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Traveling via Public Transportation: What Precautions Should You Take?

Safety experts offer guidelines that every passenger on public transportation can use to remain safe. They say that people should always be on alert and pay close attention to their surroundings. People should keep an eye out for unusual packages or items. Report suspicious people or items to emergency personnel or the local police department.

Rights and Responsibilities

Anyone riding a bus, taking a taxi, or using a shuttle should always understand what they are required by law to do and what responsibilities the law says transportation companies are responsible for in their state. Understanding public transport etiquette like letting disembarking passengers exit the bus before embarking passengers enter the vehicle is expected from bus riders. If you are hurt from the result of an injury from public transportation, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to see what actions are best for you. You can find more information at

Cover and hide

All valuables should remain out of sight while using public transportation. Jewelry, phones, and wallets need to stay hidden. Women can wear their bags under their coats and button them up to hide their valuables. Men can put wallets in their front pocket to minimize a pickpocket strike.

Items to watch for

Being alert is a critical piece of advice experts can give to the public. People need to be on guard for illnesses, terrorist attacks, and explosive devices. Items left alone could be a sign of a potential problem. People acting erratically, talking unusually, moving strangely, or behaving abnormally should be reported to the driver, police, or other emergency personnel.

Suspicious packages

Any strange package, especially alone, should be investigated in a safe manner. From a distance, the passenger should look for leaking materials, exposed batteries, wires of any color, size, or length, and attached messages. Any employee, police officer, or emergency worker should be immediately alerted.

Oddly-behaving people

Public transportation users should be on the lookout for people who are staring at someone or everyone in a strange way. People who appear overly nervous may or may not be a problem, but they should always be watched closely. Even people who appear like they are lost can be harmful. Any suspicious behavior from people should be reported to an employee or police officer.

When people ride public transportation, they must actively take part in their own safety because things do happen. Vigilant bus riders and taxi riders are an important part of the security of public transportation because their expertise in their surroundings helps them identify threats before bad things happen. Experts also say to refrain from using cell phones and music devices to stay focused on safety concerns.

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All Geared Up: 5 Essentials for Your Next Hunting Adventure

Most experienced hunters know that having the proper gear can make the difference between a successful hunting trip and a failed one. The problem is that every year new products hit the market claiming to help you hunt better than ever before. When packing for your hunting trip, how exactly do you figure out the must-haves from the dead weight? The following list features items that we feel can make a difference. Consider these essentials when packing:

Rifle Scopes
If you are going on a backpacking hunting trip in the mountains, you will certainly need a scope for your rifle. There are lots of different opinions when it comes to which rifle scope is best, sufficing to say that it is essential to have one and to know how to zero it. Different retailers offer numerous different rifle scope options along with mounts and other accessories. Since quality rifle scopes can tend to be high in price, seek out discounts and codes from places like Discountrue for retailers like Brownells.

A Hunting Knife (or Knives)
For most hunters, the moment just before the trigger is pulled or the bowstring is released is the most exciting and enjoyable part of the trip. However, once that moment is over you will (hopefully) have some skinning and field dressing to do. A good hunting knife can make the job easier and faster.

A Quality Backpack
You will need to be able to carry all of the other gear on your essentials list so you will need a good backpack. Camouflage backpacks are the popular option when hunting and you may want to choose one without multiple pockets since those can limit the amount of space in the backpack.

Trekking Poles
While these are more commonly associated with hiking, they are valuable on a backpack hunt. Of course, it is possible to hunt without them; however, they can make all the difference and will likely join your list of essentials once you try them.

A First Aid Kit
When you are out in the woods and far from help, the ability to take care of injuries on the spot can literally be the difference between life and death. Accidents do happen no matter how careful you try to be. You should be should be able to disinfect and dress wounds if they occur as well as splint broken bones and handle minor problems like blisters on feet. At the very least, your kit should have bandages and antiseptic ointment along with pain medication and cold drugs.

Obviously, you will need more than just these items for a successful hunt. However, the items above should be among your priorities when packing. They can ensure that your hunt is safe and successful.

It Takes a Thief: 5 Things Burglars are Looking For

Security is very important in today’s day and age, and if you are thinking about how to make your home burglar-proof, then you need to start thinking like a criminal. Although you may have never committed a crime in your life, there are some tips that can help you to avoid a break in. This article will give you the five top things that burglars are looking for when they scope out your home.


1.) Weaknesses


Burglars will try to exploit any weakness that they can. Something as simple as a broken gate or a single lock instead of a double lock is enough for a burglar to assume that your house is vulnerable. If you don’t have a gate, get one. A gate does a lot to create a psychological barrier for burglars.


2.) Signs


Many people feel like ‘Beware of the dog’ signs deter burglars, but, in fact, this is actually a sign that you do not have an alarm. Many pet owners do not have alarms and leave their back doors open to let the dog into the garden, so a burglar will actually take this as a sign of vulnerability.


3.) Calendar


If, by chance, a burglar does get into your home, they will always look for a calendar. This will give them clues to when you will not be in the house. On their first visit, burglars will usually take small valuables and then try to plan when they will return by your calendar.


4.) Keys


Since many people leave a spare set of keys in their home, burglars will try to access them for easy entry. If they do find your spare keys, they will trash the house. Finding out what’s missing in a trashed house is a lot harder than finding out what’s missing in a neat, tidy home.


5.) Security System


A security system is a sure deterrent for criminals. Burglars don’t want to get caught, so if they have a choice between a house that has an alarm system and one that doesn’t they will always choose the house that has no security system. Even if they do choose to break in, a security system raises the chance of them getting caught. If you are looking for a Security Company in Austin, contact the Austin Lifeshield Location for more information.

Vacation packing tips – What to pack and how?

Vacation packing tips

It is time to go a well-deserved vacation and you are about to pack for a week away. Now, you always bring too much and will have to sit on your suitcase while someone else has to close it. You bring way too much clothes. Who needs three pair of jeans on a sun trip to Hawaii? Or who needs seven pair of shoes for a week away? No, you will have to reduce those “I might have use for this” thoughts. If you don’t use a different pair of shoes every day of the week, maybe you won’t do it when you’re away.
First of all, do your research; if you are traveling with your four girlfriends, maybe you don’t need one hair dryer each. Maybe even the hotel has one in the room. Bathrobes and bath sheets are always a must and if the hotel is good enough, they will have it. Those bigger things will only take up a lot of space plus they weigh a lot. You don’t want to get stuck in the check-in and have to pay a fee for your heavy bag.
Another room thief is “what if” clothes. What if I meet the man of my dreams there? I would want to wear my favorite dress; maybe I should pack that too. Or well maybe it will rain; I’ll bring my rain boots, just in case. Big no no. Only pack the things that you will need. If you meet the man of your dreams I am sure he will like you no matter what you are wearing. Try and pack around a certain color or outfit. You don’t want to pack one outfit for each day. One pair of jeans, one jacket etc. and pack dresses, shoes and accessories after that. Everything should match. Count the days you are going to be away for and pack underpants and socks and shirts for those days. No more. Also here, don’t go “what if I pee my pants” – that will not happen. We have a classic here; pack your socks in your shoes trick. It helps. Press all the smaller items into the bigger ones; it will give you more space.
If you are traveling for more than a week, maybe three or even four you should try and clean the things you bring and not bring extra. Maybe even the hotel has a laundry service or has someone in the local area. Depending on where you’re going. Also it might be a good thing not to bring your Lizterine or shampoo bottle. Buy a traveling kit with smaller items and tooth brushes. Maybe some things are available to buy on place. When you pack, do it outside of your bag. When you have put everything in and notice that you can’t fit any more you don’t want to have to unpack it and start over again. If you pack everything on your bed you will get an easy overlook on what you are going to bring. It makes it easier to plan.
On travel day you should wear those heavy clothes – as many as you can – on the plane. That way you don’t need to pack them but still gets to bring them with you.
These are just some smart packing tips that you might want to think about. But always have in mind when packing that less is more. Prioritize and think extra hard if you will use everything. You will probably want to shop some while you’re there so leave some space for extra luggage.
Happy trip!

Bridgehampton – History and Beauty at a Friendly Community

Bridgehampton – History and Beauty at a Friendly Community

Bridgehampton is one of the hamlets within the town of Southampton; it is a quaint and friendly village which boasts an impressive number of visitors. Situated on the beautiful South Fork, this village is one of the most favorable summer colonies for the New Yorkers. Because of its great offerings this destination attracts visitors from all over the US today as well. This hamlet is situated in an area with a rich and diverse historical heritage. The Native American culture and the heritage of the first European settlers there have left numerous interesting sites which the visitors can explore. Apart from this, the hamlet is also famous for its magnificent natural beauty. There are remarkable beaches along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean which you can visit if you decide to spend a vacation at this beautiful village. And there are many more interesting natural attractions which you can explore at its surrounding area. Bridgehampton is a friendly place which attracts numerous visitors, there you will find a peaceful ambiance, plenty of sites to explores and numerous possible recreations. In addition to this, the village is famous for the excellent accommodations which are offered there. And of course, you will also have the chance to explore the adjacent towns and hamlets, where you can enjoy shopping, sightseeing and many other pleasant activities.
The small and quaint Bridgehampton will show you many interesting historical sites, if you wish to learn a little bit about the history of this place, you should visit the local historical society. Situated in a historic structure, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, there are some interesting exhibits which you can see there. There are several other historic structures which are listed in the register and all of them area interesting sites which you will have the chance to explore. One of the most iconic historic structures in the village is Beebee Mill. This European style mill is a unique architectural highlight, which was moved to the village in the 19th century.
One of the most interesting attractions situated at the village of Bridgehampton was the local race track. This road race circuit has been hosting many of the most prominent races in the US. Today, however, the site of the racing track has turned into a beautiful golf course, surrounded by picturesque vacation homes. Now you can enjoy a game of golf at a scenic natural setting and you will still have the chance to explore what has remained of the historic racetrack. Another thing for which the village is famous is the local polo club. The club is famous for hosting renowned polo tournaments and many other horse shows as well. You will have the chance to enjoy attending one of these events, and you will also be able to explore the club. During the summer months, mainly in Saturdays, the club opens its doors for public tours and then you will be able to explore it.
Of course, since Bridgehampton is a summer colony, there are plenty of activities and recreational options available there. The beaches of this hamlet are its most attractive recreational spot. With mild temperatures, soft sands and clear waters, these beaches are excellent for relaxation as well as for a number of water sports and activities. The vacationers can enjoy surfing, windsurfing and a number of other entertaining summer recreations. There are also many beautiful natural spots which you can explore around the hamlet. For instance, there are several ponds which you can visit, such as Sagaponack Pond, Sagg Pond and many other picturesque sites.

A Beautiful Destination at the Magnificent Lake Tahoe for Your Unforgettable Vacation in Nevada

A Beautiful Destination at the Magnificent Lake Tahoe for Your Unforgettable Vacation in Nevada

Situated at the shores of the spectacular Tahoe Lake in the U.S.State of Nevada, Stateline is a wonderful place for your vacation throughout the entire year. With stunningly beautiful nature, uncountable recreation opportunities, and excellent accommodations, it promises you a wonderful stay, regardless of the season.
A Beautiful Destination at the Magnificent Lake Tahoe for Your Unforgettable Vacation in Nevada
Whether you are visiting this lovely place by yourself for your peaceful and quiet retreat, or you are planning to go to Stateline for a romantic getaway; whether you have chosen it for your family reunion or you are vacationing with all your friends, this marvelous destination promises you to easily find the ideal place for you to enjoy your stay. With rentals varying from cozy cabins revealing spectacular views of the lake, through comfortable townhouses and apartments, to large luxurious lakefront villas that are equipped with all amenities to make your stay as perfect as possible, in Stateline you will have no trouble at all finding the most suitable accommodation for your vacation there.
What is most attractive about rentals at Stateline is that they offer their visitors fantastic amenities to guarantee their comfort, such as barbecues, hot tubs, large backyards, fireplaces and more. With the fully equipped kitchens, available at most of the accommodations in Stateline, you will have the chance to prepare your own delicious meals and never worry about having to find a place to dine.
If you are visiting Stateline during the warmer months, you will have the chance to enjoy a stunning variety of recreation opportunities. Whether you prefer spending an active vacation or you just want to experience the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of this beautiful place, you will have the chance to do both in the fantastic Lake Tahoe area. There is a great network of scenic trails that allow you to enjoy walking, cycling, horseback riding, cycling and mountain biking. And if you just want to spend a peaceful afternoon with your special someone, head to a lovely meadow for the most wonderful romantic picnic, while enjoying stunning vistas of the lake and its beautiful surroundings.
Also, the fantastic Lake Tahoe provides excellent opportunities for you to enjoy water-based activities and recreations. From strolling on the beach, sunbathing and relaxing, to swimming, boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, and water skiing, there is absolutely everything.
Winters in Stateline are also amazing. There are several fantastic winter resorts nearby, allowing you to practice all sorts of winter activities, ranging from downhill and cross country skiing, through snowshoeing, snowboarding and ice skating, to snowball fights and building snowmen.
But besides for magnificent nature, Stateline boasts plenty of entertainment, as well. Those who are feeling lucky can give it a try at some of the great casinos nearby, such as the one at the Montbleu Resort or at Harrah’s. Stateline has something for golf lovers, as well. With several spectacular golf courses, especially the one at Edgewood Tahoe, it promises you not only a challenging and exciting game but also a wonderful overall experience, as it boasts incredibly beautiful vistas of the surroundings that you can enjoy while you are playing one of the country’s favorite sports.
Visit the charming town of Stateline for an unforgettable Lake Tahoe Vacation. One of Nevada’s most attractive destinations, this place has definitely earned its reputation. With excellent accommodations, stunningly beautiful nature, fantastic attractions and plenty of recreations throughout the entire year, Stateline promises endless fun for the entire family!

Your guide to a happy trip to Goa

Your guide to a happy trip to Goa

If you are reading this I guess that you are about to go to the fabulous state of Goa. This article will give you some information about the place and give you a head start. Goa is a state located on the west coast of India, is has about 1 400 000 citizens and its capital is Panjim.
From hippie paradise to family resort
Goa, amazing Goa, a small state where it takes about three to four hours to drive from north to south with fabulous beaches. Goa has a strong hippie vibe to it with people sitting on the beach around a fire playing the guitar or sitting on the dock smoking water pipe. North Goa used to be famous for its huge parties – mostly in Vagator and Anjuna. But this had to stop since the government wanted to erase the drug label on the cities and now there is a law that all music has to be turned off after 10 PM. After this it became touristy with families and the hippie atmosphere with the crazy parties reduced. The town made more money out of families than on ‘hippies’ so the town became more tourists adapted and more ‘western’. Now, many families with children go to Goa for a two week vacation with beach and quiet so many of those huge hippie parties had to be taken somewhere else or end at 10 PM when the music stopped playing.
What to do in Goa
There are a couple of enormous markets in North Goa’s Anjuna –every Wednesday – and Arpora – every Saturday night. When in South Goa you should definitely go to a Silent Disco in Palolem. There you pay about five hundred rupies, which is about eight euros, for a couple of head phones with three different channels that are connected to three different DJ’s on the stage and you can choose which music style you prefer.  These parties go all night. South Goa is a bit more calm than North and if you are here you should visit the beautiful beach Palolem and also Agonda which is a great beach if you want some peace and quiet and maybe a Yoga class.
Other attractions could be the spice plantations after a hot day in Dudhsagar Falls, the adventure park in the middle of the jungle about thirty minutes from Palolem, or rent a motor bike and travel around.
Other things about Goa, said by people who has been there a longer period of time is, the food is amazing here and there are things for anyone. If you do not want to try on the typical Indian food cause of a sensitive stomach there is some Western food that fits everyone – this because it has become a tourist resort. If you are a back packer you should be prepared for that Goa is a bit more expensive than the rest of India. You should plan your trip around the monsoon – the best time to go there October to March and worst in June to September when it rains all the time.
If this is your first time in Goa I cannot tell you which place is the best, you should travel around and find your favorite spot.

Enjoy your trip!