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Explore Luxury on a Gold Coast Holiday


Pick up a  car hire on the Gold Coast in Australia and explore this fabulous area as you discover numerous luxurious ways to spend your holiday.

Spoil yourselves by staying at the five-star opulent Palazzo Versace Gold Coast in Queensland, which is a unique experience. At this most luxurious hotel in Australia, you are surrounded with Versace from the huge chandelier in the reception area to the high-end-spa smell throughout the hotel to the Versace name on drinking glasses, toiletries, slippers and even the shower door. Guests are able to purchase certain items to take a piece of Versace home. The suites and views are majestic, the spa is luxuriant and the service staff is prompt to fill requests including room service with an extensive menu. The plush mattresses are enhanced by a choice of five different pillows. The breakfast buffet and the evening seafood and other buffets give plenty of tasty choices, and there are free drinks for guests next to the pool.

Marina Mirage Gold Coast is the ultimate dining and shopping and destination in Queensland and is situated on the gorgeous Broadwater at Main Beach next to the Palazzo Versace hotel. Under the rooftop sails there are award-winning restaurants such as Glass and Fellini and many designer boutiques featuring top fashion labels, elegant gifts and exceptional jewelery.

Surfers Paradise is only a short five minute drive away. There you can take a party boat or cruise the canals in a gondola, enjoy fabulous restaurants and pubs and take part in the glitzy night life. The main nightclub and bar strip at runs along Orchid Avenue with most of the action taking place from Wednesday to Saturday nights. The dress code at the nightclubs is smart-casual, and some of the more popular places include Fever Niteclub and Cocktails and Dreams as well as live bands atThe Shack and The Party.

During the day, Cavill Avenue is the heart of the Surfers Paradise shopping and entertainment district. A pedestrian mall at its beach end prohibits automobile traffic. Various shops, arts and crafts markets, and many eateries make this one of the “retail heavens” on the Gold Coast.

Explore the Gold Coast Food and Wine Trails The Hinterland Food and Wine Trail is a scenic inland route, and the Pacific Food and Wine Trail goes from Yatala to Murwillumbah and then across the border into New South Wales. On each trail, specialty wines and gourmet delicacies that are unique to the Gold Coast are enjoyed at boutique wineries in a distinctive learning and tasting experience.

Remember to pick up a  car hire on the Gold Coast in Australia so that you can easily reach these luxurious locations.

Australian Travel Adventure – A Lifetime Experience

The popularity of all leading Australian adventure destinations has always been a hot topic of discussion among people all over the world. It can be described as a mind blowing experience and exotic beaches, harsh sun and remarkable wild life add great amount of thrill and excitement to Australian travel adventure. Australia is blessed with mind blowing adventure destinations and activities and you have the luxury of choosing from the plenty. Equally entertaining activities for young as well as old people can be found in this unique country and you will have to choose the most suitable one that goes well with your spirit of adventure.

It can be said that Australian travel without an adventure trip will be incomplete. In Australia, you will be able to experience the real excitement and thrill of adrenalin-rushing activities and the spectacular Australian outdoors will act as a perfect backdrop to your adventure as well. If you really want to experience the real excitement of Australian travel adventure a bungee jump in Cairns of North Queensland will serve the purpose in the best manner. Those, who prefer more earthbound activities, can think of water rafting in the Franklin River (Tasmania) or the Blue Mountain Canyons (New South Wales). Ardent lovers of skydiving can select Sydney because of the availability of top class amenities and the spectacular natural surroundings of Australia will make your experience an unforgettable one.

Some of the most popular Australian adventure destinations include The Red Center (Central Australia), Ningaloo Marine Park (Western Australia), Fraser Island (Queensland), The Australian Coast, Oodnadatta Track (South Australia) and Flinders Ranges National park (South Australia). The Red center offers plenty of options for you and they include Alice Springs and surrounds, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Kings Canyon and Watarrka National Park, Finke Gorge National Park and MacDonnell Ranges. At Ningaloo Reef, you will be able to see the big whale shark from close quarters and you can also see a lot of dolphins, manta rays and a good number of tropical fish species.


Australian travel adventure experience will reach a new level altogether when you visit Fraser Island and this island offers exotic golden beaches, towering hardwood forests, sand blow deserts, blood red streams, barren heath land, pristine rainforests, freshwater lakes, prehistoric ferns, mosaic colored sands and many more. If you want to enjoy deep-sea diving the Australian cost will be the ideal option available and visiting the Great Barrier Reef will make your Australian travel extremely exciting. The Oodnadatta Track will provide great adventure for ardent lovers of horseback riding and it will be unfair not to mention about the abundant wildlife of Flinders Ranges National park (South Australia) as well. All these Australian adventure destinations will provide unique and captivating experience for the visitors. These places have become irresistible destinations for a huge number of people and people having an adventurous spirit will come back again and again to these unique destinations. That is exactly why a huge number of people talk about Australian travel adventure with great amount of enthusiasm and excitement.

To make your Australian travel adventure stress free and visit all of these places with ease don’t hesitate to rent a car at one of Australia’s best budget car hire agencies.

Tourism – Getting Around To Those Fabulous Sites And Events

Getting around any place you vacation takes some planning and expectation for the unexpected. Being a tourist involves getting to those great sites or events in which you are interested. It can certainly be kind of tricky. Tourism is major for many cities and there are ways to get around.

You have several options for getting around. These include:

  • Renting a car
  • Taking city transportation
  • Tour guides
  • Walking
  • Using taxicabs

Car Rental

Now, depending on where the events or sites are located, you can choose what is simplest. Obviously, renting a car gives you total control over your time and getting to where you want to go. Budgetary issues can make car rental a challenge or not knowing the city. However, other options are available.

You can also plan car rental for specific days. If the activity plans for the day include a full day, this may certainly be the best route to take. Depending on where you stay, a car rental may be the only option if the place is secluded or on the outskirts of the city.

Public Transportation

You can take public transportation. This means making yourself knowledgeable about the system. Find out what buses take you where, the cost as well as where the boarding places are. Public transportation also allows you to see the city because you take in sites and surrounding areas while someone else does the driving.

The Chamber of Commerce typically has this visitor information for most cities. If not, there are other organizations that have it. Do the research while you plan your vacation. This alleviates the anxiety when you arrive.

Another thing to consider is if children are included in the trip. Public transportation and tour guides add excitement while allowing you the opportunity to make the trip a delightful family experience.

Tour Guides

Tour buses are available in most cities. Depending on where you choose to stay, the hotel may sponsor the pick-up of tourists for highlighted sites and events in the city. You can also make specific tour arrangements if you have interests other than those obvious to your vacationing place.


Not only is this good exercise, it can be an exciting time for all involved. If the event or site is in walking distance of your hotel, you can have a great time exploring the immediate surroundings.


Taxicabs are expensive. There is no way around this. However, you can use this option when you have special night events. A night at the opera or dinner and dancing are events that make the expense well worth it. This information can be found out while researching your vacation site.
A very important part of tourism is researching the city where you are going. The best mode of transportation can certainly depend on where you are located and the sites you want to see. It can also depend on the events you have scheduled. The really beneficial part of planning how you get around as a tourist is getting the most enjoyment out of where you are going.

John Nestor is a content writer who has travelled extensively. During his expeditions, he realized that it was quite difficult to move from one place to another while in a foreign country. This led to his covering topics like airport car rental in Toronto which is aimed at helping tourists who come to Canada get around easily.