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Top 3 Hostels in Cuba


Cuba is undergoing something of a renaissance, with free enterprise being encouraged and some Cubans setting up their own restaurants and hotels – often in their homes.

Cubais always an exciting place to visit, however, not only because of the wonderful beach resorts and the vibrant culture inHavana, but simply because it is unique and has maintained its traditions in a way that many other countries have not.

Hotels inCubacan be expensive, so if you are on a budget and cannot afford to travel in style or book a package holiday – or simply want to travel independently – here are some of the best hostels inCuba.

Havana – Casa Buena Vista

Casa Buena Vista has been freshly decorated and offers a traditional and centrally-located hostel accommodation, with budget busting rooms from £6.22pp per night. Casa Buena Vista also has the best view in Havana, across the pretty terracotta rooftops of El Capitolio and out to sea from the harbour. Casa Buena Vista is actually an hotel, so no dorms and all rooms have private bathroom and come as singles, doubles or triples. If you are in a romantic mood, opt for the ocean view rooms on the sixth floor. Casa Buena Vista also has 24-hour hot water. There is a 24-hour reception and staff are bilingual Spanish/English. The restaurant in house serves up local produce and menus on request. You can book your stay at Casa Buena Vista in Havana through the website

Holguin – Casa Villa Lois

Casa Villa Lois in Holguin has private apartments from under £10pp per night available and offers family-run, traditional Cuban-style accommodation and bed and breakfast. There are also good transport links as the guesthouse is situated on a main road close to the centre of Holguin– and there is also free parking at Casa Lois. The apartments have their own entrances and private patios, so you can chill out in peace after the hard work of sightseeing or a day on the beach at Holguin. Casa Villa Lois is also in a safe neighbourhood – essential if you are on a driving holiday in Cuba or taking a few days out of a package holiday to see more of Cuba. Casa Villa Lois has its own website so you can book directly.

Santiago de Cuba – Casa Nivia

Casa Nivia is in the centre of Santiago de Cuba near the park and offers private accommodation consisting of double rooms with two double beds from £8.71 pp per night. Rooms are traditional and the public rooms are delightfully quaint, with white furniture, potted palms and a hint of chintz. Best of all, there are no curfews, but 24-hour hot showers, air conditioning, a restaurant – plus wheelchair access. Casa Nivia is next to Cespedes Park and the lovely courtyard brings nature to your hotel room door, and offers a relaxing place to sit and chat after a hard day’s sightseeing. You can book your stay at Casa Nivia in Santiago de Cuba through the website

If sickness strikes when you’re in Cuba, remember you can make a Cuba Illness Compensation Claim!

5 Tips For Avoiding Turkey Cryptosporidium Illness/Bug


Cryptosporidium is a serious parasitic infection which is caused by ingesting the parasite in water contaminated with human or animal faeces.

In Turkey, holidaymakers often contract the Cryptosporidium illness/bug as a result of dirty swimming pools, which have not been kept clean.

Cryptosporidium – or Crypto as it is sometimes called – is also becoming resistant to cleaning chemicals used in swimming pools, such as chlorine. Hotel pools should be tested and treated daily with these chemicals to make sure guests are not ill with Cryptosporidiosis – a form of gastrointestinal infection causing sickness and diarrhoea.

Holidaymakers who do not shower before using the pool, or who allow babies wear soiled nappies to use the pool – or who swim in the hotel pool when they have a stomach upset – can all be reasons why an outbreak of Crypto occurs at a hotel in Turkey. If the pool is properly treated, however, Cryptosporidiosis is a preventable holiday illness.

The symptoms of Cryptosporidium Turkey illness/bug are:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting

The parasite Cryptosporodium exists in a cyst, which protects it inside the human gut and also in the gut of animals. If drinking water supplies become contaminated with Crypto as a result of faeces from grazing pastures nearby entering the supply, the bug can cause an outbreak of sickness and diarrhoea at hotels in Turkey. For this reason holidaymakers should only drink bottled water which is sealed and not eat ice cubes.

Holidaymakers who go wild swimming in rivers in Turkey are also running the risk of Cryptosporidiosis if grazing pastures are nearby.

A Cryptosporidium infection will usually clear by itself but it is important to seek medical help and obtain a diagnosis as symptoms of the illness may subside, only to return later. The top 5 tips for avoiding Cryptosporidium Turkey illness/bug are:

  • Always shower before and after using the hotel swimming pool in Turkey and never allow babies wearing soiled nappies to use the pool, and do not use the pool if you have a stomach upset – report a dirty hotel pool to your holiday rep, hotel manager and tour operator
  • Wash hands as much as possible, and especially before eating and after using the lavatory
  • Take antibacterial hand wipes and use these to clean your hands and surfaces/doorknobs, as well as cutlery and the rims of cups and glasses, as the faecal-oral route is the most common for causing Cryptosporidiosis
  • Report any instances of poor hygiene at your hotel to your holiday rep, hotel manager and tour operator – especially dirty public areas, lavatories, changing rooms by the pool and table tops: hand-to-mouth contact can cause Crypto infections if surfaces are contaminated with faecal matter
  • If there is an outbreak of Turkey holiday illness at your hotel, avoid using public facilities like lavatories and the swimming pool – and be extra careful about hygiene at the all-inclusive buffet, as this is often a source of cross-infection. Only drink water from sealed bottles and never eat ice cubes or use dirty serving spoons or crockery or cups/glasses not properly cleaned.

Cryptosporidium Turkey illness is preventable with good hygiene at your hotel, but if you are ill during your holiday, make sure you visit your GP on your return to the UK and get a diagnosis in case you need further treatment.

You can also make a Turkey holiday illness compensation claim under the Package Travel Regulations 1992, so once you have obtained your Cryptosporidium Turkey holiday illness/bug diagnosis, contact a specialist firm of holiday claims solicitors handling Turkey Crypto compensation claims.

You have 3 years in which to make Cryptosporidium Claims for Turkey Illness contracted on holiday. Specialist lawyers know the laws inside out ensuring a good compensation about is likely.

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