli-skiing are all popular activities in Canada’s mountains.

Rent a Motorcycle

Canada is proud to have some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. This includes pristine forests, alpine mountains, vast plaints and picturesque coastlines. For your next Canadian road trip, consider renting a motorcycle to explore the hidden scenic treasures within Canada. Keep in mind that a motorcycle license is required in Canada. You will need to pass a motorcycle knowledge, hearing and vision test at your local DMV. Learn more about how to prepare for the written exam necessary to get a motorcycle license at

In conclusion, taking a road trip in Canada offers plenty of exciting and memorable opportunities. Learn more about Canadian tourism from the Canadian Tourism Commission.

North American Paradises: 4 Underrated Cities You Must See

North American Paradises, 4 Underrated Cities You Must See

North America is a large area covering three large nations, and several different cultures and landscapes that change from beach to rocky landscape in a heartbeat. You must see the four cities listed in this article, and you will surprise yourself when you visit each one to find something that is beyond your expectations of what the city would be like.

1. Vancouver

Vancouver has played host to the Winter Olympics, and the city is a cultural center in Canada. There is a symphony in town, and the skiing villages just north of town hosted the largest part of the 2010 Winter Olympics. You may go into Vancouver for a ski vacation, but you may travel down into the city to have a cultural and leisure vacation that is unlike any other. Vancouver sits right on the water, and you have access to cruises that will take you all the way to Alaska.

2. Mazatlán

Mazatlán is a beach community in Mexico that sits on the eastern coast, but it is not your typical beach resort town. Mazatlán is one of the oldest Aztec settlements in Mexico, and there are pyramids sitting right outside the city. You may take tours of these ancient pyramids, or you may stay on the beach and enjoy the fantastic views. You have a clear choice between a historical and a leisure vacation when you land on the eastern shore of Mexico.

3. Toronto

Toronto plays host to a majority of the TV productions in Canada, and the CBC tower is a landmark in the city skyline. Toronto is home to television shows like Flashpoint, and you will see many sets from the show when you visit the city. Toronto is a hub for immigrants coming to Canada, and you will find a tiny neighborhood featuring every ethnicity somewhere in the city. Toronto is a melting pot much like New York City, but it exists in a completely different time and place. You may love Toronto so much that you decide to stay, in which case a site like will be a great resource to get you started.

4. San Diego

San Diego is home to the largest naval yard on the west coast, and the sailing community in San Diego flourishes because of the Navy’s presence. You may visit San Diego to enjoy the beaches, or you may take a cruise down to Mexico that originates in the harbor. The city is just a short drive from Los Angeles, but San Diego is a much quieter place to vacation.

You must put all four cities here on your bucket list. They range from nice beaches to skiing villages, and you will find a lovely place to relax on your next vacation.

Canada the Beautiful – How to Make Your Northern Vacation the Best Ever!

Despite having the 2nd largest land area of any country in the world, Canada has yet to become a major “must-see” tourist destination. Don’t let this oversight and the huge distances fool you, however. This little-talked-about vacation gem offers some of the best outdoor tourism opportunities anywhere and with the right choice of transportation it offers a very accessible and unique Northern Vacation experience.

Travel Canada by RV

A very popular option for touring the Western half of Canada is by RV. You can certainly bring your own from home, but be warned that sometimes the guards at the border crossing can be in a bad mood and might delay you for a few hours as they search your vehicle.

A more convenient option would be to rent an RV from Jamieson Car and Truck Rental after you cross the border. Most rental agencies at the airports can arrange this for you if you call in advance so you can get your trip started almost as soon as you land. Prices start at CA$25 a day for a small 2-berth motor home.


Where to Go

Virtually all of the main roads connecting into Alaska are paved and there are two popular itineraries that follow this route: one following the western side of the Canadian Rockies and one that starts on the eastern.

  • Western Route – The western route begins in Vancouver and then heads north on Highway 99 through the highly scenic Garibaldi Provincial Park and the town of Whistler which was the site of many of the events of the 2010 Olympics. From there you have the option of heading straight north on the very famous Cariboo Highway (aka. Highway 97). Alternatively, you could take a side-trip eastward on Interstate 1 which leads you into the heart of the Canadian Rockies and the five major national parks: Glacier, Yoho, Kootenay, Banff, and Jasper. This area is regarded as one of the most scenic in all of Canada and there are numerous campgrounds and RV parks both in the National Parks and in the neighboring Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve.


  • Eastern Route – The eastern route begins in the city of Lethbridge near the US border. A short trip to the west will take you to the Waterton Lakes National Park which is the Canadian extension of Montana’s Glacier National Park and offers excellent and private hiking trails. From here you can work your way north through a series of smaller highways and roads (some gravel) and into the Livingston Range which is the southern tip of the Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve. If the roads are un-passable you can return west towards Lethbridge and take either Highway 22 or 2 to Calgary and reconnect with Banff through the main tourist route.

When to Go

Spring tends to be a wet and cold season but offers the most privacy. The summer months are when it’s easiest to get around but it’s also the most popular and facilities book up fast. Fall can be a good compromise because many sites are still open but there are fewer crowds to block your view of the trees changing color. Finally, winter can offer the most spectacular scenes of the Canadian Rockies but starting in October the weather can be very temperamental so keep a close eye on the local forecasts before venturing too far off the main roads.

6 Must See Ottawa Vacation Sites in Canada’s Capital

Visitors to the city of Ottawa will find plenty of things to do in this great capital city. With all the sites to see and experiences to be had you can be sure to find something that will entice your whole family. Here are just six easy-to-visit Ottawa vacation sites in Canada’s capital that visitors must see. Ottawa Vacation

Parliament Hill

The Parliament buildings are on a hill above the Ottawa River. A panoramic view of the city is visible from the Peace Tower here. Things to see include sculptures of famous Canadians on the grounds and elaborate carved stonework on the buildings. Visitors can see a Changing of the Guard ceremony and a light show. The East Block area of the buildings is open for tours during the summer. This tour takes visitors through rooms that are furnished the way there were during the 19th century.

Rideau Canal

There is something to do all year long on this canal that runs through Ottawa. Kayaks, canoes and paddleboats are available for rent between May and the beginning of October. Visitors can take sightseeing cruises along the canal. There are scenic trails along the canal for bicyclists. The part of the canal that runs through Ottawa becomes the Rideau Canal Skateway during the winter.

Bytown Museum

This museum is on the Rideau Canal in a building that dates back to the early 19th century. Visitors can see artifacts here that date back to Ottawa’s early days when it was known as Bytown. Exhibits here tell the story of Ottawa’s transformation from the lumber town of Bytown into the country’s capital city.

Canada Science and Technology Museum

Visitors can learn about Canada’s achievements in technology and science here. Interactive exhibits here have dials, levers and buttons. Laboratory equipment, surveying tools and hand tools are some of the things to see. Visitors can learn about locomotives, canoes and bicycles.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Children will enjoy seeing alpacas, goats and pigs at this farm in the middle of the city. Visitors can take wagon rides through the farm during nice weather. There are places to picnic and a play structure on the museum’s grounds. The museum has an interactive exhibit on renewable energy. Things to see include a tractor and a wagon from the early 20th century.

Gatineau Park

The entrance to this park is less than three miles from downtown Ottawa. Visitors can go swimming, boating and fishing here during the summer. There are trails for hiking, biking and skating. Winter visitors can go cross-country skiing here.

Travelers who see these six sites in Ottawa will, no doubt, enjoy their time in Canada’s capital. Spending your time wisely will lead to a greater overall trip so don’t miss out on anything when next visiting Ottawa.

*Information Credit: Cartier Place & Towers Suite Hotels

Beautiful places of Canada that tourist must visit

Canada ( George Stojkovic) - 21 Jul 13

For any journey plan, whatever the purpose of your journey and wherever you’re advance planning is a smart thing to do. This would include travel and transport arrangements and hotel accommodations, along with the most sensible cost for each.

If you’re heading to Toronto, expect to find a wide variety of alternatives of where to stay, what your ride choices would be, and the views to glimpse while you’re in the city. But since Toronto is a very busy city, hire ahead for all your needs is an intelligent move. Apart from looking for hotels, find  proposing airport limousine services.

Getting Toronto airport limo services is matching to traveling in large comfort. Because you will be following an arranged registration, your airport limousine will be waiting, so you do not need to be tension with the buzz at the airport. Also, it’s like having an easy limousine service because the taxi person driving will appreciatively help you, making sure the start of your travel will be easy and comfortable.

There are numerous best locations and attractions that can be found in Canada. Canada is such a beautiful country that it is actually tough to choose out a handful of best locations that you can visit. This country has just too numerous best places that will not be missed throughout your stay in Canada. Some of the most well liked travel places are below.


Montreal is furthermore beautiful the best locations that you cannot overlook to trip when tour Canada. This city is located carefully at the meeting point of St Lawrence and the scenic Ottawa stream. This city is habitually full of life with a number of enticements that makes it one of the best journey places in Canada. Some of the activities that this city provides include jet boating, rafting and sightseeing and so on.


Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. Toronto is a really well liked city in Canada as it characteristics the iconic structure of the CN tower. The CN tower is one of the most beautiful breakthroughs of the country and a well liked tourist location in Toronto. Other attractions that one will not overlook to glimpse in this attractive city of Canada and including the city Hall of Toronto, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto Eaton Center and many others.


Victoria is the capital of British Columbia is established on the Southern edge of Vancouver Island. Victoria is beautiful the most well liked journey locations as it also has a port for cruise boats. The downtown is a large location to visit as it is vibrant and habitually full of beauty and some of the popular activities that can be undertaken here which are fishing, hiking, golfing, kayaking and biking and so on.

Niagara Falls

This is the most well known waterfalls in the world and a well liked tourist affinity. The Niagara Falls has majestic beauty which is after evaluation and is a great location for nature lovers. Here, you can furthermore take cruise rides if you want to know-how the natural marvel nearly. At this position, you will surely be assembling some great recollections to take back home.


The attractive city of Vancouver has more to offer to its tourists. This city is topped up with popular journey locations and is situated at the south western edge of British Columbia. It has one of the biggest urban parks in North America. The Shore hills override the cityscape and you can furthermore know-how the snowfall covered volcanic mountain here. The City of Vancouver is actually popular for its picturesque beauty.

If you are really looking for best locations to travel then you will be adept to pick up couple of tips considering the wonderful locations you desire to visit.

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Banff Vs Whistler: How to Choose

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When it comes to skiing in Canada most people’s minds instantly turn to the two main resorts of Banff and Whistler. Both are held in high regard worldwide, so it becomes difficult to separate the two resorts. Hours can be spent on websites like Crystal Ski trying to pick between the two. So here are key areas from which to choose from:


Banff comes out on top here. Winter is Banff’s low season. It is a summer hotspot for Canadians looking to go hiking and biking in the stunning setting of a national park.  For this reason alone the accommodation becomes more affordable than its British Columbian counterpart. After all, no hotels want empty rooms. With dining out also being cheaper it became a relatively easy choice as to who wins this category.


Whistler just sneaks it here. With shorter commutes to the slopes it is a no brainer. Banff is a central base for the big three, Mt Norquay is the closest (20 minutes away) but also offers the poorest runs. If you take into account the distance and the time on the lifts it can cut into time on the slopes. In terms of amenities there is not too much difference. Banff probably edges it in terms of shopping and restaurants but this is so marginal to have a major impact on the outcome.

Apres Ski

Whistler has to win this hands down. Time and time again it gets mentioned as one of the top après ski destinations. It is at a level of recognition that certain snow bums, who have never visited, will be able to name the main bars. Unfortunately its counterpart here can’t compete purely on the grounds of distance. With the major slopes being a bit away from resort there is no mileage in the 3 o clock drink. It does offer some great bars in the town but they don’t get busy until 6/7 pm time.


A clear winner here in Banff. It’s a pretty stiff task to compete against it as it’s set in the heart of a UNESCO national park. With the Alberta Rockies surrounding it, turn in any direction and there’s a view to be had. In fact Lake Louise is only a short commute away. With it frozen over and sitting under the Victoria glacier it has become one of Canada’s romance hotspots.

You can see why with views like this


The Mountains

With Banff not being on the doorstep of two mountains it was always going to be difficult to compete. It did score some points for the slopes being less crowded and having the variety of Mt Norquay, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise. Whistler wins because of the glory bowls. It offers well laid out runs for beginners and intermediates much like its competitor but has the added edge for the experienced skier. The four glory bowls will keep an expert entertained where they may have tired of Sunshine Village and Lake Louise.

The Climate

Tied here. British Columbia has a much milder climate than Alberta but with that comes rain. So where one will be colder the other will be wetter. The coldness can lead to a person cutting down the time they spend on the slopes whereas the rain can cause lower runs (usually for beginners) not worth skiing.

So which one comes out on top? Well if we are being completely honest it comes down to what someone wants on their ski tip. In terms of challenge and a lively atmosphere Whistler win by far and away. If it is a family orientated or a more luxurious break then Banff is better suited.

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