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5 Tips to Avoid Salmonella Illness in Turkey

Turkey country

Salmonella is one of the most common gastrointestinal infections which holidaymakers travelling to Turkey often contract as a result of poor food preparation and hygiene at their hotels.

Turkey salmonella illness and food poisoning is easy to avoid if food like chicken is cooked properly and surfaces are kept clean.

Salmonella can also occur if raw and cooked meats are not stored separately – or the same serving spoons or cooking utensils are used for both without being cleaned in between.

Salmonella is a bacterium which occurs naturally in the gut of animals like cows and if drinking supplies become contaminated at your hotel in Turkey, then an outbreak of salmonella can easily spread – common causes are communal drinking jugs in the dining room or bottles of mineral water being offered to guests, which may comprise the leftovers from used bottles which have been left on tables.

Salmonella also occurs in eggs and is present on the beaks of birds and the skins of reptiles such as small lizards – because of this, food like omelettes must always be cooked thoroughly and it is also better not to eat from open air buffets at your hotel in Turkey in case insects, birds or small reptiles might have contaminated the food.

The incubation time for a salmonella infection in humans ranges from 12 to 72 hours after ingesting the bacteria, either as result of eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water, or through touching a contaminated surface and then touching your mouth.

Drinking from dirty cups or drinking coffee made with contaminated milk could, for example, cause salmonella Turkey illness and food poisoning – and that is why it is crucial food handlers and food preparation/kitchen staff at your hotel in Turkey wash their hands frequently and make sure cutlery and crockery are clean.

The symptoms of salmonella illness in Turkey include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Dehydration
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting.

The symptoms of salmonella can be severe, with violent episodes of diarrhoea, which may be painful to pass and prolonged, causing weakness and dehydration.

Salmonella symptoms may last for a week and clear up, only to return just as vehemently a few weeks later.

Salmonella is a particularly hardy bacterium and antibiotics will be needed to clear the infection – if left untreated, salmonella can go on to cause long-term conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. A restricted diet may also be necessary, as the inflammation from a salmonella infection can mean not being able to tolerate fruit and vegetables, or high fibre foods and pellet foods like peanuts or sweetcorn.

Salmonella can also remain in the gut of children under the age of five for as long as a year after infection, so avoiding the bacteria is important and symptoms of food poisoning should never be ignored.

The top 5 tips for avoiding salmonella Turkey illness and food poisoning are:

  1. Wash hands regularly while on holiday in Turkey and take antibacterial wipes to clean hands, surfaces, cutlery, and the rims of cups and glasses – never use dirty serving spoons or accept crockery which is not clean
  2. Only drink water from sealed bottles and never accept pre-opened bottles or drink water from a communal jug in the dining room at your hotel in Turkey
  3. Never eat food which is not fully cooked or has been left to grow cool or meat which has been stored next to raw meat if cooked; and also be wary of dairy products made from unpasteurised milk, including desserts and ice creams, and tea/coffee made with unpasteurised milk – use sealed portions of milk for tea/coffee whenever possible
  4. Always shower before and after using the swimming pool at your Turkish hotel – and never use the pool if it is dirty or you have a stomach upset, as ingesting water which contains faeces can lead to salmonella or another serious infection
  5. Report any lapses in food hygiene and cleanliness at your hotel to your holiday rep, the hotel manager and your tour operator – under the Package Travel Regulations 1992 there is a legal obligation to make sure holidaymakers travelling to Turkey and other countries do not become ill with preventable salmonella holiday food poisoning.

If you do fall ill on holiday to Turkey with salmonella food poisoning or sickness and diarrhoea, always see your GP when you return for a diagnosis, as you may need further treatment.

You can also make a claim under the Package Travel Regulations 1992 for Turkey holiday illness compensation, so contact a firm of specialist holiday claims solicitors handling Turkey holiday illness claims as soon as you receive your salmonella diagnosis.

Salmonella Sickness In Turkey is one of the most problematic illness that holidaymakers can contract. It is most likely to be found at the hotel buffet where food is kept as different temperatures, making it a breading ground for bacteria.

Sailing Events in The Caribbean

The Heineken Regatta

Top 3 – Sailing Events in the Caribbean

With crystal clear waters, warm ocean breezes and miles of picturesque coastline it’s no wonder that the Caribbean is a sailing hotspot that attracts thousands of Sailors and maritime enthusiasts every year. Here we take a look at some of the very best sailing events the Caribbean has to offer.

Antigua Sailing Week

What began as a small event with just 10 boats is now one of the highlights of the Caribbean sailing calendar attracting up to 200 competing vessels and a raft of sailing enthusiasts.

Most of the festivities centre on Nelsons dockyard with the majority of the sailing taking place off of the south coast of Antigua. Along with the countless action on offer from the myriad of vessels there are also numerous parties and events taking place, all guaranteeing a true festival feel.

Antigua sailing week runs from April the 27th of April to the 3rd of May 2013 and we recommend staying at The Blue Waters Resort. Situated on the northern tip of the island this resort guarantees a luxury stay with a beachfront location and five star service, all while being just 35 minutes from the heart of the festivities.

Grenada Sailing Festival

A proud seafaring nation, not to mention one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean
(after Antigua of course!) Grenada has hosted its sailing festival since 1994 and has seen its popularity steadily increase over the years.

The sailing boats that take part in this inter island festival are built specifically for the event, and with each boat costing over EC$12,000 it’s clear just how passionate Grenadians are about their sailing.

The event begins with yachts from their respective communities competing against one another; the winners of these heats then take on boats built specifically for the event, meaning a huge amount of island pride is on the line!

The Grenada sailing festival runs from the 1st to the 3rd of February 2013.


The Heineken Regatta – St Maarten

Beginning in 1980 with just 12 entrants The Heineken Regatta has grown to be one of the most popular events in the Caribbean. Featuring boats from as far afield as Russia and with entertainment from the Black eyed Peas and The Marley Brothers the event offers a non stop party atmosphere.

Four days of sailing begin with the Gill Commodores Cup and each day offers a new finishing location, thus ensuring the whole island gets into the party spirit.

Offering VIP Parties, a never-ending supply of cocktails, 2,500 sailors, 1,000 visitors and countless world class performers The Heineken Regatta is a truly unique Caribbean sailing experience.

The Heineken Regatta runs from the 28th of February to the 3rd of March 2013

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To enjoy all of the sailing events The Caribbean has to offer visit Blue Waters Hotel Antigua

5 Best Romantic Things That You Can give To Your Spouse

Best Romantic Things That You Can give To Your Spouse

The flames of love must keep burning if you want to stay in the good grace of your wife.  This can be done by doing many things to keep the romance alive.  But admittedly, there are some expressions that mean more than just holding hands and whispering I love you on her ears.

Let’s face it, words must be backed by actions to give real meaning to what you want to convey to your wife.  So be ready to shower her with any or all of the following romantic gestures.

1.   Treat Her to a Vacation

It is not every day that you take an out of town trip so this idea will surely make her swing both her arms around your neck and riddle you with kisses.  Plan for a trip that will get both of you to enjoy and reveal it only by showing her the plane tickets.  There are lots of travel packages where you can also make use of holiday house Denmark for vacation at the best price so you need not worry about accommodation in most cases.

2.   Give Her Roses or a Gift

Flowers and gifts must not only be for special occasions.  You can surprise your wife when you come home one night with things that she love like flowers that can show how much you love her.  It could be chocolates, a new bag, or anything that will surely brighten up her day.

Always attach a small “I love you” note on the gift and remember to peel off the price tag.  Why?  Gifts need not be expensive of course as it is the “thought” that counts but it helps to make her curious about the price of your gift so just erase or peel it off.

3.   Write Her a Love Letter

Perhaps this is now considered a “Jurassic” gesture because of the advances in the modes of communication.  But a love letter will always have a special part in the heart of any girl especially your wife.  Make sure that you compose a love letter for her every now and then and it will surely strengthen your love for each other.

4.   Treat Her to a Romantic Dinner

 Just the two of you would do.  One thing you must remember is your wife will always be a girl who loves to be wooed from time to time.  Even if she’s already your wife, going back to how it all began between the two of you will mean so much to her and to you too, of course.

5.   Help in the Chores

If your household is the type where chores are assigned like the wife preparing the food and you taking out the garbage, it helps a lot to make her feel good by doing her chores yourself from time to time.  Cook and prepare food for her either in the morning or in the evening.  When she arrives home tired from a day’s work, it will surely brighten her day and relieve a lot of stress when she sees everything is prepared.  Pamper her like a queen from time to time.


It pays to renew the flames of love between you and your wife. Romantic gestures will ensure that the relationship stays strong.  A once in a lifetime big out of town trip where you will book holiday homes for rentals vacation is sure to make big waves in her feelings but you can also succeed with flying colors using the other options above.

Author’s Bio

Written by Anton Thomas guest blogger for Ferienhaus Dänemark - .

Boutique b&b’s In Cornwall

harbour beach

One of the favorite holiday destinations in the UK, Cornwall boasts beautiful beaches, interesting historic sites and plenty of sunshine. Visitors who enjoy this region often prefer staying at one of the boutique Bed and Breakfast properties that offer comfortable accommodations and a relaxing atmosphere. From the larger resort region of Truro to the smaller villages and hamlets, staying in a B&B adds to the overall ambiance of a visit to England’s southwest coastal region. Small boutique-style Bed and Breakfast facilities typically present a special charm with unique décor, home-cooked breakfasts and a pleasant, helpful staff.

Centrally Located Bed and Breakfast Properties in Cornwall

Staying in the Truro area offers visitors a convenient and central location with many choices for dining and entertainment. This market town offers a variety of shops and attractions to see such as the Royal Cornwall Museum, the local Cathedral and many scenic parks and walkways. Several attractive B&Bs such as the Townhouse and the Haven are an easy walk from all conveniences and offer reasonably priced rooms. The centrally located Rowan Tree provides a traditional English breakfast and views of the city.

St. Austell provides a convenient location where travelers will find the Hillside House Guest House for traditional comfort. In Newquay, the Metro Bed & Breakfast features a contemporary alternative to the normal B&B concept.

Staying at a Small Seaside B&B in Cornwall

For visitors who desire views of the sea, booking a room at a quaint seaside B&B such as the Portmellon Cove Guest House brings the essence of Cornwall home. Located near the charming town of Mevagissey, the property offers stunning views and private rooms that are elegant yet homey. Guests can enjoy a quiet walk near the shore or relax in the picturesque garden areas.

The Willow Tree Cottage sits adjacent to the sea and provides a peaceful retreat with comfy rooms and breakfast served in the conservatory or outdoors. This B&B is located in Bude and is close to the Devon border.

Enjoying a Peaceful Farm Holiday

The Pennatillie Farm resides on 450 acres of pristine countryside and is a working dairy farm. Guests are treated to a gourmet breakfast each morning and may choose from several en-suite bedrooms furnished with luxurious fabrics and attractive décor. The farm is near the village of Padstow and is close to the Eden Project and several historical monuments. The Polsue Manor Farm, near Truro is another B&B choice residing on beautifully landscaped acreage. The proximity to both town and countryside make this location ideal for touring the Cornwall sites.

The combination of spending a few nights at a charming B&B while visiting one of the most popular U.K. destinations creates a memorable holiday experience. Cornwall offers peaceful serenity and interesting attractions that appeal to all age groups and vary according to season. Bed and Breakfast owners provide helpful information about the area and ensure that each guest receives special attention and feels comfortable during their stay.

Sarah writes for a number of businesses in Cornwall including The Cottage Boutique a provider of high quality holiday cottages in St Ives, Cornwall. The Cottage Boutique have some dog friendly cottages in St Ives, Cornwall for your four legged friends.

Packing Your Bags For Mexico – What To Take


Mosquito bites and sunburn are also common problems for holidaymakers, so packing a first aid kit is a good idea – even if you just pack a few over-the-counter medications in a plastic food bag. Some good ideas for your Mexico holiday First Aid kit are:

  • Antibacterial hand wipes
  • Calamine cream for sunburn or bites
  • Domperidone for vomiting
  • Loperamide for diarrhoea
  • Painkillers
  • Plasters and plaster strip
  • TCP or other liquid antiseptic
  • Tweezers and scissors.

Sun sense in Mexico

The sun is ferocious in Mexico so make sure you drink plenty of water – always mineral water from sealed bottles only – and stay in the shade when the sun is at its hottest. You should also take:

  • Factor 50 or 60 sun cream
  • Aftersun
  • Sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Loose shirt or cover-up for beach or pool.

Dress sense in Mexico

As well as the beach, there are plenty of archaeological sites to visit in Mexico, so comfortable loose clothing like shorts (knee length are best to protect your knees from getting sunburned) or long loose skirts for women are a good idea.

Shoes should be comfortable rather than high fashion – opt for closed toes for sightseeing and avoid metal decorations on sandals or plastic sandals, as these can overheat in strong sunshine and burn your feet. Choose soft leather shoes with comfortable soles – and take two pairs so you can alternate them.

Mexico is a Catholic country and if visiting religious sites, take a shawl to cover shoulders and avoid wearing tiny shorts or skirts and low-cut T-shirts when visiting churches. The monsoon season in Mexico is between June and November, so pack a light raincoat and brolly if visiting at these times.


The peso is the official currency of Mexico, but taking travellers’ cheques is the safest bet – and keep any currency in a moneybelt. The US dollar and even the Euro are also accepted at some outlets in Mexico.


Crime in Mexico is always a risk, although tourists should be alert rather than permanently terrified – stick to your tour party and do not go wandering off or drive into areas you do not know.

Car jackings are not unknown in Mexico, so make sure you know your way around if you are driving in Mexico – buy a map and study it, take a reputable travel guide and use GPS on your smartphone to get about. Apps are widely available and easy to download, so use all the travel resources available to you to keep safe.

And if you are driving in Mexico, make sure you take out holiday insurance to cover any accidents and medical care needed as a result.

When pursuing Mexico illness claim abroad it is key to instruct someone who knows the law and exactly what they are doing. A holiday illness solicitor is the best person to hire.