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Escaping the Cold: 6 Destinations to Consider for your Fall Break Vacation

It is the fall with summer long gone. The vacation mode is still in high gear to get one last warm vacation experience in before the holidays. There are a host of destinations with more than a warm climate to offer. Activities from water sports, hiking, golfing, and more can be found in these following six vacation stops.

Las Vegas

Go land-lock and have a fantastic time. This city has more to offer than just casinos. The biggest names in entertainment have shows in this paradise in the desert. A variety of cuisine with affordable pricing and buffet-style abounds. Weather is always nice with clear evening skies for cruising the strip. Hotel packages with resort-styled pools, cabanas, and stainless steel grilling stations add more allure.

Key West

Every day is a beach day in this city. Bath tub warm waters will have visitors participating in a host of water sports. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skis are just some of the activities to enjoy. Known as the Conch Republic, fresh seafood of a large variety is available. Book a deep sea fishing trip and grill dinner. They say New York never sleeps, but the same can be said about Key West.

Myrtle Beach

The beaches of South Carolina have a flavor all their own. Weather is the perfect high 70s with cooler evenings. This city has all-inclusive packages from places like Sands Resorts where guests do not have to leave the resort. Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean, panoramic views and sea breezes will captivate. Flawless golf courses, water parks and four or five star hotels are more incentives.


For spectacular beaches, international cuisine, and a busy nightlife, this city has loads to offer. The fall season has low humidity for carriage and rickshaw rides along Collins Avenue. Forget about an itinerary in this city, just put on the sun screen and head out. Plenty of flights and hotel room packages make this an attractive destination.


Pulling out passports to a warm and exotic location in Mexico is a definite option. There will be plenty of sun and night life with authentic cuisine. This is another location for all-inclusive fun. While Cancun is known for its beaches and sun, visiting the Mayan ruins would offer a world-class ancient museum experience.


Keep passports near for this lovely destination. Paris is at its best during the fall season as temperatures are crisp for evening strolls along the Seine River or at a scrumptious meal. The top museums in the world are located here with the Palace of Versailles as an example.

The suggested fall trips listed could be a bucket list. Vacationers can spread them out over a period of years. Each season offers its own set of activities. Have fun with planning these vacations as they are the spice of life. Don’t forget the camera!

The Top Ten Must Visit Historical Sites in the World

The Top Ten Must Visit Historical Sites in the World







Many fascinating historical sites attract visitors from around the world. Sometimes a journey to explore a landmark offers additional information to supplement a history degree online with real world experiences; in other situations, the trip simply fulfills a lifelong yearning to travel to a place where momentous events happened in the past.

Most people include these ten sites on their list of essential global landmarks. Each one promises an interesting visit:

The Acropolis and the Parthenon

This site overlooking Athens in Greece gained renown for its beauty because of the perfect symmetry and elegant construction of the building. Today the ruins still attracting visitors from around the world.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

For nearly 4,000 years, the Pyramid built for Pharaoh Cheops (Khufu) outside the modern city of Cairo remained the tallest building on Earth. It was designated at one of the “seven wonders” of the world, and still holds mysteries today.

The Tower of London

Over the centuries, many famous historical figures resided for periods of time in the Tower of London, the traditional site where the British government stores the royal crown jewels.


These ruins in Pakistan once formed the heart of a vibrant civilization; the city’s identically shaped, regular rectangular buildings likely represented one of the first planned communities.

Uluru-Ayers Rock

A center of Aboriginal culture in Australia for thousands of years, visitors tour this historic monolith by helicopter, on foot or with camels.

The Kremlin

The beautiful, historic Kremlin constituted a fortified city within Moscow. It contains numerous structures and exceptional works of art.

The Eiffel Tower

Built in 1889, this romantic steel structure appeals to many people. It also offers excellent skyline views of Paris!

Machu Pichu

This outstanding abandoned Incan city towers at 7,970 elevations amidst the Andes Mountains.

The Great Wall of China

Extending at its height for over 5,500 miles, this massive defensive wall protected China from nomadic invaders during centuries of warfare. It draws tourists today, remaining one of the most incredible fortifications in the world.

Mount Rushmore

Some 400 workers under the direction of Gutzon Borglum carved this 60 foot high landmark in South Dakota into a steep cliff face using automated machinery between 1925 and 1941. The monument depicts several celebrated Presidents.


You’ll treasure the memories acquired visiting these extraordinary sites. All of them offer profound insights into the past and the present.

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My trip to Peru in a Peruvian style!


Well, let me admit first, my main reason for visiting Peru was to experience the famous Incan city of Machu Picchu. And why not!  After all, who will not like to see the new Seven Wonder of the World – Machu Picchu. But, Peru isn’t just about Machu Picchu. I and my “bestie” decided to explore what makes this city so enchanting among tourists during our trip to Peru in February.

Sometimes, in the course of your travels, you would like to visit a place not for its famous sights or adventurous venues, but for its particular energy, style and culture. Peru is one of those places. Peru allows you to immediately bond with the people you meet and the city will take your heart by storm. We visited these top four tourist attractions in Peru.

Machu Picchu – The “Wonder World” for me!
It was really amazing to see Machu Picchu in person because I have always seen it in Travel Magazines. You just can’t believe it until you explore this most celebrated and mysterious of ancient Andean cities. We had short walks around Machu Picchu, climbed up the mountain of Wayna Picchu and visited the well-restored ruin of Phuyupatamarka. But, still I am not able to decide whether the Machu Picchu travel extravaganza was a spiritual journey or it was an adventurous journey? Well, to get the answer, I have decided to travel to Machu Picchu again in coming year.


Best of Lima
Often, Lima is used as the ‘layover’ en route to Cusco city, but it typically gets overlooked by tourists. Lima is known for its historical cathedrals, eerie catacombs and the main of course, traditional Peruvian cuisine. I wanted to enjoy the Lima’s electric nightlife as well, so we headed to one of the casinos in the city. Along with trying our luck on cash games and playing 3D slots, roulette, black jack, we also tried to have a lot of fun alongside!

Loved my first surfing experience in Mancora
Located on the Pacific coast of Peru, the Mancora town is famous for its pristine beaches, surfing facilities and an amazing atmosphere. I love beach lounging and catching waves and Mancora is an ideal place for people like me. The combination of perfect waves, strong winds and summer weather in Mancora made my surfing experience an unforgettable one!

Pink Salt? Really? What is it?
Sacred Valley of the Incas is famous among cultural connoisseurs. The remarkable archaeological landscape and lush green sites made me a history buff during my visit to the Scared Valley! I also purchased some pink Peruvian salt harvested by local families since “Incan times.” Oh, yes! Let me tell you one thing. You can purchase this highly prized Peruvian salt on site for a song!

After we returned back from our trip, we thought that there is so much more to Peru, which needs to be uncovered during our next excursion. After all, one trip to the home of Incan heritage is not enough. You need to travel again and again in order to get to its real Peruvian roots! I also learned that people don’t need to be a history buff, starving artist or professional photographer in order to appreciate this ancient place – Peru. Just enjoy this place in a Peruvian style! And, then you will get to know what does blissful feeling means to a traveller!

Featured photo credit: By Martin St-Amant (S23678) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

First photo credit: By Martin St-Amant (S23678) (Français : Travail personnel English: Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Natural Wonder: Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls (1)

        Have you ever dreamed of spending your summer holiday, visiting some of the most exotic places on Earth? Are you looking for a lifetime experience, that will take your breath away? An experience, which you will never be able to forget and still, that will  get you lost in the miracle that is Nature? Then a wonderful trip to one of the most fascinating tourist destination is definitely the best choice for you! What do we mean? We are talking about the tallest waterfall on Earth – Angel Falls! With its significant 3, 212 feet, this natural wonder is almost 20 times taller than the Niagara Falls. Many people know it as Kerepakupai Vená,which literally means “waterfall of the deepest place“. So here is some further information on the topic.             

     The waterfall is located in the Canaima National Park , Gran Saban Venezuela. It is a part of the Churuta river. During the rainy season, strong winds disperse the water and the waterfall is embraced with a thick fog of water drops.

      The waterfall is named after an American aviator, called Jimmie Angel, who  in 1933 first discovered the waterfall and only four years later, in 1937, become the first man flying above it.  Unfortunately, his plane crashed and Jimmie, together with three other people, including his wife Marie, had to walk 11 days to get to civilization. In honor of their braveness, the locals decided to name the waterfall after the leader of the expedition – Angel.

Angel Falls as a tourist destination

      Kerepakupai Vená, simply Angel Falls, is one of the top tourist attractions in Venezuela. Every year, thousands of people come to admire the magnificence and beauty of the waterfall. However, you must know that a trip to the famous fall is definitely a challenge. Although the waterfall is the most visited tourist destination in Venezuela, it managed to remain isolated from the civilization. It can be reached only by plane or by feet ( although such a journey can be really exhausting). Also, you can be given the opportunity to sail upstream in a canoe, then use another vehicle to overcome the rapids , and finally – experience an one-hour adventure, walking  through the jungle, situated at the foot of the waterfall itself. Very often, the enthusiasm of tourists vanishes as soon as they see the majestic Angel wrapped in a shroud of clouds.

     During the drought period (which takes place from the beginning of January till the end of May) this magnificent waterfall is just a thin stream of water, diffusing  into the fog. However, as soon as the rainy season comes (from the beginning of June till late December), it suddenly turns into a powerful and picturesque wonder of Nature.

        South America abounds with waterfalls, but there is something that makes the Angel falls a really desired destination. This is the journey to it. The exciting expedition, which really gets you lost into a lifetime adventure; the rush of adrenaline, that can make you feel like a real explorer.

Author Bio: Morgan loves to travel and explore new places. Currently he works for and he earns enough money for his adventures.

The Magic Mirror: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Bolivia (1)


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” Nope, not that kind of mirror. Try again. This time don’t imagine your bathroom mirror, but a whole salt flat covering an area of 10, 582 square kilometers. Can you visualize it? Of course you can’t – the human mind wasn’t constructed to grasp concepts of this magnitude. All you really need to know is that’s big (and by “big” I mean “ginourmous”).

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world (I think we’ve already established it was kind of big) and consequently, the mineral deposits there create the biggest natural mirror on the planet. In fact, there are so many raw material in the area that it’s calculated it contains about 43% of the world’s lithium supply (in case you’re bad at math, that’s nearly half).

 All that’s needed for this simple aggregation of minerals to turn into the world largest mirror is a bit of water. The place is absolutely magical and breathtaking in all its glory and magnificence. If you want to experience a dream while being a awake; the feeling that you’re walking on the clouds; or simply observe the most surreal view you can’t even imagine, Salar de Uyuni is a must visit location.

 The Lake

Some 40, 000 years ago, Salar de Uyuni used to be a lake. Now part of the Altiplano, the Bolivian high plateau formed during the rise of the Andes, Salar de Uyuni is a major route, a tourist attraction and source of income for many people who work there.

 Economics aside, Salar de Uyuni is one of the most beautiful places on the planet – a true “Heaven on Earth”. The magical mirror effect is just a part of its charm. The flat surface truly gives you the sense of transcendental sophistication. It makes you rethink what truly matters in life and enables you to achieve full tranquility, showing you that you’re just a small part of a much bigger scheme – something you can never realize until you accept that fact.


The View

The view, itself, will leave you speechless. This is the most impressive stationary spectacle you can ever witness. The static wilderness seems to be lifeless, yet you feel there is so much going on. Time seems to stop for you, but it’s like it proceeds to the rest of the world. While you are locked in the moment, you can see all the little things people worry about and their insignificance in the long run. Past, present and future become one and you see everything much more clearly.

 The Silence

Finding an isolated place in the vast salty wilderness is really easy and I think it’s important that you’re left with yourself at least once so you can reflect on your life (or just stand there, looking at yourself and taking selfies; I’m not here to judge). The only sounds disturbing the natural silence around are the winds. When you focus adamantly enough, you can almost hear them talking to you. Like I said, going to Salar de Uyuni is the most surreal experience conceivable. Just make sure you tell somebody where you’re going if you decide to take a hike – we don’t want you getting lost or anything. You have been warned!


 Overall, visiting the Salar de Uyuni is a magical experience you should live through at least once in your life. The place is unique in everything it represents and gives you the singular opportunity to achieve peace with yourself like very few places in the world can offer. The inherent beauty of the salt flat is only surpassed by its mystical radiance. This is definitely one of the places you must visit before you die.

Author Bio: Morgan Johnes is passionate traveler and blogger geek. He currently works as a manager at and he loves his job. In his spare time he loves to travel and blogging.

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Experiencing Bogotá on a bike – Bogotravel Tours


Who considers cycling in a city that still holds the reputation (at least in Europe) of being dangerous and chaotic? When I first verbalized my idea of doing so, many of my friends back in London thought I was insane. Considering they dislike the streets of the our english capital due to the ruthless drivers, I guess I can’t blame them.

But as in any big city, exploring the attractions and neighborhoods by bike provides you with a unique perspective that you cannot get when traveling by bus or foot. Therefore, i am eager to give this little homage to cycling in big cities and I picked my experience in Bogotá as the best example why everyone should leave their fears behind and swing themselves on this great Eco-vehicle.

I only had three days in Bogotá, before my boat to Mexico took off from Cartagena. I have been in Colombia in 2007 and got to know many parts of Colombia back then. However, because I only spent one night in Bogotá, I decided to give this city a chance this time and planned a stay of three days.

Being an absolute cycle fan, I was sure I wanted to do a bike tour in order to see attractions on and off the tourist track that are not reachable on foot. I did some research before and I found a bike tour company in Bogotá. It is a local company –Bogotravel Tours – a family run business. I chose the local operator, because I looked for a colombian perspective and an overall richer experience – and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who will visit Bogotá.

We started off with a small group in La Candelaria where the bike shop is located. It is the colonial centre of Bogotá and houses a variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, universities and last but not least around 60 backpacker hostels.

Being in a small group gave us plenty of opportunities to ask questions as well as take photos without being rushed to the next destination which I really appreciated.

Our first stop brought us to an amazing graffiti area where we learned about the spraying and art culture on the walls of Bogotá. We cycled further through the Candelaria, stopped at the oldest plaza of the city and made our way to the political centre – the Plaza Simon Bolivar.

There, Fernando our tour guide explained to us what happened here during the armed conflict and how his family experienced these terrifying events. It was extremely interesting to get such a perspective. Further on, we stopped at the president’s palace where señor Santos is base and took some nice pictures with the traditionally dressed officers that were guarding the gates.

Then on to the “Septima”, a street in the heart of Bogotá that is closed for cars from 10am to 8pm or 6pm on weekends, respectively - what a great concept. We made our way through street vendors, entertainers as well as locals and tourists that were using the vehicle free zone for a stroll. I loved the atmosphere and being on a bike felt like I was part of this fascinating city already.

Next stop was the bullfight arena whose style was inspired by Moroccan architecture. We were able to go inside and have a look around while Fernando brought us the bullfighting culture closer. I didn’t even know it was that popular in Colombia or rather, so controversially discussed.

Slowly we were getting hungry and at the right time after visit the German and English colonial neighborhoods we had a stop in the Parque Nacional were we tried some local delicious food from the grill as well as exotic fruits. Fernando told us about the local customs and types of fruits, their heritage and usage. I saw and tasted fruits I didn’t even know existed.

Further stops on our tour added to my rich experience; we visited a little coffee factory where we had the chance to try delicious Colombian “cafe”. I don’t think I want to drink any other coffee again.

Slowly we made our way back to the office, having taking longer than planned, we were all fully stimulated and happy by all the information Fernando provided and the attractions we saw and local neighborhoods we visited.

I felt like I discovered Bogotá in a new way, with colonial houses, local chats, English Victorian style neighborhoods, the pedestrian dominated Septima, the graffiti culture and much more.

Thanks to the renovated infrastructure, cycling in the “chaotic and dangerous capital of Colombia” was easy and I felt safe at all times. I would not have visited all these places on my own, apart from the fact that it would have been too far on foot.

I loved the tour and being able to hear stories of historical events and the development that Bogotá underwent in recent years from Fernando as a local – first hand – I cannot stress enough how satisfied I was with this tour and how glad I was a I went with Bogotravel tour. Here is their contact for anyone interested:


Adress:   Calle 12 F No 2-52

Phone: 57—1 2826313

Movil: 57-313–3680441 (24 hours)



It will be the richest experience you can have in Bogotá – enjoy!!

- Berny81


“Image courtesy of hin255 /”.

Top 4 Beach Destinations In The U.S.

beach destinations

Summer is almost here, which means millions of Americans are preparing to flock to the beaches in only a few months. This is the most popular time of the year to book summer vacations, so it’s important to get on it if you haven’t began searching. Whether it’s the excitement of the Jersey Shore, the relaxing beaches of Florida, the sightseeing in Laguna Beach, or the serenity of an Outer Banks rental, below are the top three beach destinations in the U.S.

Cape May, New Jersey
Cape May, New Jersey is a cozy, tight-knit town furthest south off the New Jersey parkway – exit zero. Cape May has won numerous awards for it’s pristine beaches and family-fun attitude. The old Victorian beach houses are painted bright, fun colors and have retained the same charm since they were built, over a hundred years ago. Cape May hosts a variety of restaurants, with the most popular being The Lobster House, as well as many small businesses and family-owned shops. Cape May is home to many nature reserves, as well as museums and the Cape May lighthouse.

Clearwater Beach, Florida
Florida offers a large number of beaches to visit, with Clearwater Beach being among the top. Ideal for both couples and families, Clearwater beach offers a variety of activities such as fishing, dolphin watching, parasailing, as well as a few museums and aquariums to visit. People are drawn to Clearwater due to the white sandy shores and it’s close proximity to Tampa.

Outer Banks, North Carolina
The Outer Banks in North Carolina (also known as OBX) is perhaps one of the most affordable beach destinations. Large modern Outer Banks rental homes offer an ocean view (or beachfront if you’re lucky) and often boast swimming pools and hot tubs. Some popular destinations in the Outer Banks include Corolla, Nags Head, Duck, Manteo, Kill Devil Hills, and Kitty Hawk. North Carolina is known for its excellent golf courses, adding to the list of things to do while vacationing in OBX. The Outer Banks is ideal for beach lovers looking for relaxation.

Laguna Beach, California
Made famous by MTV’s hit series, Laguna Beach, the town is among the most fashionable in the state. Many people choose Laguna Beach not only for its pristine beaches, but the Hollywood-esque culture. Laguna Beach is located in Orange County and is full of artistic culture. Whether you’re spending the day out on the town or unwinding on the sandy beaches, Laguna Beach is a top vacation destination.

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Best Countries In The World For Teaching English

Best Countries

Teaching English as a foreign language overseas is popular both buy those on a career break and as a career in itself. What countries in the world are best for teaching English in right now?

Demand for English language skills remains high around the world. What makes a country good for teaching English as a foreign language in depends on the objectives of the teacher. For some the ability to save money may be key, for others living in another culture or working on their own language skills may be more important.

Japan and Korea

There are many countries in Asia that have high demand for English teachers. Of these the best paid are Japan and Korea.

Both Korea and Japan have very high standards for potential teachers. A degree and teaching qualifications are a must for those hoping to teach in these countries. Compensation is exceptionally good in these countries, making them a popular choice.

The cost of living in Japanese cities is very high, though wages for English teachers are high enough to save in many places. In Korea not only is the cost of living very low relative to the wages of English teachers, but it is normal for a flight allowance, and perhaps housing, to come with the contract.


In China the passing exams in the English language is essential for those looking to get ahead. The best universities all require English, and it is a part of the civil service entrance exams. Because of this (and China’s size) there is a huge market for English teachers, with native speakers being at something of a premium.

It is still possible to get English teaching jobs in China with lower levels of qualifications, but this is changing. Wages are subject to quite a degree of variation – but there is still fair potential for saving. Experienced teachers can often get a flight allowance as part of their contract.

Middle East

If you are a properly qualified native English speaker then there are some very attractive packages available in countries such as Saudi Arabia. Along with Saudi Arabia there are often well paid jobs in the UAE.

There are significant cultural differences between the Arab world and the west. While for some this can be off-putting, for others it can make the experience all the more rewarding.


It is not just the salary that makes a place good for teaching in (though of course that is important). If you are living and working in a place it has to suit you and your lifestyle. What would be good for you may not be the same for the next person.

In a number of countries, particularly in rural parts of China, there are few English speakers. This can be a little isolating, especially if you find the local language difficult to pick up. This is far from always being the case however.

The whole package being offered is something that you need to consider. For instance whether the language school has international health insurance for business or whether you will need to arrange your own.

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Honeymoons in Argentina: The Definitive Guide


Argentina may not be at the top of everyone’s honeymoon list but it’s certainly got a lot to offer and makes for a very memorable trip. Famed for its gauchos, tango, spectacular Patagonian scenery and its amazing wine and cuisine, Argentina is growing in popularity as a honeymoon destination. Here’s our guide to five definitive places to visit on an Argentine honeymoon.

Buenos Aires

There’s a unique blend of diverse culture and architecture in Argentina’s capital. Its people are famously passionate about their city and its cosmopolitan buzz somehow manages to blend its European heritage with hustle and bustle you’d expect from a South American capital. Fine architecture, amazing parrilla steak restaurants and a truly non-stop nightlife make Buenos Aires a fantastic place to visit.

Iguazu Falls

These spectacular waterfalls are stunning; 275 separate falls run for almost two miles on Argentina’s northeastern border with Brazil. Boardwalks and trails will give close-up views of the mighty falls, the highest around 270ft tall. If you don’t mind getting soaked -which can be quite refreshing on a hot day – take a boat or jeep safari into the heart of the pounding water. The best time to visit is May during the rainy season when the falls are at full flow.


In the shadow of the Andes is the historic city of Mendoza, the gateway to Argentina’s wine country. Take a tour of the vineyards that are producing some of the world’s best wines, or head for a tasting room in Mendoza to sample a vast selection of wines produced here. Mendoza has some of the country’s best restaurants and is renowned for its late nights – no one goes out before midnight but when the bars gets going, you’ll be dancing until dawn.


One of the world’s wildest and most remote regions, Patagonia is a stunningly beautiful landscape of glaciers and Andean peaks. On the border between Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is a mix of isolated stretches, protected national parks, rugged coastline, and historic settlements. Visit very Welsh towns such as Trevelin where immigrant sheep farmers once settled, and brought a very British feel to this most South American of places. And in coastal towns, forsake traditional Argentine beef for delicious seafood fresh from the icy waters of the South Atlantic.

Ranch stay in the Pampas

For a “real” Argentinean experience, try a ranch stay in the Pampas for your honeymoon with a difference. Become a gaucho – Argentina’s answer to America’s cowboys – and go cattle rustling on horseback on traditional working ranches. The cattle farms welcome visitors who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, but most also provide luxury accommodation to soothe weary bones when the working day is done.

This article was produced by Journey Latin America – one of the leading providers of honeymoons and holidays to Argentina and other South American countries.