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Fishing in Malia


Ancient Greek Fishing

Fishing has always been integral to the Greek way of life, going way back to the time of the ancient Greeks. During that time, tuna, sea bass and red mullet were all considered delicacies and only reserved for the wealthy, whilst anchovies and sapts were common among the poorer population due to their smaller size and greater availability.

You can still find these fish, and more in Greek waters, as they continue to feed the local population today.


Greece has almost 2,000 surrounding islands, all varying in shape and size, with Crete being the largest and most populated. Its1,046 kilometres of coastline also makes it especially popular for fishermen and sun-seeking tourists. The Coasts of Crete are relatively well known for fishing as many locals and tourists are regularly found trying to make their next big catch.

Waters around Crete and Greece are home to many different exotic fish that can be caught near the coastline. Such fish include the Greater weaver, White Sea bream, European sea bass and Mediterranean moray.

Check this site to see the full list.


While fishing is the epitome of most coastal villages in Crete, Malia is the most well-known among fishermen. Located north east of the Heraklion region, and with a land area of 60km2, Malia is the ultimate go-to destination for those after a fishing-based holiday. It boasts many harbours that are scattered throughout the coastline where you can sit and fish to your hearts content, not to mention the ideal air pressure that allows you to fish anytime of the year.

Experienced fishermen will be able to rent a boat or head to the harbour and start fishing right away. Novice fisherman also have a selection of fishing trips to choose from where they will be taken out in groups by a trained fisherman and taught the ropes. There are many companies such as Thalias travel that offer relaxed fishing excursions for those less experienced.


If you want to head to the harbour or beach and do some relaxing fishing, you should be fine without a permit, however if you’re feeling a bit more extreme and would like to try something like spear fishing, you’ll definitely need a license.

All information regarding licensing can be found here.

Where to stay?

Malia is fast becoming a popular holiday destination. Hotels and resorts can be found all over Malia, and check reviews before you go so you don’t get bogged down with a bad deal.

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How to Entertain Yourself in Paradise – Things to do in Bora Bora


Bora Bora is a honeymoon hideaway that travellers have to go to great lengths to get to. Flights aren’t cheap, but as a special destination location, few places can compete. You’ll fly in from Taihiti, the French Polynesian capital, on a tiny plane that’ll make you never want to step on another jumbo sized aircraft again, before circling the island and getting glorious glimpses of the green Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu.

It’s all well and good planning a getaway to paradise, but eventually everyone gets tired of sighing at sunsets and admiring the blue hues of the lagoon. So what to do when you touch down?

Things to do in Bora Bora

One of the most loved options on the island is underwater safaris. You can snorkel up and swim down to watch rays feeding, and admire the brightly coloured fish in their natural habitat around the corals. Even if you’ve done it before, the type of fish you’ll see in this exotic paradise will definitely top that. You can sign up for full or half day safari tours, most of which can be arranged through your hotel (if they look like the trustworthy types).

If you’ve got a reasonable amount of time on your hands and aren’t simply popping over to the island for a day trip, you could get yourself diving certified. Bora Bora has an abundance of diving centres that will take over even the most half-hearted, amateur paddler. You’ll be amazed at just how close the reef sharks and manta rays will get as you descend deeper below into the darker blues of the Pacific Ocean.


For something that’ll mark your holiday snaps out from the rest, you could also try underwater scootering. This involves getting inside an individual submarine/hoover-like contraption and being lowered into the water before driving around in its depths. It’s by far the most unique way to see the underwater wildlife of French Polynesia, and because of the protective head bubble, it means you don’t even need to get your hair wet. (Not to mention, this is one of few locations in the entire world where you can do this activity). Make sure you take along underwater cameras!

Other options for the active traveller include kite boarding along the beach, parasailing over the lagoons, or if you’re really into fitness and working out, sign up for liquid training. (This involves long distance swimming, paddle boarding and other water based activities to burn off those indulgent meals out).

It is not necessary to sign up and pay for activities before you go, as you can simply sort your accommodation and then check what deals your hotel is offering. Depending on the hotel you choose, you might be able to get a package discount if you want to try a bit of everything. (Check out certified reviews of hotels in Bora Bora with Holiday Check before you book so you’re not disappointed. Although as many of the hotels on Bora Bora are 5/6*s it would be hard to!)

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Going on a Holiday Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

When you mention the word “holiday” to someone who is struggling, financially speaking, the person automatically thinks about all of the money that he or she lacks that is needed to have a great vacation. What if this person has a distorted perception of reality? The truth is, you could go on a holiday to places like Ibiza and Santorini on a low budget and still have lots of fun. This article will tell you how to do this.

Last-minute deals

It is a common practice among travel agencies to offer last-minute deals to travellers. This means that you will get a low price, but you will have to book your trip immediately and the departure time will be within the next few days. If you want to spend little money on a holiday package, you have to keep an eye out for this sort of deal. Transportation, accommodations, and meals are all included in the price. The advantage is that paying for each of them separately would be much more expensive than an all-inclusive holiday package.

Still, not everything is so pink. There are lots of scam artists out there who are only after your money. For this reason, make sure you perform a thorough background check on the agency that offers you a last-minute deal. A rule of thumb is to stay away from unbelievably low prices because they are more likely to be shameless scams. It is best to go with a company with plenty of experience in the travel industry and a well-established reputation among consumers.

There also are travel sites that organise auctions, but the destination or accommodation conditions are usually revealed only to the winning bidder, so there is a quit high dose of uncertainty here.

A new approach to travelling

If you don’t even have enough money to pay for discount holidays, it is time to decide whether you should give up on your dream, at least for the moment, or to explore other possibilities. There are online sites where people from all over the world offer accommodations for free. They are eager to learn about other cultures, and they are willing to accommodate travellers in their own homes. These kinds of travel sites have a well-defined review system, which gives you a fair idea about the reliability of the provider.

The site usually offers a guarantee for their reliable members who have good reviews from former travellers. If you want this method to work, you need to avoid new users and go for the ones who already display credit through positive testimonials. It is always recommended to get in touch with former travellers for tips and advice.

Remember to stay safe

Nevertheless, you should not travel alone because of safety reasons. This is especially important for risk-takers who are thirsty for adventure.

In conclusion, if you want a discount holidays, you can either opt for a last-minute, all-inclusive package or for the newer travelling approach described above.

Out And Around Paris


While there is no shortage of things to see and do in Paris, don’t be afraid of exploring a little further afield too. There are many great places you can visit for a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s arrondissements and these are just a few of them.


Versailles is just a short train journey away from the city, and it is where you will find the Royal Palace of Versailles surrounded by the wonderful palace gardens. This is one of the most opulent chateaux in the region and it is also of huge historical importance. It is also where the treaty at Versailles was signed that ended the First World War. The treaty was signed in the Hall of Mirrors, the same location that saw the 1871 proclamation of the German Empire under the Kaiser. The Palace was built by Louis XIII on the site of a hunting lodge.

Forest of Fontainebleau

The Forest of Fontainebleau means the forest of heather and it lies just sixty kilometres away from the city and is easily reached by train and coach. Now a national park, it was once a royal hunting park. It covers 25,000 hectares and is densely populated by flora and fauna including many rare species. There are hundreds of designated walks and trails and for the more adventurous there are many rocky places that attract climbers of all skills from beginners to experts. Alternatively you can hire a bicycle or even a horse for the day.

Chateau of Fontainebleau

At Fontainebleau you will also find a wonderful chateau which dates back to the middle ages and which was once an important seat of power and which bears the marks of many Emperors, Kings and Queens; in fact a total of 34 monarchs have ruled from this chateau. You will discover the Renaissance Rooms which contain stuccoes and frescos designed by Primatice and Rosso that date back to sixteenth century; the Inner Apartment of Napoleon 1st which dates back to 1808; the Grand Apartments of the Sovereigns with many fine paintings and tapestries collected over three centuries; the Pope’s Apartment; and the Lesser Apartments which Napoleon built for Josephine.


Giverny, made famous by Claude Monet who built his Japanese garden here which featured in many of his paintings, lies just eighty kilometres outside Paris and is a must see place for any lover of art. Wander round the gardens and visit the Musée des Impressionnismes, perfect for a day out from the city and you can travel by bus or train to get there.

Nowadays getting to Paris is inexpensive and convenient. Buses to Paris from London depart throughout the day and you can even travel by night to make the most of your weekend away.

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This is a guest post by Claire Chat a new Londoner, travel passionate and animal lover. She blogs about Pets and Travelling in Europe. If you want Claire to write you specific content, you can find email her here or contact her on Twitter (Claire_Chat).

Greek Food; A Culinary Tour

Part of the joy of visiting a new country is sampling the local cuisine. Take Greece, for example. You might not have tried Greek food before, but you’re sure to make some firm new culinary favourites when you do. When you’ve only got a limited amount of time on a tour of Greece, it can be difficult to know where to start – so we’ve put together some suggestions below. If you have any recommendations of your own, please let us know by leaving a comment!


Moussaka is a bit like lasagna, but with slices of aubergine/eggplant instead of pasta separating rich layers of white sauce, minced meat and tomatoes. Precede it with a classic Greek salad, known as Horiatiki in Greece – a delicious and healthy combination of cucumber, red onions, olives, and that great staple of the Greek diet, feta cheese.


Yemista means baked vegetables stuffed with either minced meat or a rice and herb filling. The most common are peppers and tomatoes, but other vegetables can be used too. Ideal for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, this tasty dish is healthy Greek cooking at its best.


Sometimes called ‘Greek fast food’, but in fact far healthier than this nickname would suggest, souvlaki is the name given to meat skewered on kebabs. Pork is traditionally used, but there are numerous other variations, including lamb, chicken and even swordfish. There’s also a vegetarian version which uses vegetable chunks instead of meat. Try it with tsatsiki (pronounced ‘sat-SEE-kee’), a delicious yogurt dip.


While seafood isn’t for everyone, there are few things more evocative of the Greek island experience than calamari, otherwise known as fried squid. Freshly caught squid enjoyed at a beachside restaurant is a classically Greek experience, and tastes particularly satisfying when partnered with a chilled glass of locally produced white wine.


For the perfect end to any meal in Greece, baklava is a must. Sweet layers of pastry, honey or syrup and chopped nuts combine to produce a delicious treat which also makes a great gift to take back to your family and friends.

While you might not have time to sample every exotic dish whilst on European tours, if you’re in Greece you must try to fit these five in. It’s essential for that authentic Greek experience!

Written by Kat Kraetzer, a passionate traveller and experienced travel writer.

Transatlantic Cruises – Itineraries, Activities And Reasons Why This Is A Great Holiday


Going on a cruise is a luxury that many people will enjoy each year. While you are on board a cruise ship you will get to feel the ocean air in your face as you sail through different parts of the world, stopping to enjoy various places along the way.

Transatlantic cruises are the ideal way to spend your holiday. They will set off from a port in the US and travel across the Atlantic Ocean before heading to places such as – the Caribbean, the West Indies, France, Italy, Seville, Canada or even the UK. In most cases travellers will then take a return flight back home from the last place visited. This gives you even more time on board to enjoy your cruise to its fullest.


Exciting Itineraries

Before you book your cruise you will be able to take a look at the itineraries that you could be experiencing. You will see that these cruises will take in as many interesting places as possible to give you a real taste of the world. Each destination that you will visit on your cruise will have places of interest for you to visit and you can be as active or as sedate as you like. You don’t even have to go ashore if you don’t want to, but with such wonderful stops you will want to take in the sights and sounds of the local area before moving on to your next port.

You will notice that you can book onto cruises that are for certain age groups which is a good idea if you are older and don’t want to be stuck on a cruise for 18 – 30 year old (unless you like to party). There are also dedicated cruises for singles, couples, families and so on, which means you will be able to book yourself onto the one that will be the most suitable.

Plenty of Activities on Board

As you will be spending a lot of time on the cruise ship the cruise company go to great lengths to make sure that you have plenty to do. On board you will find various activities from sports to quizzes and wine tasting. Some cruises also have activities such as line dancing, cookery classes, Wii tournaments for the kids (and adults) and more. So if you like to get involved there will be plenty for you to do. If you prefer to take it easy you can chill out on deck or have a lazy swim in the pool. It’s your cruise so you can do what you like.


A fantastic looking cruiseship lit up at night

After dark cruise ships come to life and you will be astounded at the range of entertainment that you can enjoy on board. You will find top class singers, groups, magicians, variety acts, hypnotists and so much more. All of the entertainment on board is tailored to suit the audience which is good news if you are travelling with children and you can take your pick of what you want to see.

Food and Drink

A transatlantic cruise will wow you with the amazing food and drink that you can partake of. There are dishes from all over the world and the standard of the meals is outstanding. The food is plentiful and you will be able to eat pretty much at any time you wish to as the restaurants are open for hours each day and there is room service available, should you need to use it.

Excellent Service

To make sure that you have the best experience ever cruise ships employ the best staff. They are all highly trained individuals who want to give you excellent service. This makes your cruise even more enjoyable and puts the finishing touches to an amazing holiday.

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Written by Joanne who enjoys shopping for last minute cruises from

Top 3 Hostels in Cuba


Cuba is undergoing something of a renaissance, with free enterprise being encouraged and some Cubans setting up their own restaurants and hotels – often in their homes.

Cubais always an exciting place to visit, however, not only because of the wonderful beach resorts and the vibrant culture inHavana, but simply because it is unique and has maintained its traditions in a way that many other countries have not.

Hotels inCubacan be expensive, so if you are on a budget and cannot afford to travel in style or book a package holiday – or simply want to travel independently – here are some of the best hostels inCuba.

Havana – Casa Buena Vista

Casa Buena Vista has been freshly decorated and offers a traditional and centrally-located hostel accommodation, with budget busting rooms from £6.22pp per night. Casa Buena Vista also has the best view in Havana, across the pretty terracotta rooftops of El Capitolio and out to sea from the harbour. Casa Buena Vista is actually an hotel, so no dorms and all rooms have private bathroom and come as singles, doubles or triples. If you are in a romantic mood, opt for the ocean view rooms on the sixth floor. Casa Buena Vista also has 24-hour hot water. There is a 24-hour reception and staff are bilingual Spanish/English. The restaurant in house serves up local produce and menus on request. You can book your stay at Casa Buena Vista in Havana through the website

Holguin – Casa Villa Lois

Casa Villa Lois in Holguin has private apartments from under £10pp per night available and offers family-run, traditional Cuban-style accommodation and bed and breakfast. There are also good transport links as the guesthouse is situated on a main road close to the centre of Holguin– and there is also free parking at Casa Lois. The apartments have their own entrances and private patios, so you can chill out in peace after the hard work of sightseeing or a day on the beach at Holguin. Casa Villa Lois is also in a safe neighbourhood – essential if you are on a driving holiday in Cuba or taking a few days out of a package holiday to see more of Cuba. Casa Villa Lois has its own website so you can book directly.

Santiago de Cuba – Casa Nivia

Casa Nivia is in the centre of Santiago de Cuba near the park and offers private accommodation consisting of double rooms with two double beds from £8.71 pp per night. Rooms are traditional and the public rooms are delightfully quaint, with white furniture, potted palms and a hint of chintz. Best of all, there are no curfews, but 24-hour hot showers, air conditioning, a restaurant – plus wheelchair access. Casa Nivia is next to Cespedes Park and the lovely courtyard brings nature to your hotel room door, and offers a relaxing place to sit and chat after a hard day’s sightseeing. You can book your stay at Casa Nivia in Santiago de Cuba through the website

If sickness strikes when you’re in Cuba, remember you can make a Cuba Illness Compensation Claim!

10 tips to avoid the dangers of the Swimming Pool on Holiday!

The hotel swimming pool is often thought of as a safe place of relaxation on holiday – but most hotel swimming pool accidents occur on the first day of a  holiday, and usually because the victim was tired or had drunk too much.

Parents often get stressed from the journey or from work and are not as attentive during the first 24 hours of their holiday – meaning small children can slip away out of sight and end up in difficulty in the hotel swimming pool, where they can be hard to spot among other swimmers.

The side of a swimming pool can also be lethal, with walkways slippery with water which has not been mopped up. Broken or cracked tiles can also cause cuts to feet – and because of bacteria around the pool, these may become infected if not washed and treated with antiseptic straight away.

The other danger about the swimming pool on holiday is if the water is not disinfected daily – or swimmers do not shower before using the pool or use it when they have a stomach upset – a parasitic infection called cryptosporidium can occur, causing an outbreak of holiday sickness and diarrhoea.

The parasitic gastric infection cryptosporidiosis or crypto is a common reason for swimming pools in theUKand abroad to be closed for thorough cleaning. However, in some cases, resistance to normal pool cleaners like chlorine has occurred.

Cryptosporidium infection develops when the parasite enters the water supply through human or animal faeces. It survives in a spore which if ingested while swimming can cause violent sickness and diarrhoea.

There is no treatment for cryptosporidium and its usually clears up by itself within a few days – but a bout of holiday gastroenteritis can wreck your plans, so it is best to take sensible precautions when using the hotel swimming pool on holiday.

Here are the top tips for avoiding the dangers of the swimming pool on holiday:

  1. Never swim when you are tired or if you have just eaten a heavy meal, consumed alcohol or have taken medication, over-the-counter medicines, or recreational drugs
  2. Avoid swimming in the hotel pool during the hottest part of the day – the sun will feel hotter and UV reflects off the water so you may end up with sunburn or even sunstroke. You should also wear UV goggles as UV light can harm eyesight
  3. Always shower before and after using the pool
  4. Apply more sun cream after using the hotel swimming pool
  5. Never use the hotel pool if you are ill or have a stomach upset – and never allow children with dirty swimsuits or babies in dirty nappies to use the hotel swimming pool as this might cause an outbreak of cryptosporidiosis
  6. Never soil the pool with vomit, urine or faeces, as this may also cause an outbreak of gastric illness at the hotel
  7. Don’t use the hotel pool if the water is dirty – or animals have been swimming in it. Report this to the poolside attendant or your holiday rep and ask for it to be cleaned.
  8. Keep a close watch on children round the hotel pool and make sure they wear flotation armbands – or wear them yourself if you are not a strong swimmer, regardless of what you look like!
  9. Don’t dive into the pool from furniture by the pool as this may over balance and you could hit your head on the side – and don’t tombstone into the pool from your balcony or other height as you could miss, break your back or neck or sustain a serious or fatal head injury
  10. Be careful walking round the pool in case the floor surface is wet – report this to the pool attendant in case someone slips and hurts themselves.

If you do have a slipping accident at the pool and it wasn’t your fault you can make a claim for holiday compensation.

Top 10 Tips for Using Rough Guides When on Holiday

Rough Guides ( travel guides have become one of the most popular travel guides to use whether you are setting off on a backpacking adventure – or are simply taking a package holiday to Spain or Turkey or another popular tourist destination.

Getting to know your holiday destination can not only make your holiday more interesting – it can also open up your eyes to trips and excursions and new experiences that you might not have dreamt of.

If you thought your holiday was going to be a long stay by the swimming pool and a nightly trip to the local bars and restaurants get yourself one of the Rough Guides to your holiday resort – and make your holiday one to remember.

  1. Rough Guides do not only cover holiday hotspots and travel destinations, but also offer guides to Travelling with Children – or a Foodie’s Guide to Japan, for example.
  2. Rough Guides are available on most digital platforms such as iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows – meaning you can take your Rough Guides with you without overloading your hand luggage or backpack.
  3. Rough Guides also offer guides to finding budget accommodation both in the UK and abroad , which means you can plan to spend maybe one or two nights away from your main resort – even if you are on a package holiday – and make your trip more of an adventure.
  4. The Rough Guides website is a mine of information, with destination spotlights and tweets from holidaymakers recommending their favourite places to go and things to see.
  5. If you are driving on holiday, download Rough Guides driving guides such as the one coveringGreece, to get you there smoothly without hitting a pothole.
  6. Maps are also available from Rough Guides – so there is no need to carry round a dog-eared paper map, which has seen better days, when you are off on an excursion or a new adventure at your holiday destination
  7. If you are a first-time traveller to a destination, Rough Guides also offers a special selection of travel guides full of tips and advice to make sure you get the most out of your holiday in a new country.
  8. Rough Guide First-time Guides also offer invaluable help for different groups of traveller, whether you are a silver surfer breaking away after retirement – or you are looking for LGBT hotels or resorts at your chosen destination.
  9. If you are interested in volunteering overseas, the first-time Rough Guides can also help with this – as well as learning holidays or working holidays to fund your travels or gap year.
  10. Rough Guide Phrasebooks can be invaluable when you are visiting a country for the first time and don’t know the language – they can be downloaded online and played on an MP3 player, meaning you will never be stuck for something to say on holiday again.

Deciding to leave your hotel and go on excursion adventures can sometimes end in bad situations such as injury and accidents on holiday. Always beware of your surroundings and ensure you have correct travel insurance.

5 Tips For Avoiding Turkey Cryptosporidium Illness/Bug


Cryptosporidium is a serious parasitic infection which is caused by ingesting the parasite in water contaminated with human or animal faeces.

In Turkey, holidaymakers often contract the Cryptosporidium illness/bug as a result of dirty swimming pools, which have not been kept clean.

Cryptosporidium – or Crypto as it is sometimes called – is also becoming resistant to cleaning chemicals used in swimming pools, such as chlorine. Hotel pools should be tested and treated daily with these chemicals to make sure guests are not ill with Cryptosporidiosis – a form of gastrointestinal infection causing sickness and diarrhoea.

Holidaymakers who do not shower before using the pool, or who allow babies wear soiled nappies to use the pool – or who swim in the hotel pool when they have a stomach upset – can all be reasons why an outbreak of Crypto occurs at a hotel in Turkey. If the pool is properly treated, however, Cryptosporidiosis is a preventable holiday illness.

The symptoms of Cryptosporidium Turkey illness/bug are:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting

The parasite Cryptosporodium exists in a cyst, which protects it inside the human gut and also in the gut of animals. If drinking water supplies become contaminated with Crypto as a result of faeces from grazing pastures nearby entering the supply, the bug can cause an outbreak of sickness and diarrhoea at hotels in Turkey. For this reason holidaymakers should only drink bottled water which is sealed and not eat ice cubes.

Holidaymakers who go wild swimming in rivers in Turkey are also running the risk of Cryptosporidiosis if grazing pastures are nearby.

A Cryptosporidium infection will usually clear by itself but it is important to seek medical help and obtain a diagnosis as symptoms of the illness may subside, only to return later. The top 5 tips for avoiding Cryptosporidium Turkey illness/bug are:

  • Always shower before and after using the hotel swimming pool in Turkey and never allow babies wearing soiled nappies to use the pool, and do not use the pool if you have a stomach upset – report a dirty hotel pool to your holiday rep, hotel manager and tour operator
  • Wash hands as much as possible, and especially before eating and after using the lavatory
  • Take antibacterial hand wipes and use these to clean your hands and surfaces/doorknobs, as well as cutlery and the rims of cups and glasses, as the faecal-oral route is the most common for causing Cryptosporidiosis
  • Report any instances of poor hygiene at your hotel to your holiday rep, hotel manager and tour operator – especially dirty public areas, lavatories, changing rooms by the pool and table tops: hand-to-mouth contact can cause Crypto infections if surfaces are contaminated with faecal matter
  • If there is an outbreak of Turkey holiday illness at your hotel, avoid using public facilities like lavatories and the swimming pool – and be extra careful about hygiene at the all-inclusive buffet, as this is often a source of cross-infection. Only drink water from sealed bottles and never eat ice cubes or use dirty serving spoons or crockery or cups/glasses not properly cleaned.

Cryptosporidium Turkey illness is preventable with good hygiene at your hotel, but if you are ill during your holiday, make sure you visit your GP on your return to the UK and get a diagnosis in case you need further treatment.

You can also make a Turkey holiday illness compensation claim under the Package Travel Regulations 1992, so once you have obtained your Cryptosporidium Turkey holiday illness/bug diagnosis, contact a specialist firm of holiday claims solicitors handling Turkey Crypto compensation claims.

You have 3 years in which to make Cryptosporidium Claims for Turkey Illness contracted on holiday. Specialist lawyers know the laws inside out ensuring a good compensation about is likely.

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