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A Beach for Every Occasion in Greece

Tourism has been the backbone of Greece, despite its problems. While sipping on a glass of wine as you laze in the sun may not feel like the way to kick-start an economy, in the case of Greece, it is.

Best Luxury beach: Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino is an emerging destination boasting world class resorts dotted with olive groves and fantastic views of the Ionian Sea. Located in Messeina, the western most part of this Mecca, this overlooked location has two golf courses and a number of spas. 90% of the land here is reserved for natural greenery, providing the absolute best place to wind down and soak up the sun.

Best Beach to Escape To: Vouliagmeni Beach

Vouliagmeni is 12 miles south of the capital. Athenian urbanites consider this the place to be and it is run by Greece’s National tourist Organization. It has tennis courts, volleyball pitches, self service restaurants, changing cabins and canoes. You will pay a fee to spend the day here though and it can get crowded during the weekends.

Best Beach for Romance: Arillas Beach

Arillas beach is in the far northwest corner of Corfu. It’s a 2 km long beach that is super quiet and ideal for an undisturbed afternoon stroll. Low key resorts dot the area and provide a small town charm that is in contrast to the commercialization found on other parts of the island. People flock to this beach in the evening to watch the sunset which is encased in green hills on one side and clear waters on the other.

Best party Beach: Paradise Beach

Mykonos is the only place in the world that knows how to combine nonstop partying and jaw dropping beauty at the same time. Night time is probably more important on paradise beach than day time is. Young and old let loose here each evening and every morning they come back to laze in the sun and sober up as they wait for nightfall and do it all over again.

Best Beach for Adventure: Red Beach

If you like something far from the usual, red beach in Santorini is where you should head out to. The sand here is brick red and more than intriguing. It’s very uncomfortable to sit on , so ensure you get a sun lounger

Bonus beach / Navagio Beach

A shipwreck decorates the bay of this white pebbled beach. The wreck can only be accessed by boat and the waters are very deep and very, very blue.

A stunning place of natural beauty, Greece is paradise for the tourist looking for a traditional sun and sand holiday. If you do get tired of lazing on the beach, the Islands are full of historical sites that you really should see and there are also free hiking trails and lots of free sights to visit. If this article has interested you, why not book online and save money on your next holiday to Greece!

Al Ataar Villa Puncak : island rain city

Bogor rain city

Bogor is a city on the island of Java in the West Java area of Indonesia. It bears the epithet “the Rain City” (Kota Hujan), on account of continuous sprinkle showers. It almost dependably rain actually throughout the dry season. The city has a presidential castle and a natural arrangement (Kebun Raya Bogor) – one of the eldest and biggest on the planet.

With the cooling atmosphere, excellent bloom overnight boardinghouses creatures, the area is a perfect goal to escape from the hotness of the city.

  1. taman Topi (Hat Garden) and appreciate the Bogor Mini Bread : I’ll get you at inn and afterward we will head off to Bogor by Commuter Line. I propose to begin the excursion at 8:00 am or 9:00 am. After land in Bogor, our first terminus is “Taman Topi”, it is called so in light of the fact that the structures around make it look a like a cap. That is make this spot extraordinary. We have 20 mins to investigate this spot and delight in the Roti Unyil (Bogor Mini Bread).
  2. bogor Cathedral Church : Inherent 1750, the congregation is one of the most senior operational Catholic Churches in Indonesia, and the greatest one in Bogor. We have 15 mins here to observe and take a few pictures.
  3. bogor Palace and Botanical Garden : After from Taman Topi, we are heading to Bogor Palace and Botanical Garden. The arrangements blanket more than 80 hectares. Reminiscent of the time of amazing enclosures of the wealth, you will discover delightful blooms, decently tended arrangements, wellsprings, lake dabbed with water lilies and orchid cultivate in a glass house. Walk around open regions or turned trails, and even stroll crosswise over paths flanked by tall greenery trees and beautiful blossom filled hedges. In the event that you are lucky you may even see the acclaimed Bunga Raksasa (titan bloom) in full blossom. Bogor Presidential Palace spotted exactly at the northwest of Botanical Gardens, it is a thousand royal residence standing tall in the center a delightful yard. It used to be the Spring living arrangement of the Governor of Java and now as one of the Indonesia President’s summer house. It is well known for the 250 deer touching its garden and you may visit it from inside the Gardens. We have 30-40mins here to revel in the nature, take a pictures and examine here.
  4. Puncak View : is a mountain view of Pangrango mountain, with a beautiful nature view and tea plantation there a many tourism object like a curug cilember, taman safari indonesia, paralayang. a traveler can stay in villa or resort near from tourism object.
  5. it’s Culinary Time…yeah!!! : Bogor has both up to date and customary culinary. You can pick which one you wanna attempt. Here are the choices:
  • We are set to up to date culinary spot: Simply pick one: Grilled Macarony, Apple Pie or Lasagna
  • We are set to conventional culinary spot (pick one):

- Fried bean grows with nut sauce (Toge Goreng)

- Yellow Cury (Soto Kuning)

- de’luit accepted restaurant

- Bumbu Desa accepted restaura

Goan Holiday


When in Goa, do as Goans do – just chill!

Whether or not the Goans are great readers, I do not know; but the visitors from other lands are. Our evening exploration into the town streets revealed a library/bookstore stocked with tomes from authors all over the world, and an increasing number of Russian books had found their way on to the shelves; also books for children, board games and other novelties. A lot of them are ‘pre-used’ by previous holiday makers; use and sell/donate. We bought a Goa Today, styled along the lines of India Today, a popular national weekly. It was fun to read about the English Vs Portuguese Vs Goan points of view. This former Portuguese colony is making the most of its multi-culture.

images (1)

A little further on, was a ready- made garments shop which housed a diverse collection of Indian style clothes, also appropriate beach wear. The owner was a lady form the neighboring state of Karnataka ( where Kannada is the primary language), but she spoke fluent Russian…all the better to do business with the Russian tourists that descended each week in their chartered flights.

images (4)

This last bit of information was disseminated by the singer in a bar where we had some very innovative cocktails. In between breaks, he sauntered across to chat with the guests.  A magician performed a few tricks, his eyes all the while asking for a good tip – poverty coexists with regional pride. The singer expressed sorrow at the vanishing Goan life.

And indeed, on that November evening, the village of Colva was gearing up for a global fete and its tremendous earning opportunities. People from the extreme north of India – Kashmir, Punjab and Rajasthan were set up to sell the handicrafts of their state; bright and beautiful clothes and shoes and bags and artifacts.

Invading the smells of Goan fish and prawn fries are the aromas of the ubiquitous Chinese restaurants, South Indian dosa places, the usual Punjabi fare of paneer tikka and tandoori chicken. Authentic Goan cuisine struggled to find its place in the street cafes.

images (5)

Night falls gradually on the western coast and one can enjoy a quiet walk back to the hotel. However, a brightly lit sea-side café may beckon – some delicious pomfret in garlic sauce, washed down with beer, the strains of a live guitar and the evening is magical.

Author bio:

I’m Ramya Raju, a freelance writer/web designer from India. I write on varied topics like travel, photography, English Courses, SEO, Web Design, Mobile, Marketing etc., where I like travel blog writing compared to other niche. I have an experience of about 8 years in content writing and have worked for top blogs and websites. I’m generally an extrovert; I like photography, anthropology and traveling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants to do travelogues.


Ramya Raju

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Make Sure Your Next Vacation Is Your Best Vacation: 4 Things to Remember

You have probably been counting the days till you leave on that vacation that you booked months ago. Now the time has come to go to that destination that you have been fantasizing about ever since. Regardless of whether you are going to relax on the beach, camp in the wilderness, or explore a city you have never been to, you want this to be a memorable vacation that you can look back on for years to come. Here are some tips to help you avoid common vacation mishaps so that you have an enjoyable experience.


Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Nothing will ruin a vacation faster than painful sunburn, or even worse, sun poisoning. It only takes a couple of hours of being in the sun with not enough protection for your skin to start burning. This tip is not just for beach vacationers either. Anyone who is outside and exposed to the sun should take some SPF with you.

Avoid Using Cash

Do not cash out your savings account. While it is always good to carry some cash on you in case of an emergency, don’t carry too much on you. Muggers always know how to spot a tourist. The last thing you need while vacationing is for them to rob you of everything, leaving you without any spending money, or means to get home. Use traveler’s checks, debit cards, or credit cards instead. You can always get more cash when you need it.

Get Educated

Always educate yourself of the location you will be traveling to before you get there. Get information from the internet, a travel agent, or others who have traveled to this area. You will get a much better experience if you know where to dine, shop, sight see ahead of time. Research the hours of operation for places you will be visiting on your trip. This will help keep you from wandering around desolate areas that may leave you susceptible to falling victim to a crime.

Accidents Happen Sometimes

Nothing combines relaxation and fun like a cruise. They offer so many activities, stop at several breathtaking destinations, and have incredible dining options. You can watch a show, play roulette, or sit by the pool. Lately there has been a rise in cruise ships breaking down due to mechanical problems, leaving people stranded. Don’t let that ruin your fun. Find a cruise ship accident attorney before you go. It will give you peace of mind, letting you kick back and enjoy your vacation.

No matter where you are vacationing, following a few simple tips, and just using good judgment will make your vacation not only safe, but also unforgettable.

Top Five Ski Resort Getaways for Families

Top Five Ski Resort Getaways for Families


Families looking for some winter fun can choose from many suitable family-friendly ski resorts. In addition to ideal ski conditions, many of these resorts also feature amenities like Bullfrog spas, hot tubs and full Internet service. Here are five of the best ski resorts for families.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort

This pristine ski resort in Pennsylvania features 33 slopes and 11 ski lifts. Families can also enjoy snowboarding and snow tubing during their stay. The entire resort consists of a hotel as well as a series of cottages, condominiums and chalets. The resort even features outdoor hot tubs equipped with powerful jets.


Apex Mountain Inn and Spa

Skiers who are hitting the slopes of Apex Mountain in British Columbia, Canada, can literally ski in and out of this resort. Visitors can even enjoy the local cross country skiing trails, the outdoor ice rink and the snow tube park. Snowshoeing trails can also be traversed. The Rock Oven Grill, which is the facility’s restaurant, serves delicious foods and warm beverages. Additional amenities include two outdoor hot tubs, a banquet room and a ski locker room.


Destination Resorts Vail

Colorado’s famous ski town of Vail boasts this lovely resort for families. Guests have the option of staying in either condominiums or townhouses. The therapeutic hot tubs and heated swimming pool found at this facility can soothe sore muscles after a long day of skiing. Visitors are also treated to concierge services, optional shuttle rides and daily housekeeping. In addition to skiing on the world-class ski runs, visitors who choose to spend a family vacation in Vail can also partake in snowmobile tours, dog sled rides and ski-biking.


Whiteface Lodge

Located in Lake Placid, New York, many of the local ski runs were used for competitions during the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. Guests also have the opportunity to try bobsledding and ski jumping. People who visit the spa at this resort can enjoy services like acne repair facials, deep tissue massages and aroma therapy sessions. The resort additionally includes a complete health and fitness center along with a spacious outdoor hot tub.


Four Seasons Resort Whistler

This stunning resort in Whistler, British Columbia, has long attracted elite guests from around the world. Families staying at this resort can enjoy the three outdoor hot tubs and the eucalyptus steam room found on the premises. A special ski concierge at the resort is able to arrange transportation services, ski equipment rentals and full daily itineraries.

Top Four Spa Getaways For Couples

Top Four Spa Getaways For Couples

Couples who have experienced a rift in their relationship know they need something to help them rekindle the love and passion they had at the beginning of their relationship. A weekend spa trip can be just what couples need to spark romance. There are numerous resorts designed specifically for this purpose. Here are the top five spa resorts recommended for couples getaways.

Mandarin Oriental in Miami, Florida

Mandarin Oriental is the perfect luxury resort for couples to pamper themselves and rejuvenate their passion and love for one another. This resort offers premium spa services and is centrally located near one of the best beaches in the world. Some of the signature treatments include 110 minutes of aromatherapy and hands-on body massage.

Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is an enchanting location for lovers. The sunset tours are breathtaking and mesmerizing, and all couples have to focus on is love. Any couple who is having problems can go to Sedona and be completely engulfed by the experience.

The spas are designed to achieve balance and harmony through upscale amenities. Hot tubs, saunas, fitness rooms, outdoor lap pools, spas, and indoor pools with fireplaces are ways to rekindle love between couples. Art lessons and cooking demonstrations are also available to help couples bond and grow closer while at the luxurious spa retreat.

Miraval in Santa Catalina, Arizona

Miraval in Santa Catalina is a resort that is inspired by Native American people. The resort features luxurious spas and suites where guests can relax and enjoy the view. There are also fitness centers, indoor and outdoor pools. The privacy at this resort is perfect for couples who are trying to renew their vows or relationship. Santa Catalina is romantic and enchanting whether couples are dining in a restaurant or strolling on or near the grounds. Experience all that Miraval in Santa Catalina has to offer.


St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado

If the cold weather makes you want to snuggle with your partner, try a ski resort in Colorado. This resort is absolutely breathtaking and has numerous spa treatments. St. Regis Resort in Aspen is recommended for couples.

Enjoy your partner and rekindle your relationship at one of these resorts. The resorts are luxurious and romantic. Select the best resort to appeal to you and your partner’s desires. For more spa getaway ideas, check out the Bullfrog Spas blog.

Australian Travel Adventure – A Lifetime Experience

The popularity of all leading Australian adventure destinations has always been a hot topic of discussion among people all over the world. It can be described as a mind blowing experience and exotic beaches, harsh sun and remarkable wild life add great amount of thrill and excitement to Australian travel adventure. Australia is blessed with mind blowing adventure destinations and activities and you have the luxury of choosing from the plenty. Equally entertaining activities for young as well as old people can be found in this unique country and you will have to choose the most suitable one that goes well with your spirit of adventure.

It can be said that Australian travel without an adventure trip will be incomplete. In Australia, you will be able to experience the real excitement and thrill of adrenalin-rushing activities and the spectacular Australian outdoors will act as a perfect backdrop to your adventure as well. If you really want to experience the real excitement of Australian travel adventure a bungee jump in Cairns of North Queensland will serve the purpose in the best manner. Those, who prefer more earthbound activities, can think of water rafting in the Franklin River (Tasmania) or the Blue Mountain Canyons (New South Wales). Ardent lovers of skydiving can select Sydney because of the availability of top class amenities and the spectacular natural surroundings of Australia will make your experience an unforgettable one.

Some of the most popular Australian adventure destinations include The Red Center (Central Australia), Ningaloo Marine Park (Western Australia), Fraser Island (Queensland), The Australian Coast, Oodnadatta Track (South Australia) and Flinders Ranges National park (South Australia). The Red center offers plenty of options for you and they include Alice Springs and surrounds, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Kings Canyon and Watarrka National Park, Finke Gorge National Park and MacDonnell Ranges. At Ningaloo Reef, you will be able to see the big whale shark from close quarters and you can also see a lot of dolphins, manta rays and a good number of tropical fish species.


Australian travel adventure experience will reach a new level altogether when you visit Fraser Island and this island offers exotic golden beaches, towering hardwood forests, sand blow deserts, blood red streams, barren heath land, pristine rainforests, freshwater lakes, prehistoric ferns, mosaic colored sands and many more. If you want to enjoy deep-sea diving the Australian cost will be the ideal option available and visiting the Great Barrier Reef will make your Australian travel extremely exciting. The Oodnadatta Track will provide great adventure for ardent lovers of horseback riding and it will be unfair not to mention about the abundant wildlife of Flinders Ranges National park (South Australia) as well. All these Australian adventure destinations will provide unique and captivating experience for the visitors. These places have become irresistible destinations for a huge number of people and people having an adventurous spirit will come back again and again to these unique destinations. That is exactly why a huge number of people talk about Australian travel adventure with great amount of enthusiasm and excitement.

To make your Australian travel adventure stress free and visit all of these places with ease don’t hesitate to rent a car at one of Australia’s best budget car hire agencies.

Top Tips on How to Choose the Best Summer Party Venues London

The secret to throwing the perfect party or arranging the most impressionable event is to find the right venue. It is often underestimated, but the venue you choose will be crucial to the success of your occasion. There is a good few considerations you need to make, but once you have made them, you can rest assured that your event should go off without a hitch.

#1: The first thing you can do to help you along the way is to utilise a venue seeker service online. You can search using filtered criteria to find the most suitable summer party venues London for your event. You can filter by the seating you want from buffet to conference, by the type of event, and by the location. These free tools available online can really help you when making your decision.

#2: You need to know how many people you are planning on inviting to ensure they will fit in the venue and how long you need the venue for. These will both have an impact on the venue you can choose for your event. Similarly, you will need to consider dates; the earlier you can book your venue the better so you can ensure availability of your guests and so you can ensure availability of the venue itself. If your venue will be needed for an entire day, make sure you consider your guests needs as well; will they need someone nearby or in-house to stay depending on where they have travelled from?

#3: It’s important to think about the ambience you are trying to achieve. This will depend partly on the type of event you are hosting. What are your intentions for the venue? There are so many to choose from so you can have something incredibly special or something that can achieve a professional, but ‘wow’ impression. You will be amazed at what you can get from summer party venues London considering you’re in the middle of a city.

#4: The location is so important. You need somewhere that is near to public transport options and easy to find. It needs to be relatively local to the majority of your guests and near accommodation options should you have guests travelling afar. The harder the journey, the more likely certain people won’t attend.

#5: Next, you need to consider the facilities the summer party venues London have to offer. This depends on the type of event you are throwing of course, but will you need internet access? Will you need a separate area for breaks? How about a bit of outdoor space for team building exercises?  Again, depending on the event and how long the event will last, you will also need to consider catering. Does the event do catering in-house or will you need to arrange this? Can you choose to arrange externally even if they do offer in-house? Your guests won’t be on top form if they aren’t fed and watered occasionally.

Hopefully these tips will help you find the best venue for your event or party. It goes to show how important the venue really is, so make these simple considerations before you choose and your event will be everything you wanted it to be.

Whatever the occasion, the venue you choose for your event is a really important consideration. There are abundant summer party venues London to choose from, so make sure you book ahead, get the best, and make the right considerations along the way.

The Funniest Theme Park Water Rides

I don’t know why but there is something hilarious about getting heroically wet on a theme park ride even if this results in having to spend the rest of the day with damp clothing. Unless the weather is really cold I can rarely resist a good water ride but some are better than others both in the overall ride experience they provide and the level of drenching the riders receive. The best water rides are fun, include the odd surprise and are very, very wet. Here are some of the best ones to try out.

Thunder Canyon

This river rapids ride at Cedar Point, Ohio is an absolute classic. Many theme parks include a variant of this type of ride but most are relatively uninteresting and often do not get the riders very wet at all. The brilliance of this particular attraction is that it does look pretty much like any other of its type from the outside but hidden from view is an unexpected twist. When I first tried this one out I realised that all might not be as it seemed when I saw fellow guests removing most of their clothes before entering the queue line. Many riders were wearing just swimming costumes which seemed a bit of an overreaction to me until I got half way around the circuit to be presented with the sight of a huge waterfall which the boat passed under depositing a veritable Niagara onto the heads of most of the guests including me. I was completely drenched but laughed my head off for a good hour afterwards.

Poppeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges

Another rapids ride which you certainly should not board if you don’t like getting wet! This one subjects riders to repeated assaults to the point that they are generally sitting in about two feet of water in the bottom of the boat by the time they return to the station. I think my ride on this one left me even wetter than the waterfall on Thunder Canyon if that is possible but the complete drenching is a blessing in the Florida heat and the only real problem I had was trying activate my locker after the ride. The lockers operate using finger print recognition but the sheer amount of water cascading from my body seemed to interfere with the technology.

Stormforce 10

The beauty of this masterpiece at Drayton Manor is the way it plays on the tendency of those who do not wish to get wet to sit at the rear of the boat. The wimps sit at the back and then when they get to the top of the first hill they get a nasty surprise when the boat is turned around and takes the first drop in reverse! You don’t actually get too wet but it is hilarious watching the faces of the unsuspecting riders. My first experience of this attraction gave me a surprise of a different kind. Having disembarked relatively dry due to having sat at the front I leant over to pick up my bag which I had left on the platform only to find that cold water was running down my back. My horrible friend had removed his socks in transit, dipped them in the trough and then wrung them out down the back of my neck. Lovely!

Journey To Atlantis

This ride at Seaworld in Orlando is another one where the entertainment comes in part from the reaction of the other guests. Many people are scared of roller coasters but are happy to do water rides. This one starts as a water ride and then after you have completed the usual drop at the end the boat keeps on going, latches onto a track and becomes a roller coaster. In addition to providing many an amusing incident of terrified guests this is a fun ride in its own right and provides a pleasant opportunity to cool down on a hot day.

Monkey Swinger

As a final note I would like to mention this ride which is stupidly simple but which caused me such hilarity that I will always remember it. This minor ride at Chessington World of Adventures is just one of those old fashioned carousels with chairs hanging on chains. Or so I thought! I walked towards it deep in conversation with a friend and so was not really paying attention. I wondered why said friend was so anxious for me to ride in one of the outside chairs but I soon found out when the ride started and a serious of rather aggressive fountains shot up and drenched me. I usually take off my shoes to take on a water ride but as I hadn’t realised that this was one I managed to soak Air Max One trainers and spent the rest of the day with wet feet. It was only after disembarking that I noticed that the entire ride area was wet. What a dipstick!

About the author:

Sally Stacey is a theme park enthusiast who spent three years working as a ride operator at a well known park. She is currently writing on behalf of Jean Store.

6 Business Cities Around The Globe

Shenzhen’s Vibrance

Shanghai’s Pudong – A Testament to Its Rise to Power

Shanghai is China’s most populous city with over 23 million people living there. This city is the commercial and financial capital of China and is now the leading center for culture in all of Asia.

Pudong is at the heart of the business district where the highest skyscrapers are found. No longer a farmland, it now has 35 structures towering over 200 meters.

Beijing as an Economic Hub

This is one of China’s historic fortresses. Today, Beijing is a vast metropolis with fine architecture and numerous skyscrapers. If you want to enjoy a game of chess right after shopping in a busy district then Beijing is the best place to visit.

Shenzhen’s Vibrance

Modern day Shenzhen is now a cosmopolitan city that offers leisure, culture and business. If you are looking for a wonderful way to shop and dine but would not want to go to the busy streets of Hongkong, then this city is your best destination.

Sydney – A Strategic Point of Australia

Sydney’s CBD is the city’s commercial and financial hub. Here, there are more than 4.5 million square meters of towering buildings. These are quite comparable to the office spaces in London, Hongkong and New York. You have probably heard of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House – these two are world famous Aussie attractions strategically situated in the heart of the city.

Sites such as the Hyde Park, Fort Denison, The Government House, Chinese garden and the Royal Botanical gardens are just a few of the sights that you will surely enjoy there; and of course, your day won’t end without you spending your hard earned money on the shopping areas in Sydney.

Mumbai – Financially Secure

This is India’s financial capital as it is the center of banks, stock exchanges and financial companies. The Ballard Estate has now given way to the Nariman Point south of Mumbai. Redeveloped textile mills now line the Bandra Kurla Complex and the Lower Parel. Andheri is not far behind with its newer business complexes.

Dubai – Haven for Investors

Just think of the eight-lane highway on this city and you will know that it is a bustling center for business. Called a city without borders, Dubai is situated at the Persian Gulf and is the most developed United Arab Emirates city.

Starting with barely nothing, the city has made it big through its oil reserves. Now, there are lots of hotels and commercial buildings throughout. Tourists and investors all flock because of the sights and trading opportunities.

The great thing about this city is that it has not lost its traditions despite modernization. Majority of the population is comprised of foreigners, many of which have put their money on the bustling businesses that are found in Dubai.

About the author:

Andrew Livingstone is a business jet management specialist. Andrew has enjoyed incredible perks – traveling around the globe, enjoying new places, people and experiences – of which Thailand and its people topped his list.