Are you ready to embrace a healthy and happy retirement? Though it may feel like the end, retirement is actually the beginning of a new life, where you don’t have to worry about time management and taking off work to live your dreams. It’s the perfect opportunity to travel to the places you’ve always wanted to see. These ten spots are great for any retiree looking for relaxation, adventure, and new experiences.


1. Greece

From major cities like Crete and Athens, to picturesque islands like Sartori and Mykonos, you won’t regret visiting any area of this beautiful, historic country.

2. Italy

Venice is a mere boat ride away from Greece, and it’s one of many exciting cities in a vibrant nation filled with great architecture and even better cuisine.


3. The Maldives

If you’ve never traveled to a tropical island paradise before, or even if you have, this idyllic island nation in the Indian Ocean is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


4. Bali

This Indonesian island offers volcanic mountains and coral reefs, and it’s the perfect place to get away if you want to meditate or go on a yoga retreat.


5. Mexico

Mexico is a treasure trove of cities. Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta offer beaches, while cities like Guadalajara offer museums and nightlife galore.


6. Iceland

This breathtaking country is home to whales, ice caves, giant waterfalls, and multicolored mountains. See the Northern Lights on a unique vacation to Reykjavik and beyond.


7. New Zealand

This stunning South Pacific island nation was the last significant land mass to be settled by people. It boasts amazing natural beauty and cities like Auckland and Wellington.


8. Japan

Tokyo is an unmatched wonder, but Osaka and Kyoto are great destinations, as well. Visit shrines, temples, and gardens before you take in the nightlife and fine dining.


9. Morocco

This North African country borders the Sahara Desert, where visitors can ride camels and camp along the dunes. Marrakesh and the famous Casablanca are filled with both modern and traditional architecture, food markets, and local storytellers.


10. Antarctica

For a real adventure, visit the world’s most remote continent. The sunshine lasts 24 hours in the summer, and tourists stay on ships where they can watch the migratory penguins and majestic South Pole landscape.


After your travels you may be ready for retiring in Sandy Springs and finding the right retirement home for you. However, make the most of your new-found time by taking an extraordinary trip. Retirement is the right time to create new memories.

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