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Hire A Campervan For A Special Kind Of Travel Adventure

If you are wondering what kind of holiday to take this year, then it might be worth hiring a campervan and getting out into the fresh air of the open road.
Planning a holiday, especially if times are tight financially, can often be tricky and lead to indecision, as, after all, just doing the same things each year in the same places can become very boring. If you want to try something different this year, then hiring a campervan might open the door to a whole new kind of travel experience for you.
The great thing about this type of holiday is the freedom that it affords, as there is little need to worry about booking an expensive hotel or self-catering accommodation for your holiday when your mode of travel is also where you are staying. While you may need to book space at a campsite or caravan park, this is much more flexible and straightforward to handle than staying in more conventional places. It is also quite straightforward to hire a vehicle on the internet, which can be a good place to start looking for a fabulous campervan holiday.
Driving a motorhome is also not as difficult and as onerous as might be expected. Like any vehicle bigger than a car, the driver will have certain blind spots. Yet if you drive carefully and check mirrors, this is unlikely to be a problem. It might also be a pleasant break from the kind of driving that you normally do on your way to work or for the school run.
Sociable types
You will also find a whole community of people out on the road. A real culture has grown up around holidaying in motorhomes and campervans and many are only too pleased to stop and chat when they see that you share their enthusiasm for this kind of travel. If you need help, then most will be only too pleased to offer advice and assistance, whether mechanical or practical.
In fact, parking up with the Mediterranean or the jagged Spanish sierras for a view, safe in the knowledge you have a dozen or so other campervans in your enclave to help keep each other safe, can prove to bring a very comforting night’s sleep.
So that doesn’t sound too bad, does it? As your thoughts turn towards your next holiday, why not think about hiring a campervan for a couple of weeks? As a way of unwinding and unfastening all the knots of stress that normal life twists into us, it is very hard to beat.

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Top 5 Driving Holidays In Europe

While some of us opt to be chauffeured in style during holidays or while on a vacation, there are few adventure seekers who are quite eager to get behind the wheels of their prized vehicles and enjoy a driving holiday. At the same time, there are others that choose to hire vehicles for the trip. Cruising along the scenic paths on a never-ending drive, breaking off at comfortable motels en-route to flex muscles, and exploring the terrain at leisure in the company of friends, family or even alone, driving holidays lure the ardent traveller with its own mix of relaxation and adventure, something that other forms of transports or holidays can only dream of getting close to.
The holiday experience actually depends on hiring the right vehicle with car hire insurance that is valid in the chosen destination, and offers breakdown or emergency assistance, that too from a reputed vehicle hire agency. Hire rates often include standard car hire insurance costs that cover third party liabilities, damage or theft of the rented car. However, unless sufficiently covered, car hire insurances require an excess payment to compensate for theft or repairs.
Europe offers a wide choice of destinations that are navigable via tarmac:
Amalfi Coast Road in Italy
A neat blend of scenic beauty and challenges, the route is dotted with quaint towns that beckon the traveller, noted among them being Furore that is well-known for its cove and adjoining beach. Scala, Positano and Cetara are few other towns in the vicinity. This track is packed with hairpin bends nestled between solid cliff faces and the open sea.
Atlantic Road in Norway
Yet another stretch of road along the coast, this relatively short drive of hardly 5 miles that covers a network of small islands and is connected by eight bridges is a pleasure to navigate. Travelling from Bergen, visitors are sure to be delighted to soak in glaciers, fjords, woods, villages, architecturally rich churches and the local elk population. Travellers can enjoy a break at the many restaurants while casually window-shopping at the stores here.
Moving away from the coast, rugged terrain draws adventure seekers to the Alpine Road and Transfagarasan.
Transfagarasan in Romania
A challenge to the most talented of drivers, this 90-mile stretch between Transylvania and Wallachia is a mountain road complete with back-to-back sharp bends, tunnels and viaducts that easily scales 6,673 ft.
Alpine Road in Germany
Right out of a fairy tale, dotted with round-domed churches, castles and lakes, this 300-mile route from Lindau to Berchtesgaden via Lake Constance offers some of best country-side views in all of Europe. It is quite easy to stop over along the route and enjoy a short hike in the lower Alps before continuing on the drive.
While in Germany, holidayers can also explore the picturesque neighbourhood of Ruhpolding at the base of Chiemgau Alps. Sprawling meadows, marked pathways and excellent views, this could just be the right place to enjoy a break.
Tour of Pas de Calais in Northern France
Visitors looking for a relaxing drive through the scenic French territory will find that this160-mile stretch offers an enjoyable experience, winding through forests, rural settings, and the beaches on the Opal coast. Travellers also get to break from the drive at the many coastal villages, quaint restaurants and bars en-route. Driving through France, holidayers can also choose to explore Dijon and drive further to the Italian resort at Bardolino at Lake Garda.
With a suitable car hire insurance and breakdown assistance, driving holidays on the Mainland offer a much welcome break.

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Solving Those Post-Holiday Blues

Christmas has come and gone, New Years is but a distant memory and yet the weather is still pretty bleak, with the worry of snow and blizzards affecting everything from power supply to simple transportation. Sadly these later winter/early spring months can be quite a dreary time of year. As most people don’t enjoy a holiday in the sun until the summer, looking forward to the opportunity of going on holiday in July and August may excite you now for a small while. However, ultimately this future planning results in you becoming more disheartened as you realise quite how far away your next break from work actually is. The trick is to try and bring back some of the memories from previous holidays gone by to give you some of the sensations you felt whilst away from the stress of work.

Break out the Holiday Photos

Surely the cheapest way to bring the memories of previous holidays back to the forefront of your mind is to sit down with your loved ones and go through some of the stacks of photo albums you have created over the years. At first you may think this is a poor replacement for actually being out in the sun on a beach somewhere, but you may soon find yourselves enjoying an evening reminiscing about times gone by telling your children the stories behind the events which resulted in some of the more memorable photographs being taken. Even better would be to break out some of the old video camera footage you took while on your travels, which would not only enable you to enjoy the times you spent abroad with those closest to you, but likely result in plenty of jokes being aimed at that awful hairstyle you thought looked good back in the nineties. Yes, this may only work every so often, but on an evening when you come back from work after a stressful day and the next holiday is but a tiny dot on the horizon, this may just keep you sane for a few more weeks.

Tantalise the Taste Buds

Another and possibly more effective way to bring the memories of previous holiday experiences rushing back is through your taste buds, one of the most expressive of our senses. There is very little more effective at touching a nerve or reminding us of a certain time in our lives than food, so cooking up some treats from your favourite places around the world is very likely to do the trick. Even just the smell while you’re preparing the meals may be enough, let alone the moment when you taste your cuisine.

A great example of this is the huge range of products on offer at Cruga Biltong which would be perfect for anyone who has sampled similar delicacies when over in the gorgeous nation of South Africa. Biltong itself comes in many different flavours and can be made from numerous different meat types, meaning there really is something on offer for everyone. Whether your palette prefers the hot flavours found in chilli biltong or the more reserved flavouring found in the original, there really is no such thing as a bland flavour where biltong is concerned. So anyone who is missing the brilliant times they had when they were lucky enough to visit South Africa, taking the time to get your hands on some top quality biltong products is guaranteed to bring the flavours enjoyed while there come flooding back once again, and with the weather as it is, it’s probably as close to South Africa as you will be getting until your next holiday. 

Emily Starr is a writer who suggests that if you can’t wait till the summer months to enjoy your holiday, then you should excite your taste buds now with the exotic and authentic taste offered by food such as biltong.

Yachting Holidays In The Outer Hebrides



The Outer Hebrides is a vibrant holiday place for artists, nature lovers, walkers, wildlife enthusiasts and any other person who is simply looking forward to relax and unwind. Known as one of the best places for sailing, the landscapes here are expansive with many bird reserves and other areas of conservation. Sailing past the gorgeous coastlines of this wild place, and encountering rare wildlife and marine life during Yachting holidays in the Outer Hebrides are truly spectacular.

Sailing on the Yacht along the Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides has several places to offer to every type of traveller. Sailing in this area is completely ruled by the winds and the weather forecast. Hence, there was no particular itinerary that we followed. The World Heritage Site of St. Kilda exemplifies unspoilt beauty, while the vibrant marine life makes the journey worth every moment. There are beautiful coastlines along with some extremely stunning mooring havens in this region.

The Islands in Outer Hebrides

The islands located here have their own historical significance and are full of music, drama, culture and literature. We started our trip from the south with the Isle of Lewis, which is the most populous and the largest island. It has some world renowned archaeological sites, which includes the Neolithic ‘Callanish Stones’, the Norse mill house, the Pictish Carloway Broch among several others.

Drinishader, Hebrides

Moving north, the North Uist is a stunning place with a blend of beaches and rugged moorlands that are an absolute delight for adventure seekers. The beaches are dotted with seals and have a magnificent coastline with freshwater lochs. A causeway links North Uist to the Isle of Grimsay, which has a bustling harbour, Kallin. The gorgeous Isle of Berneray is located at the north and is also one among the favourite destinations of Prince Charles.

At the Isle of Benbecula, one can witness a landscape of small islets and islands along with several interesting monuments. Well-laid out cottages and stunning expanses of deep sandy bays that offer a breathtaking view are some of the other attractions. With over 20 miles of marvelous white shell beaches along with dunes and machair land spread out with beautiful flowers and wildlife, South Uist also has a truly dramatic landscape. It is also renowned for becoming the watery grave to SS Politician ship that sank at the Isle of Eriskay. Our last stopover was at the the Isle of Barra, which is the tiniest island in the region and is home to plenty of dolphins. The most spectacular part of this island is its airport that has a beach for the runway!

Wildlife at Outer Hebrides

Outer Hebrides is known for its unspoilt beauty and has a variety of beautiful species of exotic birds and wildlife. It is home to many iconic and rare species, such as the golden eagle, whale, basking shark, puffins, otter, corncrake and dolphins. The uninhabited islands in the Outer Hebrides are peaceful and have several deserted silver sandy beaches. During summers, the view of these beaches blending with the turquoise blue water is simply brilliant, while the machair lands turn into a colourful carpet with rare and beautiful flowers.

A yachting holiday in the Outer Hebrides is a wonderful experience that combines adventure with beauty. While you bask in the most stunning landscapes, you also sight rare species frequently and are able to explore isolated and beautiful locations. This place truly lets you unwind as you watch the natural world go by in a peaceful and relaxing day.

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Tom Silsby is an avid sailor and blogger who enjoys adventure sailing and windsurfing. He is a blogger at and frequently teaches VHF radio courses for sailing. His hobbies include climbing, hill walking and yachting.

How to Save Money on Your Next Holiday

Why Save?

There are a number of reasons to try to save money when booking a holiday. For those on a budget saving money is often the difference between having a holiday or not, while for families it can influence spending money and activities that take place during the break itself.

Several methods of saving what you spend on a holiday have become popular in recent years, and we looked at some of the best ideas.

Book Later

While this isn’t an ideal scenario for those who like to be organised and need to organise time off work and someone to look after their cat, there is no doubting that lucrative savings can be enjoyed when booking at the last minute.

Many of the reductions that holiday companies offer have to be seen to be believed, and you can often pick up a holiday for next to nothing a day or two before departure if the agency is looking just to avoid a total loss.

Search for Deals

While booking later is great for singles and groups of friends, booking early is often the only option you have when you have a family. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t numerous opportunities to save money, however. Many holiday bookers will offer substantial discounts or even free child places to families that book a certain length of time before a holiday.

Look out for when holiday brochures launch, too, as you can often take advantage of ‘limited time only’ offers.

Relocation Vehicles

A growing trend is for people to take holidays based on the availability of relocation vehicles. These are cars and campervans that hire operators’ needs to get back to a particular town or city. The cheapest way for these businesses to do that is to offer them to consumers free, so all they have to do is fill up the fuel when they get the vehicle back.

You could theoretically enjoy a holiday with free travel then, and with some savvy organisation tour all around a country or continent only having to pay out for accommodation. Target relocation campervans, however, and you won’t even have to pay for that!

Think About Your Holiday

What types of holiday do you typically take? If you are a 5-star resort, all-inclusive type of person, then this is naturally going to cost a lot of money. For those looking to save, a ‘back to basics’ holiday such as camping can be a refreshing change and much cheaper. It will also leave you looking forward to your next high-end holiday in a plush resort!

This article was written by Transfercar, an online service conducting campervan relocations by offering consumers the opportunity to drive them from one location to another at a cheap cost, although usually free.