Well, you may have travelled to Rajasthan for the primary purpose of sightseeing. But once you enter its local bazaars, you will forget your palaces and forts and get forlorn amidst the charms of these traditional corners. Besides, Rajasthan is also a lovely shopping destination and a pretty quaint one. Instead of thrusting those irritatingly snobbish malls down your throats, it delights you with its crowded, noisy and winding bazaars where you can shop for pottery, handicrafts, clothes, paintings, souvenirs, books and everything else.

Here is a quick breakdown of the best bazaars of Rajasthan, city by city:

1. Jaipur: Those shopping-loving women have really elevated the status of Jaipur tourism to unfathomable heights. If you are a maniac of shopping, then the ‘pink city’ would really make your face go pink in ecstasy! Johri Bazaar is the most popular market in Jaipur and is best known for its gold and jewel shops. If you are looking for textiles, then Bapu Bazaar is what we would recommend. On the other hand, the Nehru Bazaar should serve you well if you are looking for shoes, chappals and sandals! It is also a cool place to shop for perfumes and souvenirs.

2. Udaipur: When you are in Udaipur, you cannot come back without browsing through some paintings. Anything that has got something to do with art sells like ‘samosa’ in this city! Off the Lake Palace Road, there are many local shops which sell anything and everything. The region beside the Clock Tower is also a magnet for a shopaholic and presents you with some traditional bazaars. If you are hunting for shoes, then head to Mochiwada, and if you are looking for silver artifacts, then hop over to Bhattiyani Chohtta! These are the best places to visit in Udaipur for slipping into the shopathon mode.

3. Jodhpur: Jodhpur is another city which is teeming with markets. Its Kapraa Bazaar is one of the top places to visit in Rajasthan for purchasing garments. Here, you can hunt for both western as well as Rajasthani style of dresses. Mochi Bazaar (known for footwear) and Sarafa Bazaar (best noted for traditional clothes) are also must-visit destinations.

A special shopping tip: Rajasthan’s bazaars and shops quote prices which are usually inflated. They are negotiable and you must do everything you can to bring down the price. In short, this is not a place for a poor bargainer! But if your wife knows all the shopping tricks in the world, then you can let out a sigh of relief! Your wallet, we know, would be in safe hands!