Have you ever met anyone who has said, “I just flew for fourteen hours, I think I’ll go stand in line at the airport rental car kiosk and find a car to take to my hotel.” The standard answer is going to be a giant NO! So what does one do in circumstances like this? Employ an airport limousine service and take the hassle out of rental cars, driving through crowded unfamiliar streets and trying to stay awake during the whole process. Here are some helpful hints and tips to get you through as stress-free as possible.


What many people don’t realize is that using an airport limousine service is comparable to using a standard taxi in terms of prices. Having this little tidbit of knowledge will help ensure that when you are reserving your limo you are getting the best possible price. However, it is important to understand that using this service during a down-time in the limo season will often result in slightly higher prices, this is something you will want fully negotiated before you arrive and are depending on the service.


Whether you’ve been flying for two hours or twenty, nobody wants to have to drive to their final destination. When you utilize the airport limo service, you can relax and recuperate in the comfort of your own personal space and not have to worry about driving through the streets of a new city or trying to navigate a new country. Let the drivers take on the burden of getting you from point A to point B with minimal exertion on your part.


Don’t get caught with your checkbook out hoping to find a limo service that’s available, book in advance. As mentioned before with pricing, you want to ensure that there is a limousine ready and waiting for your arrival. If you’re traveling for business with an entourage, consider a traditional Lincoln limousine. If you’re traveling alone or just a companion, the sedan is optimal. Check with the limousine service to see if they have the options you desire and make sure to ask in advance about amenities and additional charges for these extra pleasures. Take your booking information and your confirmation number with you where it is easily accessible just in case.

Smoking or Non-Smoking

Much like when booking a hotel room, you’ll want to guarantee that you make your preference known. If you are a non-smoker who prefers a vehicle that has never been smoked in, make sure you ask specifically for a car that fits those specifications. The same rings true if you are a smoker. Last thing you’ll want is to be stuck on a non-smoking flight only to find that you must either stand outside or wait until you reach your destination to light up.

Bottom line is why waste your valuable time fiddling with standard rental cars when you can book in advance and get all the comforts not available in a taxi. Make the ride to your final destination one of style and comfort by using the airport limousine service.

A Special thanks goes out to Royaluxury.com for providing us with the information we used in todays content. Royaluxury is a limousine services which provides new york airport limo services to all of New York City major airports.