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Melbourne at Night – Safety Guide to Melbourne Streets for Tourists

Like various other metropolis of the world Melbourne in southern Australia has several good and bad points about its nightlife. This city gets alive at night, especially on weekend, as most of the nightclubs and restaurants remain full of crowd at late night hours. Everyone including locals and tourists remain busy in celebrating the weekend and enjoying evening life with friends and music. Though normally Melbourne is a safe place for its residents as well as tourists coming from abroad there are still certain dangers they must be aware of as most of them are found in almost all major cities of the world.

Dangers for tourists in Melbourne streets

Personal Security: The increasing crime rate all over the world also has its effect in Melbourne but still it is not so worse as compared to many other metropolis cities globally. In normal conditions tourists are safe and secured so far as personal security is concerned unless they come across to some scandalous element. Still you have to observe certain precautions about your belongings and your personal security while moving out at night.

Pickpocket: Pickpocket is a common crime in most of the big or small cities all over the world during odd hours. You may also find some pickpockets at night in Melbourne. Most of the pickpocket cases are heard during the festival season or sports season like Christmas, the Footy Grand Final and Melbourne Cup etc. as compared to the other nights in the year as the incoming of tourists potentially increase during these days and they have ample money with them to spend there, which attracts the pickpockets.

Robberies: Due to the increasing crime rate in the world, cases of robberies in Melbourne had also come in notice in last few years. The robbers usually pick their targets during daytime and rob on them at night. So you should be careful while moving out during daytime and avoid showing your money and other valuables like jewelry unnecessarily so that someone can target you. Also avoid being alone to lonely places at night as such situations increase the chances of such crimes.

Riding trains: Travelling in trains at night in Melbourne is also not so safe as compared to trams and buses. Usually criminals travel in trains at night in search of their victims who may create obnoxious situations. Normally sensible persons avoid travelling in trains at night. Trams and buses are considered as the most safe means of transportation here than trains. Usually train stations get deserted after 9 pm at night.

Specific areas: Some of the areas like Frankston Street, King Street in Central Business District of Melbourne and suburbs like Dandenong etc are not safe to go especially at night. There are several areas that are safe to visit even at midnight like Carlton, Lygon Street etc. where usually respected people assemble to celebrate their weekends. Criminals usually avoid such places. The most affected areas at late night hours are nearby the nightclubs where you can find a number of drunken fools who are mostly involved in the scandalous deeds.

Traffic on roads: Though their strict traffic rules in Melbourne but even then some people drive so harshly in city that they become danger for the tourists and the people not familiar to the lifestyle of the city. Some of the car drivers drive their car so close to the people passing by on the road that they just miss the accident. So you should be careful from the dodgy drivers on road especially at night as they become more dangerous at that time.

Animals on road: If you are driving on country roads especially at night then you should be aware of the animals like kangaroos etc. coming across the road. Though, it may not happen all the time but still you should be alert for such dangers that you may face on out of the city roads in Melbourne.

Thus, though the system at Melbourne is politically strong but the increasing crime rate all over the world had generated its impact in this city also. So tourists should be careful while traveling here at night. Anyone looking to go to Melbourne must think carefully about security, especially if this is your first time there. Starting with airports and not getting mugged there which has turned out to be an art, not getting ripped of by the price of flights to Melbourne and other major cities up to the survival in a metropolis such as Melbourne. It is not to be underestimated.

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3 Types of Student Accommodations Famous in Australia


A student life is full of enthusiasm and amusement but living such days away from your home may impose certain problems. Of all, the main problem is accommodation. Because you have chosen a better university to study, which is far away from your home; you will also have to choose the right accommodation that is near to your university. For students coming from the different parts of the world, Australia is one of the famous study destinations, irrespective of the course or degree to be pursued. Of all Australian cities, Melbourne has a more convincing appeal for students due to the several quality courses on offer by the schools and colleges.

This capital city of Victoria not only offers quality student accommodations but also ensures affordable rates to make your educational move easier. The life of a student is not that financially strong, and therefore, it is natural to look for affordable accommodations that can suit your needs. Here are some popular student accommodations that you can look for in Melbourne, apart from the most common option – Hostel.

Shared Accommodation

One of the popular living options for students in the country is a share house. It is a typical kind of arrangement wherein each student has their own bedroom but tends to share the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The cost of living in such a shared house tends to differ noticeably according to property site, quality of accommodation, and the number of residents.

Private Rental Accommodation

This is another popular accommodation type all over Australia. It is the best option for those who do not like to share their living space, facilities, and amenities. Private rental accommodation is quite secured and organized via real estate agents. In this type of accommodation, you get to choose from a variety of options such as houses, villa, and apartments. As compared to shared accommodation, this one offers independence due to which students may be more inclined towards it. However, students must be ready to enter into a 12-month lease contract or sign up a bond apart from giving reference details.

This independence come at a cost: Students must be ready to take up all the household tasks as their own responsibilities. The cost of this kind of accommodation tends to vary as per the location and features of the property. In case of both rental and shared accommodation, occupants tend to share extra expenses such as telephone usage, gas, electricity, and perhaps even food.

Homestay Family Accommodation

This is the latest attraction and is meant for those students who wish to experience living in a typical Victorian home for living with a native family who can assist them to improve their English. The cost of such accommodation includes own furnished bedroom, shared living spaces, meals, and assistance with regards to the transport system offered by the family itself.

With these accommodation options, it is clear that there is no need for you to spend the entire wages on the student accommodation in Melbourne.

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Sam has written this article on behalf of Punthill Apartments Hotels, they provides safe, secure, and friendly student accommodation in Melbourne