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Boutique Hotels in and Around Sydney


Sydney is a city that is filled with many interesting activities. From chilling on a beach, to sailing, dining, cultural events or shopping, the city has got you covered. You can also find great quality accommodation options, and the number of boutique hotels in Sydney is getting bigger and bigger. What follows is a list of 5 beautiful boutique hotels in this magnificent city.

Establishment Hotel

Establishment is a luxurious hotel in the very center of Sydney. It is conveniently near the Sydney Harbour, the botanical gardens and the Opera House. Establishment is an award winning hotel as it won the Best Boutique Hotel award in 2013.

Before it was a hotel, the Establishment was a warehouse in the city centre. Now, it has 31 guest rooms, 2 Penthouse suites and 3 restaurants with Asian and Australian cuisine and three bars. You can also enjoy a fine breakfast in the elegant garden terrace.

The Darling

This is the first 5-star hotel built in the 21st century. It is rather young and very luxurious. It boasts cutting edge technology and modern design, combined with aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior. The Darling is a redevelopment of the Star complex, located near the Sydney Harbour.

What is another benefit of staying here are the stunning views of the Blue Mountains and the Harbour Bridge, other than the amazing view of the Sydney’s skyline. Furthermore, the hotel offers a pool which scented with eucalyptus, rooms that are equipped with Egyptian cotton sheets and a Japanese restaurant.

Avonmore on the Park

This hotel is in a close vicinity of the University of NSW, the Royal Randwick Racecourse and the Prince of Wales hospital. It is a beautiful historic property, built in 1888 as a Victorian mansion. Right now, Avonmore on the Park is a charming building renovated into a 4-star boutique hotel.

The hotel has 23 luxurious heritage rooms, 1 large meeting room and 7 suites. What radiates with historic flavour is the hotel’s grand terrace, but it also features pressed metal and wood carvings and stained glass which gives it a specific elegant touch. This is one of the best accommodation options in the Randwick area.


This is a hotel with staggering 200 suites! It is located in the center of the town in a building that was once the State Theatre. If you want to go stay somewhere unique, this is definitely the place to be. It is designed in the art deco and Gothic style and the staff that will welcome you is matched to the interior. They wear high heels, red wigs, berets and stockings, so you can go back in time and feel this special 18th century vibe.

QT has its own traditional barber, a coffee parlour, a chic cocktail bar and many other interesting features. You can indulge in quirky food such as chocolate covered bacon, and drinks that follow suit. This will definitely satisfy your need to get away from the ordinary world.

Sangoma Retreat

If you wish to stay further away from the city, then the Sangoma retreat in the Blue Mountains is the perfect option. In the Zulu language, sangoma translates to ‘healer’, and with a good reason. Here you can rest your soul and body and regenerate your overall physical and mental state. You will be close to nature in all of its calmness.

This is an ecological retreat with a proper certification and it boast a sauna, an infinity pool, and open plan lounge and five suites that are surrounded by nature. Some of the suits have beautifully designed window walls and charming fireplaces which make it ideal for a stay with your loved one.

There are a lot of boutique hotels in and around Sydney, so you can find literally anything that your heart desires. If you prefer something more modern or luxurious, an artsy place or a historic mansion, even a nature getaway, then Sydney will definitely meet all of your criteria. Enjoy yourself, immerse yourself in the parallel world of reworked buildings turned hotels and find a peace of mind in this hectic world that we find ourselves in.

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Places in Sydney that Guarantee Perfect Romantic Moments


When the great Harbor Bridge was built, who would have thought that it would inspire people to be romantic so much? According to Daily Mail article from September 2014, Harbor Bridge has been a place of over 4000 reported proposals. This puts it into the very top of the most romantic places. However, this is far from being the only romantic place in Sydney. There is a lot to see and do if you are a couple looking for some nice time together.

Botanical Garden

The diversity of different parts of the garden will make the whole day of exploring its magical corners a real thrill, perfect for couples. It is not just about the nicely cut grass and lovely looking trees. The garden itself has different areas with different types of plants. This means that the atmosphere and the vibe of those spots is unique and charming. Moreover, you can get a nice view of the Sydney Harbour in the back if you want to catch the famous landmark while the sun is setting and the two of you are having a nice picnic.

Luna Park

This park is full of awesome rides and attractions that can make your romantic day unforgettable and packed with adrenaline. Scientists say that a certain amount of fear increases the need to hug and kiss. What better and more fun way to do this, then to get into the Luna Park and try all those crazy rides. Besides, there is nothing as cute as your man winning a teddy bear prize for you.


If you choose a cruise for your romantic day in Sydney, you will experience all that this great city is about: water, sky and a beautiful coastline. The cruises usually go pass the most important landmarks in different parts of the day. You will be able to see tons of places and fantasize about that perfect wedding photography in Sydney. Many cruise captains offer a nice meal for two on the deck or in some of the lovely harbors. Either way, this is the perfect way to spend a day with your loved one.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is in the Darling Harbor and it is a symbol of friendship between two cities: Sydney and Guangzhuo. This combination of the ancient Chinese culture of the relationship with nature with the high Sydney buildings in the background perfectly reflects the unity of two different spirits. That just might be a perfect metaphor of some couples. This makes it a great spot for a proposal, as well. A nice day of walking along the diligently organized garden is a memorable experience for couples.

Balloon Ride

Flying over the wonderful Sydney and many other places along the way is among the most romantic things that you can do. The adventure and the adrenalin spice up the entire experience. That kind of happiness is genuine. Holding hands while observing the skyline and the entire city below you is definitely among the most romantic things you can do with your time.

Experiencing the city together is a great idea on its own. With the love of your life, even a simple walk down one of the streets is enough to make the day special. However, when you spice that together-time by organizing a day at some of these great spots, the whole experience is even more magical.

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10 Gorgeous Beaches You Must Visit Before You Die

culebra tankThere is nothing in the world quite like warm sand and a fresh ocean breeze. For those that are obsessed with beach vacations, here is a look at ten beaches that everyone should visit before they die.

Soufriere, St. Lucia
Originally settled by plantation owners in the 1700s, this island has become most well-known for honeymoon trips. The resorts offer practically every amenity and activity that a couple could dream of after getting hitched.

Anguilla, Leeward Island Chain
Anyone that wants to travel the Caribbean but steer clear of the more common tourist traps should consider Anguilla. This small island maintains an embargo on all cruise ships and commercial liners to keep the beaches clean and the atmosphere relaxing.

Cartagena, Columbia
As Columbia’s government and economy continue to stabilize, Cartagena has become a popular vacation spot with amazing weather throughout the entire year.

Corfu, Greece
Corfu is generally known as a port for cruise ships, but those that don’t spend at least a few days exploring the vibrant blue waters and pristine beaches are truly missing out.

Corsica, France
This island is a curious blend of chic designs and old world traditions. For Parisians, it remains one of the most popular vacation spots.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has a little something for everyone with hotels, motels, resorts, beachfront rentals, and more. This beach has become most well-known for live entertainment unlike anywhere else in the world and is popular for resort deals and packages from places like Sands Resorts.

Koh Samui, Thailand
Koh Samui offers visitors options ranging from sprawling villas to affordable camping spots with amazing weather during practically every season.

San Diego, California
When it comes to family fun and a unique vibe, San Diego is a great place to visit. For those that want a pristine beach with great surfing, La Jolla is a popular spot with a good blend of locals and visitors.

Bora Bora, Tahiti
While Bora Bora is just 18 miles long, it is filled with some of the nicest resorts in the world. Much like Soufriere, it is now recognized as a tropical getaway for romantic couples.

Culebra, Puerto Rico
Located in Culebra, Flamenco Beach is repeatedly given a position as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Casual camping is available, but visitors can also take a short bus ride into town for supplies or a hotel room.

This collection of 10 amazing beaches will allow you to travel the globe and enjoy some of the most iconic locations in the world.

5 Ways to Prepare for your Winter Vacation Now

5 Ways to Prepare for your Winter Vacation Now


If you are thinking about taking a winter vacation, then you should plan ahead to make sure you and your family stay warm, comfortable, and enjoy your trip. Here are simple ways to make sure you do just that.

Turn Down the Thermostat in Your Home

If you’re going to be gone for any length of time, then you may want to turn down the thermostat in your home. Since you won’t be using it, you should do this so that you don’t wind up paying for electricity that you didn’t use.

Make Sure You Wear the Right Shoes

If you and your family plan on spending any time outdoors, then the right pair of shoes or boots is also a crucial item for your vacation wardrobe. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, or simply sightseeing, you want to make sure your feet and ankles have support and warmth. Make sure everyone in your family has a supportive shoe or boot that wraps firmly around their ankle, and has a waterproof coating such as Gore-Tex. This is essential for keeping frost bite and wet socks at bay.

Renting Ski and Outdoor Gear

Leave your ski and outdoor recreation toys at home and rent from a company like Ski Butlers. They have everything you need to make your winter vacation safe, fun and affordable. This will help you pack light and save you headaches when you’re packing. It also helps you save money at their airports as you will have less baggage that you will have to check in.

Make Sure Your Passports and Photo IDs Are All Up to Date

If you and your family are traveling outside the United States, then it is important to make sure all of your family’s documents are up to date. This will help you get through customs quickly, but can also help identify you should something happen to you on the trip.

Take Your Car in For a Checkup

Your car needs to be ready for winter driving, so take it in to your nearest auto body shop and they can do all the legwork for you. They will put snow tires on for you, check your fluid levels, brakes, and shocks. They can even diagnose other important issues before they happen, so that you don’t wind up stuck.

Getting ready for winter traveling is not difficult, it simply takes a bit of forethought. Start planning your winter trip the right way.

Bageshwar – the hill town of Lord Shiva and a popular tourist destination in Uttarakhand


Bageshwar is a small town located on the conflux of Gomti and Saryu rivers in the state of Uttarakhand. It is a religious place home to several temples with majority of them dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is considered to be the land of the lord himself. Visit the quaint town for a relaxing vacation and pick from the best hotels in Bageshwar.

Nestled in the everlasting hillocks of the great Himalayan Range Bageshwar is a small town where nature blossoms to its fullest, gusting white water rambles down through the lush green jungle, and the snow capped peaks overlook the beautiful valleys below. It is a renowned trekking destination in north India as it houses a bunch of good trekking trails that certainly are fun. It is a town and headquarter of the district that shares the same name that is Bageshwar in the state of Uttarakhand. It is an old town where religion is the foremost attribute. A large number of temples dot the region, most of which are devoted to Lord Shiva and his consort.

Bageshwar 2

Tourists have been visiting the town since long. Bageshwar is one of the hot favorite destinations that are often picked by the travelers living in Delhi, Chandigarh, and other cities in central and northern India. It is about 470 k.m. from Delhi. Plus, there exist a number of popular tourist destinations such as Nanital, Pantnagar, Almora, and Tanakpur in the neighborhood of the town. Large number of normal as well as deluxe buses operates between the destinations. The nearest railhead is the Kathgodam railway station, which is about 180 k.m. to south.

Bageshwar is a perfect destination to spend a laid-back relaxing vacation, and tourists arrive here from far and wide. There is sufficient a number of hotels in Bageshwar to cater all the lodging needs of the guests. Although the place is still lacking some of the basic parameters of modernization but there exists a large number of hotels.

Mother Nature has always been rewarding to the town. The natural beauty of the place is simply heavenly and hard to match. Photography is one of the most popular activities here. Every nook and corner of the town is beautiful with the vantage points offering most panoramic views of hills and valleys. Bageshwar means the abode of Tiger, referring to Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva visited the place in the form of tiger and stayed here. The place where he stayed today houses a temple which is known as Bagnath Temple. It is dedicated to Lord and was built in 1450. The location is right at the confluence of Gomti and Saryu rivers, which further raises the religious importance of the temple.

Bageshwar 3

There is another temple of high reverence here, it is situated about 26 k.m. from the town and is called Baijnath Temple. The temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva and houses the idols of him and his consort, Mata Parvati. The other important temples here are: Chandika temple, Gauri Udiyar temple, Shitla Devi temple, Hanuman temple, Ramji temple, Golu temple, and Siddhartha Dham.

Bageshwar is also known for its events and festivals. The “melas” in particular are very popular and they are perhaps the best time for a tourist to be present in the town. Most of the melas occur during some religious festival. The whole town as well as the region around gets immersed in the milieu of festivity, celebration, and tradition. The melas provide multiple opportunities to explore religious, social, and cultural ethos of the region. There are lots of things to do during melas such as shopping, enjoy local music and dance, relish good food, etc.

4 creative weekend getaways in Queensland

Pic 1 - Brisbane River, Queensland, Australia

Queensland, the Sunshine State, is the second largest state in Australia, and a great place to visit if you are planning a week-long getaway from everyday life. A long weekend will do just as well.

What makes this state so popular is the fact that it is bordered by Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean, which makes it perfect for sunbathing, swimming and diving adventures, as well as for fieldtrips in the country.

Take a closer look at what it offers to tourists who want to get away from exhausting cities for a quick weekend adventure.

Pic 2 - Fraser Island

Take a day trip to an island

If you are a fan of sandy beaches and would like to visit the biggest sandy island in the world – take a day trip to Fraser Island, which even deserved its UNESCO World Heritage status back in 1992. And with good reason!

Fraser Island is located east of Australia, opposite Hervey Bay, and its nature will leave you breathless – creeks, woods and more than one hundred lakes which are perfect for swimming. It should definitely be your next stop this holiday.

Another great place to visit is Magnetic Island, on the Great Barrier Reef. This tropical idyll is a great place to spend your weekend on especially if you love palm-lined beaches and wildlife full of koalas and kangaroos.

Pic 3 - Cairns Australia

Diving and snorkeling locations

If you are open to diving adventure, Cairns is the right place for you.

Atherton Tablelands, a place with great historical background and diverse nature, lay near this city and you can visit it after you have had a snorkeling/diving adventure in the Great Barrier Reef.

And in the evening, you can watch the sunset in one of the city’s beautiful restaurants, parks as well as the swimming lagoon.

Since the tropical season lasts from November to May, you should definitely visit Cairns somewhere from June to October.

Pic 4 - Spa

Healthy holiday without stress

Many agree that mental health is the key to happy living. So, if you want to run away from everyday city noise, life-changing mental health retreats in Living Valley are the key.

Take a long weekend off from work and revitalize your body, mind and soul. You can either have a one-day spa treatments, make a three-day rejuvenator plan, or make your stay seven days long in a healthy and relaxing holiday package, or extend it to fourteen days long detox treatment in the best place on Earth.

Festival time is on!

Pic 5 - Noosa Food & Wine festival

And as for festival lovers, there are some wacky ones, such as the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival each May, and the Chinchilla Melon Festival in February.

More on food. Noosa International Food & Wine festival is being organised each year at Noosa Heads, where you can enjoy great food and beverages on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

And when it comes to music, if jazz is what you like, visit the Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival in Warwick.

Garden City organises Toowomba Easterfest which lasts for three days, so make sure not to miss it!

As you can see, Queensland is a territory full of surprises. There is practically not a minute during the day – and the year – which will stop you from moving – once you are there, you will run to see all that nature Queensland has to offer – and honestly, there are a lot of things to see.

About the author

Pic 6 - Author (revised)
Marie Nieves, student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She has always loved to travel, and she loves to talk about her experiences. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and loves to surf the Internet. An avid lover of photography and regular author on High Style Life.

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Egypt: Holidaying like a pharaoh

alexandria_coast (revised)

The culture of ancient Egypt continues to amaze scientists, archaeologists and the general public to this day: it was a society known for architectural, astronomical and mathematical proficiency, which built one of the greatest civilizations in the world, and left its indestructible mark on history. Since those ancient times Egypt has changed a great lot, but that mark continues to draw a great number of visitors; tourists, who combine the spectacular sightseeing and exploration of ancient Egypt culture with some amazing summertime resorts.

Mount_Sinai (revised)

Mount Sinai (source:, credit: Berthold Werner)

The main destinations for a relaxing summer vacation are the city of Alexandria and the Sinai Peninsula. Alexandria is actually the most popular summer resorts; its beaches, plus the ancient history exhibited in the city’s museums, make it a charming combination of rest and learning. Sinai takes pride in its natural attractions, such as the rich coral reefs or Mount Sinai. Beach resorts like Taba, Nuweiba or Sharm el-Sheikh, however, are more than ready to welcome those who’d rather spent their holiday sunbathing.

sharm-el-sheikh-beach (revised)
Beach at Sharm el-Sheikh (source:

Since the River Nile was always a focal point around which the life in Egypt revolved, there are many Nile cruises designed to show tourists the life around the mighty river. These cruises vary in routes and length, but most of them last seven nights; the shorter ones usually go from Luxor to Aswan, while the longer ones go all the way north to Dendera. Nile cruises usually consist of many day tours and activities to various locations are a viable option for those with adventurous spirit.

However, if you’re more interested in exploring the ancient temples and ruins, there are several locations you simply must not miss. Twenty kilometers southwest of Cairo lies Giza, with its centuries old historical monuments (some of them among oldest in the world, dating from the 26th century BC). Giza is the focal point of Egyptian tourism thanks to a number of major attractions such as the Great Sphinx and several great pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world (the only one which stands to this day) was the tallest manmade object for more than 3000 years, with the height of 146.5 meters.

Giza-pyramids (revised)
Aerial view of the pyramids of Giza (source:

The city of Luxor is spectacular as well. It’s often nicknamed “the world’s greatest open air museum” since there are numerous ruins, most notably temple complexes, which are surrounded by the modern city. On the other side of the Nile lies the Necropolis, and two valleys which served as burial sites for pharaohs and their wives – the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of Queens, both UNESCO protected World Heritage sites.

Luxor-Temple (revised)
Luxor Temple (source:

Also worth visiting is the Saqqara, a great burial ground which was the necropolis of Memphis, a capital of ancient Egypt. It is located 30 kilometers south of Cairo and it’s the site of the oldest step pyramid in the world and a number of mastabas, flat-roofed tombs which predate the pyramids.

Saqqara-StepPyramidComplex (revised)
Saqqara step pyramid complex (source:

There’s so much culture and history in this transcontinental country that we’ve barely scratched the surface. You can either choose a simple, relaxing holiday in Egypt at one of the summer resorts, or embark on a journey to explore ancient sites which will take your breath away – whichever you choice, you’re going to have the time of your life.

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The 5 Best Vacations for Fun and Stress Relief for Single Adults

The 5 Best Vacations for Fun and Stress Relief for Single Adults









Traveling solo allows you to experience new places, people, and activities that you might otherwise pass up when hanging out with people from home. This can be the ultimate stress reliever, so go ahead and plan that solo trip. Here are 5 of the best vacations for stress relief for single adults.

1. Barcelona

The Spanish love to party and Barcelona is known for attracting people from around the world who are traveling alone or with a group of friends. It’s a great place to meet other singles, and the bars and clubs stay open late. You will need a siesta in the afternoon, and being alone you have the freedom to have one. In the afternoons, stop by a tapas bar followed by a late dinner after 9 pm.

2. Las Vegas Casino Resorts

There’s no place quite like the Entertainment Capital of the World to meet people. Las Vegas has the best in resorts, namely casino resorts, and they are all geared to having everything you want in one location. For example, the Viejas Resort has a spacious pool, inviting lounge area, and a variety of great gaming, all great places to strike up a conversation with fascinating people.

3. New York

Single in New York is a good time with all there is to do in the City that Never Sleeps. Plenty of cabs can take you safely to and from your chosen destination, or try one of the boats that turn into cocktail bars. These have become popular daytime spots for singles to relax and unwind on sunny decks out on the water.

4. Scottsdale, Arizona

The Scottsdale Entertainment Center has been rapidly expanding in recent years making this an attractive destination for singles. Hot pool scenes and nightclubs geared toward singles has earned Scottsdale the title “South Beach in the Desert.” Hotels, concerts, and club venues have replaced the sleepy western resort theme for Scottsdale.

5. Oahu

From quiet beaches to vibrant city life, Oahu is the preferred Hawaiian Island for singles. For a real stress buster join a zip line tour group on the North Shore. Club hopping is safe for singles in downtown Honolulu or lounge in a local bar with soothing music provided by the native islanders.

Best Single Travel reports that 1 in 3 adults are single and that the typical American spends more years alone than in a partnership. This is all the more reason to plan a solo trip soon.

Coorg – a beautiful place in Western Ghats with coffee estates spreading across miles


Filled with undiluted natural allures and vast coffee estates and orange farms, Coorg is one ideal place to visit during holiday. It is perfect for spending a relaxing vacation in the lap of nature. Visit the place to explore it for real and pick from the best hotels in Coorg.

Coorg, or Kodagu as it is often called, is a district in the state of Karnataka. Before being a part of Karnataka, it was an independent state for a brief time period (1950-1956). The place was originally called Kodavu based on the reference of the earliest inhabitants who were called Kodavas. They were agriculturalists and warriors who headed their own chieftains. Even today agriculture remains one of the key sources of revenue with majority of the population dependent on farming and cultivation. The district has a small population; the least populous amongst the entire 30 districts in Karnataka state. Rice and Coffee are the most grown crops of the place. Since the place produces large quantities of coffee, it is for this fact the place is also just often called the “coffee bowl of India”. The coffee grown here is particularly famous for the clean beans, blue color, and the fine drinking quality. Most of the cultivation areas of the place are capped with miles long estates of coffee. Apart from coffee, the other major corps of the place are orange, pepper, paddy, and cardamom.

Coorg is about 118 k.m. from Mysore and 254 k.m. from Bangalore. Perched at an average altitude of 1525 meters from the sea level it is a part of the Western Ghats. The place is the home of misty hills, undulating streets, unspoiled forests, and acres and acres of coffee estates. The soothing climate and the untouched natural beauty earn the city the epithet of the “Scotland of India”. The rivers Kaveri and Laksmanatirtha flows through the place. They along with their tributaries provide all the required water and help the life in different forms to sustain and flourish. The dense evergreen and semi-evergreen forests are primarily made up of sandalwood trees and bamboo, and are the natural habitat of various kinds of animals, reptiles, and birds. Tigers, elephants, boars, panther, and deer are some of the most significant wildlife of the place.

The unharmed natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and the genuine hospitality of the locals generate lots of tourist interest. The endless mountain ranges are perfect for sightseeing and photography. Trekking along the wooded slopes and undulating landscapes is an interesting way to relax and refresh oneself. With the growth of tourism a number of new tourism based industries have emerged which pull huge tourists’ attention. Angling, kayaking, white water rafting, air gliding, Ayurvedic massage, etc. are the latest trends amongst the tourists. The good thing is that most of the luxury hotels in Coorg also offer tour and different leisure services to their guests making a guest’s stay an experience to remember.

Amongst the most popular places to visit in Coorg, some include: Iruppu Falls, Abbi Falls, Nisargadhama Forest, Namdroling Monastery, Nagarhole National Park, Dubare Elephant Camp, Talacauvery, Raja’s Seat, Omkareshwara Temple, Bylakuppe, Madikeri Fort, Bhagamandala, Mallalli Falls, Chelavara Falls, Nalknad Palace, Tadiandamol Peak, Bhagamandala, Unchalli Falls, Igguthappa Temple, etc. There are a number of good budget hotels in Coorg in close proximity to the prime tourist attractions. These hotels are ideal options to pick if one seeks conveniences.

Author Bio: Sandeep is an experienced travel writer and enthusiast blogger. He has explored many known and less-known places in India in the last 10 years. His experience adds to his expert knowledge on the best hotels in coorg, different travel routes through trains, flights, and road. He also specializes in off-beat places to eat and stay at. He also advises amateur tourists on travel tips.


Single and Loving it! Vacation Tips for Summer 2015

Single and Loving it! Vacation Tips for Summer 2015







There are advantages to traveling alone with the biggest one being freedom. You can visit what you like when you like and stay somewhere for as long as you like. Traveling alone, however, can have its down sides with the biggest one being cost. Many hotels and cruise ships charge a solo traveler extra for accommodations.

1) Intrepid Traveler
Intrepid Traveler is a tour company that often caters to the single traveler. The tour groups are typically limited to 10 people. The packages range from “Basix” (1- to 2-star hotels) up to “Comfort” (3- to 4-star hotels). Travelers can go just about anywhere they like although a majority of the tour packages are for Africa or Asia. Solo travelers only have to pay a room supplement if they get a single room; if they’re willing to share a room with another traveler of the same sex they don’t pay the supplement.

2) My Huatulco Vacation
My Huatulco Vacation is a collection of condo and villa rentals in Huatulco, Mexico. They range in size from condos for single people to huge estates large enough to be used for weddings. The rentals, no matter their size, come with such perks as access to the grounds of the 5-star resort Celeste Residencies & Spa.

3) Royal Caribbean International
Some of the ships on this cruise line offer “studio” cabins for solo travelers. Renting one ensures that the traveler does not pay the dreaded single supplement which can double the price of accommodations. Many of the ships do indeed travel the Caribbean, but others tour Europe, Asia and the Middle East. A few even roam the Pacific and Atlantic oceans making stops along the way.

4) Southeast Asia Backpacker Trail
Admittedly for the young and adventurous, the backpacker trail does have the advantage of being inexpensive. It begins and ends in Thailand and travels through many other countries including Laos and Vietnam. Tourists can go jungle trekking, visit cities like Bangkok, go to the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia and go diving. Both the accommodations and the food are inexpensive – especially if tourists stick to local food. Western food is available, but it costs more.

5) TrekAmerica
TrekAmerica is a US-based railway company that offers many tour packages for solo travelers who wish to explore North and Central America. They have smaller group sizes and no single supplement. They offer trips running the gamut from 3-day jaunts to an 80-day journey covering all 48 of the continental states.

As the above list demonstrates, there are now many options for the solo traveler. It takes some digging, but it is possible to find and enjoy a trip without being penalized for traveling alone. Solo travelers can visit almost any country, and they can either rough it backpacking or enjoy the luxuries of a cruise ship.