Kos is located in the middle of the Dodecanese and could be described as one of the most popular islands, with high growth in the mass tourism market. Kos is the island of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Sandy beaches and rich history are the main attractions and with its vibrant nightlife, is a very popular destination especially among Britons. If you like to combine sightseeing with clubbing, Kos is just what you need.

Things you have to see

Kos is the best holiday destination for those seeking solitude, because every summer young people from across Europe invade the island to turn it into a huge night club! So when you get to the island of Kos, bring the right equipment at the beach and tune with bars, discos and a great nightlife! Apart from the nightlife, Kos really worth a visit as it is a green island with excellent infrastructure and large paved streets, full of palm trees. During your visit to Kos, do not forget to visit the ancient ruins of the city are numerous and valuable, the ruins of the “Asclepius”, the “Castle of the Knights and the huge plane tree of Hippocrates (trunk diameter is 11.5 meters!). In Kos will find some of the best beaches in the Dodecanese in Greece, many of which can be reached by bike!
Most of the beaches near the town of Kos become huddle of chairs and umbrellas. The Lambi Beach is the nearest beach quality, about four kilometers north of the city. Beyond lies Tigaki is long, sandy and ideal for windsurfing and the marble is less crowded. West of the town are the beaches Scissors, St. Phocas and baths with hot spas for treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. These hot spring waters flowing into the sea and become warmer than other beaches.

The city Kardamena is the second most popular resort on the island after the city of Kos and has a long attractive beach that was previously filled with tourists. During the summer there are excursion boats if the island of Nisyros. Mastichari is a harbor with a sandy beach that has tour boats to the islands of Kalymnos Pserimos and some cheap and decent restaurants.

When to Get Here

From July to August, the festival takes place in the Hippocratic city of Kos. The festival includes a series of cultural events such as concerts by Greek artists and community groups, performances of ancient Greek and contemporary theater. The Cultural Events Alassarnia takes place in the city of Kardamena. In the same village, on 7 August, a religious festival celebrates the “Birth of the Virgin”. In early August, the projection of theatrical performances takes place in the village Antimachia. Also in Antimachia, Honey Festival is celebrated on August 24 in which guests can taste various delicacies, all made with local honey. On September 27 make an evening of traditional music.

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