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Honeymoon Hot Spots: Five Places You’ll Want to Move to

Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 2

When choosing a vacation destination for your honeymoon, all couples want to find a place that is truly spectacular and allows you both an escape. After the stress of planning your wedding and going through the marriage process, spending some time alone together is the perfect way to start fresh in your new life as a couple. Finding the perfect place that both of you agree on can be daunting, but there are a few honeymoon hot spots that will make for beautiful and memorable locations. You might even find yourself wanting to move in.

Saint Tropez

Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 1
This coastal town is situated on the French Rivera in southeastern France for a city that is known to attract artists. You’ll be able to relax on the beach during the day, while enjoying the busy nightlife in the evenings. You can also take in the beauty of Vieux Port, which is lined with Mediterranean houses and features several cafes where you can dine outdoors near the water.


Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 2
Figi boasts turquoise waters and spectacular mountains views in one of the top locations in the world. It’s one of few places that really feel like paradise. With over 300 islands, Fiji is a great place for adventure and relaxation with serene beaches, snorkeling, and diving.

Florence, Italy

Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 3
Roam the streets of Italy hand in hand for a romantic location that is known for its spectacular architecture and friendly locals. As the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, the city welcomes visitors to explore iconic sites that include the Florence Cathedral and the expansive bell tower. You can even take an exciting bike tour together of Florence for a memorable way to explore the city.


Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 4
A magical destination for a honeymoon due to the beautiful views of the ocean and the whitewash stone homes that cascade down the cliffs, Greece is located in southeastern Europe and is home to several ancient landmarks, which include the Parthenon, Acropolis, and the Temple of Hephaestus. You can also enjoy relaxing on the white sands of Elafonissi Beach or taking a cave swim at Kleftiko Beach.

The Islands of Tahiti

Honeymoon Hot Spots Five Places You'll Want to Move to 5
As the largest island in French Polynesia, The Islands of Tahiti feature quaint huts that are built above clear water. You’ll be able to visit black-sand beaches, two extinct volcanos, waterfalls, and romantic lagoons to take a dip in.

When planning a honeymoon, don’t be afraid to choose one of the top destinations in the world. These places are all romantic and relaxing, and you’ll be able to explore the city with your spouse and create new memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to look into Fisa Pty Ltd partner visas if you and your new spouse will be staying in a new country for a long period of time. When you choose a place you both agree on, your honeymoon can be the perfect start to a perfect marriage.

Must Visit Attractions in Italy



Picture perfect landscape, magnificent historic buildings, convivial people, ruins of empire and bustling art and culture scene make Italy is a timeless beauty that catches attention of tourists from around the world. The praise and admiration for this European destination keeps pouring which is a fine specimen of western civilisation. Its geographical diversity also adds to beauty. Stunning mountain like Alps and the Dolomites add imparts a stunning backdrop while Etna – an active volcano – shows that the country is not devoid of natural wonders. Cities like Rome, Florence and Venice make sure you will get best of the urban experience. Visitors find it hard to resist the allures of Italy tourism.

As the country is very vast it is practically impossible to explore each and every tourist attraction of the land. Here we sum up top tourists attractions. So join us on a fabulous trip to Italy.

Palazzo Pitti

This fabulous renaissance palace is home to country’s most notorious family, the Medici. A visit to this palace will change your concept of wealth, status and luxury. On their visit the tourists can explore the palace and take a look of its artistic treasures. There are several museums in the buildings where one can spend some quality time. And if it is not enough one can visit majestic Boboli Gardens to spend some serene moments in this stunning garden.


This former Greek colony founded in sixth century BC is now one of the most picturesque sights in Italy. Some magnificent Greek temples and an array of ancient ruin make this city a hot favourite among people.

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte in Andria offers a stunning look of the beautiful countryside. Referred by UNESCO as a “unique piece of medieval military architecture”, the castle catches attention with its unique structure.

Saint Mark’s Basilica & the Doge’s Palace

Situated in the beautiful city of Venice Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace is one of the highly admired tourist attractions in Italy. This is one of the most stunning cathedrals in the city. Tourists visit Doge’s Palace to visit its popular attractions.

San Lorenzo Maggiore

San Lorenzo Maggiore is one of the most striking churches in the city of Naples. The church located exactly at the sight of historic center of the ancient Greek-Roman city is highly frequented by the tourists. The tourists can also visit the museum that speaks volumes about archaeological excavations here.

With so much to offer in terms of tourists attractions tourists find themselves spoilt for choice when their flight to Rome touches the tarmac.

Enjoy An Exhilarating Skiing Holiday In The Picturesque Region Of Abruzzo


If you’re the type of person that prefers “action-packed” rather than “laze on the beach”, we recommend you certainly need to visit Abruzzo and experience an exhilarating skiing holiday in the picturesque Appenine mountainous region, where beautiful stretches of white beaches are only a short distance away if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

When you think of ski destinations, Abruzzo is a place that probably doesn’t come to mind. In fact, with Abruzzo having a Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic coastline, it’s surprising to hear that the region can also offer an exceptional winter climate. With very few people knowing about the delights on offer, Abruzzo is still relatively undiscovered by tourists and so has been able to maintain its traditional way of life, meaning you will be able to experience skiing in Italy at its very best, at a very reasonable price compared to a similar holiday in the Alps.

The Abruzzo ski season runs from December until April, so whether you prefer an end of year winter getaway or a stress relieving spring break, renting a luxury Villa Ducale villa and skiing in the picturesque Abruzzo is the ideal way to spend your holiday. And with the Appenine mountains bringing in heavy snowfall, more snow than even the Alps some years, the ski resorts are truly impressive; miles and miles of beautiful, thick white snow. A magnificent winter wonderland.

There are many ski resorts to choose from in Abruzzo, with the most popular ones being Roccaraso, Campo Felice and Campo Imperatore – all a short distance away from Villa Ducale accommodation.

A wide selection of ski trails are available, around 170 in fact, which include both downhill and cross-country circuits, and from gentle plateaus to a more steeper run. So whether you’re a skiing novice and have little experience on the snow or an expert wanting a challenge, there is a ski trail prefect for you. You can also arrange skiing lessons with an expert to brush up on your skiing skills and to gain more confidence.

With such a wide variety of ski runs available, and sensational views of the Abruzzo mountainous area that stretch all the way to the Adriatic, we are positive you will want to spend all day, every day on the snow, taking in all the delights Abruzzo has to offer. And as well as skiing, there are other activities you can take part in such as mountain trekking, snowboarding and even dog sledding! So why not try something different that you can’t do back at home, and make the most of your Abruzzo experience?

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two, a fun-filled family holiday that everyone will love – kids, mum and dad alike – or an action-packed break with a group of friends, renting Villa Ducale, a luxury villa, and skiing in the beautiful Abruzzo region will be the holiday you will want to return to again and again.

Andrea has lived in Abruzzo for the greatest part of his life before relocating in UK. Abruzzo is a perfect destination for both your winter and summer holidays. A region with plenty of activities to be done.