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Escaping the Cold: 6 Destinations to Consider for your Fall Break Vacation

It is the fall with summer long gone. The vacation mode is still in high gear to get one last warm vacation experience in before the holidays. There are a host of destinations with more than a warm climate to offer. Activities from water sports, hiking, golfing, and more can be found in these following six vacation stops.

Las Vegas

Go land-lock and have a fantastic time. This city has more to offer than just casinos. The biggest names in entertainment have shows in this paradise in the desert. A variety of cuisine with affordable pricing and buffet-style abounds. Weather is always nice with clear evening skies for cruising the strip. Hotel packages with resort-styled pools, cabanas, and stainless steel grilling stations add more allure.

Key West

Every day is a beach day in this city. Bath tub warm waters will have visitors participating in a host of water sports. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skis are just some of the activities to enjoy. Known as the Conch Republic, fresh seafood of a large variety is available. Book a deep sea fishing trip and grill dinner. They say New York never sleeps, but the same can be said about Key West.

Myrtle Beach

The beaches of South Carolina have a flavor all their own. Weather is the perfect high 70s with cooler evenings. This city has all-inclusive packages from places like Sands Resorts where guests do not have to leave the resort. Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean, panoramic views and sea breezes will captivate. Flawless golf courses, water parks and four or five star hotels are more incentives.


For spectacular beaches, international cuisine, and a busy nightlife, this city has loads to offer. The fall season has low humidity for carriage and rickshaw rides along Collins Avenue. Forget about an itinerary in this city, just put on the sun screen and head out. Plenty of flights and hotel room packages make this an attractive destination.


Pulling out passports to a warm and exotic location in Mexico is a definite option. There will be plenty of sun and night life with authentic cuisine. This is another location for all-inclusive fun. While Cancun is known for its beaches and sun, visiting the Mayan ruins would offer a world-class ancient museum experience.


Keep passports near for this lovely destination. Paris is at its best during the fall season as temperatures are crisp for evening strolls along the Seine River or at a scrumptious meal. The top museums in the world are located here with the Palace of Versailles as an example.

The suggested fall trips listed could be a bucket list. Vacationers can spread them out over a period of years. Each season offers its own set of activities. Have fun with planning these vacations as they are the spice of life. Don’t forget the camera!

How to Obtain a Remarkable Scuba Diving Adventure in the Caribbean

The world’s famous overflowing scuba diving opportunities can be found in the Caribbean islands. The warm climate that you can feel in both air and water and the great water visibility make the country a perfect place for a land and water exploration. You can take your family for a real scuba diving adventure which is guaranteed to give you a remarkable experience. With the popularity of scuba diving in many islands in the country the scuba diving industry was changed and developed to meet the needs and demands of divers. The country has been considered as one of the top provider of scuba diving education in the whole world. Your adventure in the Caribbean should start in finding an island, pursuing the adventure and obtaining a remarkable experience.

The Illustrious Island for Diving in Caribbean

Bonaire, located not far from the east of Aruba has almost taken the lead over the other islands in the scuba diving categories. The island is popular tourist spots because of the wide range of magnificent dive sites, stunning sea life, Marine Park and intricate reefs, which are heavily protected by the authorities. The reefs are the special homes of varied types of macro critter and have different enchanting display of colors and shapes that amaze every type of divers.

Where to Start Getting Wet and Pursuing the Adventure

Bonaire offers numerous diving sites and some are easily accessible in the shore marked with yellow rocks. For more information on the locations you ask the resort attendant and sports on for the appropriate dive site number. You go with the other divers and take your own gears, rent a truck and drive to the location. The shallow diving sites in these areas make scuba diving in Bonaire a fun activity for the whole family. The favorable environment makes it easier for all ages to enjoy this kind of water sports and pursue a remarkable adventure.

Most Bonaire diving resorts also provides lessons for interested individuals. Tanks are also available for the guests round the clock for the entire days of the week. The most plentiful perfect locations for diving can be found just right on the resorts. This is a perfect place for a real gratifying adventure with the family.

You Will Have the Most Comfortable Atmosphere for a Memorable Adventure

With a water visibility of up to 100 feet and summer temperature of about 75 degrees F to 85 degrees F, the place offers the most exciting and comfortable adventure you ever wanted. The bright sunny island of the Caribbean is perfect for a family who loves adventure. Scuba diving can be added to their list of awe inspiring excursions. If the entire members of the family have decided to take the challenge of scuba diving in Caribbean, Bonaire can be the best option.

Diving resorts are perfect for anyone who seeks a quick escape from the life of the city. This is one way to open your eyes and appreciate for the wonders of nature while making an unforgettable experience.

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Charles has a passion for traveling and visiting new places. Due to this, he has written various informative articles to help people know where they can visit to

Boutique Hotels In Palm Springs -Scenic Beauty With Facilities

The whole idea of the boutique hotels are bit different from the big chain of hotels. The difference is in the services and facilities they provide. Mainly these kinds of hotels are found in the region of North America. Each and every boutique hotel has unique identification feature. Now they are different from each other due to their different kind of ambiance they provide to the customer. These kinds of hotels always have themes and the hotels are decorated as per the theme. The specialty of these hotels is that they have guest rooms and the count of the rooms can be anything ranging 3 rooms to 100 rooms. Now each and every room is different from others. They have the all the facilities that other hotels have like the telephone, internet, TV, air-condition and the room service.

Where to go

Now if you are planning for a holiday then you must try the boutique hotels in Palm Springs. Now the question is why Palm spring? The answer to the question is you will be able to find good weather all around the year along with the natural beauty. For these reasons the Palm Spring has become a popular place for the tourists. Palm Spring is considered as the best place and many people have spent their time there just to relax and rejuvenate. The people who want their holiday to be unique, they should visit the boutique hotels as they have the kind of modern architecture.

Options available in the town

There are several options available in the town. They have all the required facility a hotel should have. All the boutique hotels in Palm Springs have a very good scenic beauty. In these hotels they have different kinds of decoration like fountains and swimming pools etc. The swimming pools have the facility of supplying hot water and they have the facility of Jacuzzi as well. There are some hotels that mainly provide the ambience of house party. The transportation to the hotels is very much connected from the airport.

Other Facilities

Boutique hotels in Palm Springs do provide the facilities of the

  • Restaurant
  • shopping centers
  • nightclubs
  • pubs

The restaurants do have the multi-cuisine food availability. The first and foremost criteria we look for while booking a hotel is the rates of the hotels. Now the rate of the hotels at times is directly related to the luxury or the facility they provide. Now if you are wandering how to book the hotels, the solutions are you can always opt for the options of local tour operators or you can always book the hotels online. When you choose to do the advanced booking, you might get discount on the rates and that will help you get the hotels at the best rate. The rates also depend upon the season of the year. This is a very common business strategy that the rates are also reduced at times. This actually enhances the profit margin and it maximizes the count of the visitors.

Lisa used to live in Palm Springs and loves to write about the area and all the great things to see and do there. 

Sailing Events in The Caribbean

The Heineken Regatta

Top 3 – Sailing Events in the Caribbean

With crystal clear waters, warm ocean breezes and miles of picturesque coastline it’s no wonder that the Caribbean is a sailing hotspot that attracts thousands of Sailors and maritime enthusiasts every year. Here we take a look at some of the very best sailing events the Caribbean has to offer.

Antigua Sailing Week

What began as a small event with just 10 boats is now one of the highlights of the Caribbean sailing calendar attracting up to 200 competing vessels and a raft of sailing enthusiasts.

Most of the festivities centre on Nelsons dockyard with the majority of the sailing taking place off of the south coast of Antigua. Along with the countless action on offer from the myriad of vessels there are also numerous parties and events taking place, all guaranteeing a true festival feel.

Antigua sailing week runs from April the 27th of April to the 3rd of May 2013 and we recommend staying at The Blue Waters Resort. Situated on the northern tip of the island this resort guarantees a luxury stay with a beachfront location and five star service, all while being just 35 minutes from the heart of the festivities.

Grenada Sailing Festival

A proud seafaring nation, not to mention one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean
(after Antigua of course!) Grenada has hosted its sailing festival since 1994 and has seen its popularity steadily increase over the years.

The sailing boats that take part in this inter island festival are built specifically for the event, and with each boat costing over EC$12,000 it’s clear just how passionate Grenadians are about their sailing.

The event begins with yachts from their respective communities competing against one another; the winners of these heats then take on boats built specifically for the event, meaning a huge amount of island pride is on the line!

The Grenada sailing festival runs from the 1st to the 3rd of February 2013.


The Heineken Regatta – St Maarten

Beginning in 1980 with just 12 entrants The Heineken Regatta has grown to be one of the most popular events in the Caribbean. Featuring boats from as far afield as Russia and with entertainment from the Black eyed Peas and The Marley Brothers the event offers a non stop party atmosphere.

Four days of sailing begin with the Gill Commodores Cup and each day offers a new finishing location, thus ensuring the whole island gets into the party spirit.

Offering VIP Parties, a never-ending supply of cocktails, 2,500 sailors, 1,000 visitors and countless world class performers The Heineken Regatta is a truly unique Caribbean sailing experience.

The Heineken Regatta runs from the 28th of February to the 3rd of March 2013

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To enjoy all of the sailing events The Caribbean has to offer visit Blue Waters Hotel Antigua

Cruising & Cruise Ships All the Way From Caribbean to All-Inclusive


Cruises and winter cruise ship travels offer a myriad of adventures to different world travelers on their vacations.  To some it’s the adventure of a different port of call every day.  To others its familiar surroundings, luxury and entertainment without having to change lodgings.  Others yet just see cruises and cruise ships as great way to holiday in luxury and comfort.  Yet there is little doubt about the travel industry numbers – people who climb aboard cruise-liners are triple annually what they counted and measured a decade ago. Yet what should novices know about this form of conveyance during getaways?

Cruise Ships Seem to Go Everywhere in 2012 & 2013 – Still Do Your Homework:

First of all consider your destination and ship / cruise line options.  True the liners seem to go just about everywhere on the globe in 2012 and 2013. Yet you may not be able to match up your timing of a tour to your destination or destinations areas along with trip length and budget.  Do your homework thoroughly ahead of time so that you can match your needs and not be disappointed.

For Newbie’s & Cruising Novices Start with Week to 10 Day Trip Scheduled Durations:

To begin with novices and first timers typically are drawn to 7 to 10 day trip setups.  Anything shorter – say 4 to six day jaunts often just seem to be too short a whirlwind to starter types.  The common remark is that I did not see much & that my vacation away from the cold of Grand Cache was over before it began.  Add to that your travel time down to the port of sail may be longer on record than your time at sea.  Hence if you have the time to bank off work – then plan for at least that week to 10 day cruise-holiday length. Its best vacation-practice recommended by travel-agents and just makes for best overall economy and satisfying break.

Splurge on Your Room Or Save for Partying & Off-Shore Port Buys & Deals ?

Next in line to consider is your room and accommodations on-board.  Do you save on room or cabin rentals and have cash left over for partying drinking and buying trinkets offshore in Cancun?  It’s your call.  Yet is this a case of penny-wise and pound foolish living in a small windowless cavern tucked deep in the bowels of the ship instead of more spacious and luxurious digs better situated ( and of course more costly ) elsewhere.  True there is a happy medium for most.  You don’t have to book the most expensive state room complete with a balcony and picture windows.  Yet you still can have a more comfortable and cozy layout – or perhaps a suite – and not live in a tiny windowless closet where it can be said that “even the mice had hunchbacks”.  Live a little as they say it’s your time in the sun.

Deals on Bookings – It Depends on Your Flexibility – Pre-Booking Discounts or Last Minute Deal Reservations:

Lastly there are at least two ways to reduce costs and find a bargain when booking.  Some travel experts feel its best to book ahead and get early season first-bookings discounts.  This is best for those with a more fixed schedule and need to plan ahead for the office vacation schedule.  It’s a wise strategy to plan ahead of time, set things in stone and book ahead to take advantage of these early booking discounts.  Others, especially those who are afforded more flexibility – retired people and the like- can get the bargains of “last minute travel” and “sell offs”.  The travel and hospitality industry is a business like all others.  Unsold seats or bookings are holes in the water that pay no bills or costs.  A last minute ticket sold is found money to the cruise ship organization and most likely an excellent deal for your travel budget.  Have fun.  Always remember that the best day spent at the office is seldom as good or as much fun as the worst day of your vacation sailing on the water.

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Sylia Q. Roo

Roo lives to travel.  Although her home base is in Mexico City itself she will take people and travelers anywhere and everywhere in the Mexican countryside or tourist destinations they wish.  Many it seems seem to focus on the Mayan temples of Chichen Itza.  While ship cruises are her fascination and shopping port side for trinkets is great she says – she always relishes in finding her guests good . clean & inexpensive accomomodation be it in Puerto Morelos or even in the larger centers of Mexico City , Cancun or Playa del Carmen

The Unique Natural Wonders of New Caledonia


Tourism is the largest industry in the Pacific paradise that is New Caledonia, a French colony offering the best of both Melanesian and French cultures in its own unique islander fusion. The other trend increasing on the islands is the ever rising interest in local real estate on the part of those that can afford to live here on a more permanent basis. Here are a few natural reasons why they would want do just that…

Gecko Paradise

New Caledonia boasts the world’s largest bio-diversity per square kilometre. Much like in Australia, flora and fauna have developed here in virtual isolation, resulting in many species endemic to this remote corner of the world. For example, New Caledonia has 10 times more reptile species than Australia! They have overtaken the islands, as they thrive in tropical heat and do not require a large territory for survival. So if you’re keen, you’ll be able to count 27 species of skinks and 21 species of geckos while here! The largest gecko specimen, nocturnal Leaches Giant Gecko, can get to 40cm in length, and I suspect, has developed the fat gene! It’s a little tough to spot due to fantastic camouflage abilities, however if you’re lucky to catch one moving, you’ll be able to tell it’s there due to the vibrant yellow-coloured soles of its feet.


There are plenty of birds to spot on the islands but a few particularly stand out. The cute lime-green Uvea Parakeet lives only on Uvea Island. They are on the brink of extinction however, due to loss of natural habitat. The Cagou is New Caledonia’s national bird and again, a truly unique one at that. Although related to cranes, it bears some similarities to NZ’s kiwi, also facing endangered status due to its flightless nature, barking noises, one egg per year habit and nesting-on-the-ground preferences. However, it makes up for a totally impractical nature with looks and dancing abilities, boasting a lovely long crest which gets put to good use during complex courtship rituals. So consider traveling to New Caledonia to see this while you still can.

The Nautilus

The Nautilus is truly a remnant of the dinosaur era, and has been around for about 100,000,000 years! Nautilus Macromphalus, is endemic to New Caledonia (of course), and is the only cephalopod with an external shell, up to 30cm in length. This fascinating and mysterious creature has its own propulsion system, as some of the sections of its shell are filled with gas and others with water or air to adjust buoyancy. The Noumea Aquarium managed to breed some, although scientists know zip about the nautilus reproductive system to this day! Cala, Stuckie and Nemo are doing well and can still be admired at the Aquarium.

Marine Life

The only land mammals you’ll be able to spot in New Caledonia are fruit bats and rodents, plus deer which were introduced by the French. However it is the amazing underwater world that attracts most visitors here. Although a snorkeller’s paradise, New Caledonia is also home to some dangerous creatures like the poisonous sea snake Tricot Rayé, characterised by beige and black stripes, and a bite that can kill you in 5 minutes. The Kanaks, indigenous people from the islands, have a good saying about them: “Leave them alone and they’ll do the same.”

If you are into sea slugs, you’ll love spotting the many colourfully spectacular species while snorkelling and scuba-diving. There are of course plenty of coral reef visitors to check out as well, including gorgeous tropical fish, dolphins, dugongs sharks and whales…

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Patricia Bieszk is a freelance writer who loves to travel around the world to admire creatures great and small.

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Malta Holidays Most Popular Through Recession

malta holiday

A UK based comparison site for holidaymakers has described Malta as a major surprise as many European families choose Malta holidays over other islands. With its burgeoning businesses and tourists spots, Malta has become one of the most travelled to hotspots for holidaymakers.

Fun in the Sun

As most European families take a break from winter and rain, most are shedding their raincoats and taking off on Malta holidays because of its 300 days of sun. The small island has recorded the largest tourist influx this year.

The recession has affected Europe in the most extreme ways but so many people have still managed to take Malta holidays this year. Considering the packages on offer and the fact that Malta, Gozo and Comino are fast becoming a business destinations, the attraction to everything Maltese is at an all-time high. This year has shown an increase of tourists with EU and non-EU tourists by 19%, which is 7.2% more than last year. This July has proved to be the most productive in terms of Malta holidays.

Malta is extremely popular with British holidaymakers making up for 24% of the influx of the total tourist figure. After Malta holidays many British citizens have made Malta their home as it provides absolutely everything in the way of great location, weather, business, tourism and all round family friendly lifestyles. Festivities are on the go towards the end of the year with many foreign families witnessing the islands traditional way of doing things. Fun and excitement to be had for sure.

The affordable holidays on Malta have been met with Malta tourism dealing with nearly double its tourist intake. As certain parts of the UK deal with an extremely wet and windy winter, Malta holiday packages include hotels and dinner for £70 a night. The warm summer evenings and crystal waters are for free. Tourists are often looking for island getaways that provide affordable accommodation and a wealth of activities to enjoy. Malta has it all with the warm sun, white beaches, historical temples – the oldest in the world – prime diving sites which include underwater temples, so dating back to prehistoric times, festivities and a multitude of activities that include water parks and dress-up parks for children to enjoy. Malta holidays are reputed to be quality for little cash quantity.

The affordability of Malta holidays makes it an extremely coveted tourist spot, particularly during the rough financial times that many are facing.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics. For her most recent family holiday to Malta she stayed at the Topaz Hotel Malta and found a multitude of topics to write on while she lazed on the beach.